Stickman Readers' Submissions July 12th, 2007

TawanDaeng German Brewery

Well, worldwide (excluding the USA) the 1st of May is Labor Day. As with Labor Day in the States, I celebrated this one damned well. Good cause to celebrate too, as my boss just told me Friday that the company is renewing my expat contract for another

So, I had a helluva week last week, spending way too much on numerous ladies. But last night was a corker!

He Clinic Bangkok

I went to my favorite local pub, a bar beer in Sukhumvit Soi 7/1, about 8:30 PM & had a couple beers & bought drinks for some of the bar girls. One of them got the idea that I should take them out. I was already contemplating taking
a couple to the Tawandaeng German Brewery, so I talked the mamasan into a reduced barfine (300 baht each instead of 400 ($10)) for 4 girls. Well, they were all excited to go, but trying to get 4 Thai bargirls out the door together is like herding
cats, so 20 minutes later we were finally in a taxi on the way to the micro-brewery. The place was packed as usual (capacity 1200 people), but fortunately we were late enough so there was no line to get in.

But our seats weren’t great, far off to the right of the stage (I’m sort of facing the stage, the aisle’s to my right). No matter, the atmosphere here is always electric. None of my escorts have been here before (they
thought I was taking them to Tawandaeng Isaan for food & dancing, some place I’d never heard of) <That place is out on Rama 9 Road and is pretty good too, but very loudStick>.

Let me introduce the girls to you as we sat down: Pim, 28, is sitting on my left; across from her is Noy, 26, a party animal; across from me is Ma, 30+, a mellow sweetheart who loves to dance; on my right side is the “virgin” Deun, 20, who
is only a couple months in the bar as a bartender & hasn't gotten out much. None of these girls are stunners, nor are they pigs, just healthy fun girls who are cooped up in their bar seven days / nights a week, playing hostess / masseuse
/ girlfriend / whatever to customers every night.

CBD bangkok

The draft beer comes to the table in portable taps which I’ve never seen in the States. There’s a heavy 3-legged base. The beer comes in a 4-inch diameter Plexiglas tube a few feet tall, has a simple plastic soda fountain tap
built in, & with a gel-icepack around the bottom 10 inches. Simple gravity-flow! You can order 2, 3, 4 or 5 liters (200 baht or $5 per liter), but all the tall ones were out, so the waiter brought us a 2-l. & a 3-l. draft. I always get
the great lager here as I’m not too fond of wheat or bock beer. We toasted as each glass was poured & I knew that this was going to be a memorable night.

I ordered the food: as usual, the special, German roast pig knuckle (actually a big shank), steamed seabass, deep-fried shrimp, spicy papaya salad; could have ordered more, but a couple said they were on diets (did you notice we didn’t
order steamed rice? Unbelievable!).

The band comes on & starts out with a couple Santana numbers, then “Cocaine”, & Noy & Ma are already up dancing in the aisle. The beer levels are going down quickly & the on-the-spot waitress never lets my beer
mug get empty. Usually, they have a mixed show of various entertainers, musicians, singers, dancers, but I guess it’s only the band on Sunday, or possibly the show was before we arrived. Anyways, either way, it’s good fun, good music,
some sexy girls onstage, a very happy crowd. The last time I was here, they did a couple numbers from the musical “Chicago”, one, the scene with the row of jail cells, holding bikini-clad lovelies, a very sexy & talented lady
singing the Thai version of the song – outstanding! Very good performance.

The food was delicious as usual (I should have ordered the mixed German sausage plate too) <Yep, that is my favourite thereStick>. Noy & Ma keep shaking their booties wildly & Pim & Deun are
making sure that Dave is getting adequate attention & not going hungry. Everyone is having a great time. By 1 AM closing time we had drunk 9 liters of beer. That evening I bought the Tawandaeng membership card for $12.50, which saves me 10%
every time I come & it saved me half its cost last night.

wonderland clinic

OK, taxi back to Boo-Sa-Bar, & only Noy gets out, the others deciding to enjoy the air-con of my apartment. A round of Rum & OJs & Deun is wasted, running around like a banshee until she finally gets sick. She slept on the sofa,
with a wastebasket for company. After showers, Pim & Ma are giving me a massage, which quickly degrades into a mini-orgy. Thank god for Caverta, an Indian version of Viagra, & thank the condo owner for a king-size bed. Another benefit
for me from sleeping with 2 women is that I really have some bizarre dreams, & this morning’s were particularly good. Fortunately, today (Monday) is a public holiday for me. The girls slept in til nearly 10. We all had some Mama (the
packaged instant noodles which is always in stock) & coffee for breakfast.

What a night!! Sanuk mahk!! As the girls said. Well, after giving Pim & Ma each 1000 baht, & Deun 200, I think I spent a total of nearly $200, counting the bar bill & barfine, taxis, tips, brewery, girls. Ah, what a night!!

So, here I am, listening to Paul Simon’s greatest hits & recalling it all – “Still Crazy After All These Years”! Time to get some food in me, make a trip to the ATM, go get a good foot massage, come back for
a swim, & wait for my friend Ya from Phuket to show up. I’ve known her for 6 years now. We’re good friends, but that’s another story. But she’s the one who introduced me to Tawandang Brewery several months ago.
I’m halfway hoping that she doesn’t want to go there tonight with her friend Neung & Neung’s younger sister. Well, maybe if Neung’s sister comes…

Stickman's thoughts:

What a great night!

I like Tawandaeng too. I do find it to be a lot more fun with Thais than farangs. Many farangs just don't get into it, or at least some that I have taken there. And agree with you about both the lager, which is excellent and reasonably priced, and the sausage platter!

nana plaza