Stickman Readers' Submissions July 12th, 2007

It’s The Value Stupid

A little more then a year ago I submitted an article under the heading "Pattaya, Pattaya" wherein I lamented the drop in standards and the increase in costs of the Thailand nightlife industry. With hindsight, my only mistake in this submission was the honest statement that I don’t come to Thailand for the women alone. This has sparked an outcry from “Long Timer” who proceeded to label me a two-faced sex tourist and procurer for my son and told me straight to go back to the North of England to wxxk off, taking my son with me.

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These insulting ranting and ravings were at the time fully condoned by Stick and when I tried to publish a counter argument, Stick refused to publish it as it was “too personal”.

But back to the core of the matter. Whether people perceive me as a sex tourist in the closet or not, I couldn’t care less. The main issue in my original essay was the drop in standards and unreasonable prices of the Thai nightlife industry. Oh my, Stick's only comment was that prices increase all over the world! Long timer called me a cheap Charlie and referred me to the prices of sex in the UK. This is really irrelevant as firstly I am not from the “North of England” nor do I care that some people in London pay between 150 Pounds and 1000 Pounds (!) for a session of passion. That’s where the heading of this submission comes in: It’s the value, stupid! I am sorry but 150, 1000 Pounds in London and or 5000 baht in Thailand for quick sex with a stranger is NOT value.

Similarly I was lambasted verbally by an expat for commenting that the price of fish at 800 baht per kg in Koh Larn is less then realistic, involving little logistics and costs by coming from the sea five meters away! Nevertheless, I was told to look at the price of fish in Tokyo! Now if I ever came across an unrealistic comparison, this was it. I don’ t care about the price of fish in Tokyo, or about the price of high class hookers in London. I am in Thailand and expect to pay prices consummate with the local economy and cost of living. Not to mention the disparity in incomes between the counties mentioned.

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People who satisfy themselves by comparing what they are paying here with hypothetical prices elsewhere are living in a dream world. Alas, there is one born every minute!

Just to leap to the present on what so far has been a recapitulation of past events, I want to share a very recent episode which took place in a Pattaya bar. Some drunk lout spent 60,000 baht in one evening, first of all buying the whole toy wagon (carts with teddy bears and similar cruising the streets of Pattaya) for 15,000 baht, letting the girls fight over it. It looked like a robbery in progress! Not enough, he barfined all the girls (about 10 of them ) and took them to a disco. Now some of you may say good for him, if it gives him pleasure and he has the money to burn. I say it’s another stupid act of pissing money on the wall as it continues to give the local girls the wrong impression that farangs come from lands where money grows on trees. This spoils life for us regulars / long timers.

For my present tilac this man is a hero and I can already sense that although she knows he is not for her nor will she easily get a similar big spender, she is now getting less happy with what she has – me!

To give further insights into what’s happening now, I make you privy to a letter I sent to my previous girlfriend (the one I mentioned in my original submission) which is self explanatory,

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My dear Tilac,

As things seem to have come to such an abrupt end between us I have to express my side of the story. Better to do it in writing as our verbal communication is often plagued by linguistic misunderstandings.

When you left me end of January to be with your other customer, I was shocked about the way we parted. You were obviously not happy with the money I gave you and I was deeply offended by this. After all, you did not leave me to go home and or be without income but to be with another source of income who is also always very generous with you. It was understood at the time that once he goes home, we would be together again and go to your village for the party of your dead brother. I indicated at that time already that I was prepared to also pay for this occasion.

When I met you some 2 weeks later at the bar I of course noticed your continued hostile attitude and tried to amend things. I explained again matters in the above paragraph and reiterated that I do not deserve to be labeled “keeneouw” having given you 20,000 baht for 3 weeks plus another 5,000 for little gifts, telephone cards, saloon etc. You retorted by saying that the 5,000 do not count! After all it is still money I spent on you so in total 25,000 baht for 3 weeks not counting entertainment i.e. having drinks with your friends etc. Anyway, after explaining, settling your check bin for another 2,000 baht and reiterating my undertaking to pay for your brother's commemorative services, we were friends again. You confirmed that you would go to your village with me after your other guy left and your young daughter from Bangkok would come with us.

Another week later I met you again at the bar, this time together with your other client. Admittedly, we could not talk much but I again tried to find out the exact action plan for March 1st/2nd but you told me that you would go to Bangkok on the 1st and from there to the village. When I asked what I was supposed to do, you just laughed and did not give me an exact answer. Nevertheless I hoped that you would phone me and discuss the matter in more detail with me, but I heard nothing from you.

So considering all matters combined, I come to the conclusion that there is no future for the two of us. My darling, you have changed! I have to say this, even taking the risk of offending you, but when you worked in the various bars since I met you, you always behaved like a LADY. When you stopped working 2 month ago, you started to behave like a BARGIRL. I am puzzled by this. Anyway, if 25,000 baht for 3 weeks which is the equivalent of 34,000 per month is treating you like “buffalo” then I am sorry as we then enter financial stratospheres which I am not willing to entertain.

It was great to have known you. As time went by I felt we grew closer and closer and despite many cultural differences became soulmates. But alas, all good things come to an end and I just want you to know that I really enjoyed your company and you will always stay in my heart. With best wishes,

So here we are. All the aforementioned was precipitated by Stickman’s Sunday report 1st July where all of a sudden even he who used to side with free spenders and fools who assuage any expense with costs elsewhere, is now coming to his senses, realizing that things here aren’t so cheap here anymore!

Stickman's thoughts:

Please tell me you didn't really send that email to your lady friend. She would not have understood it and even a translation service would have likely messed that up, such are the nuances of English.

But yes, for sure, prices have got silly.

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