Stickman Readers' Submissions June 19th, 2007

Thai Women? Not For Me!

Hi. First of all, I’d like to thank Stickman for his awesome website full of useful information and even more for the reader’s submission part as I usually spend about one hour a day reading it. Secondly I want to apologize for my English as I know that I can’t match the high standard of most of the submissions on this website.

Having read so many other submissions I thought that it would be time to drop my two cents about Bangkok, especially about the women issue:

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I always think it’s interesting to know some things about the author when I’m reading a submission so here’s some information about me: I am from Germany, 23 years old (damn, I’m getting old) and I’m doing an internship in Thailand. I am not tall, average looking but hey, I’m blond. I work for a Thai company that means I’m the only foreigner in the complete company. Ok, that’s not true as there are some Chinese, Lao or Cambodian guys around, but still I’m the only person who is referred to as “Farang”, though I don’t like this expression, I keep calling it the “F-word”.

When I arrived in Thailand the first thing I thought was: “Oh great, I’m taller than 90% of the girls here (Katoeys excluded) and they are not bad-looking either”. In the company, most girls ignored me (they call it shyness) just some of the older ones talked to me for what I was quite grateful as I felt a bit lonely in the beginning. It turned out, that it was almost impossible to hang out with a female without rumors starting which I thought was really annoying, not only for me, but for the concerned female too. So I stopped it, as most of the girls couldn’t speak proper English anyway (that’s not an offense as my Thai is still a middle catastrophe…). But it was not only their English that kept me away from dating them. It was also their attitude. They almost showed no interest in anything I’m interested in: politics ”boring”, books “oh, I read some comics…”, music (I play classical piano) “Oh yes, I really like Thai pop, especially the singer of …. Is sooooo sweet” or sports (I did a lot of sports back in Germany, but in Bangkok it seems rather hard to do it because of temperature and a matter of time) “I’m not doing any sports….” So, what the heck are they doing in their free time? First of all: They don’t have as much free time as western people have, as they work about 10 – 12 hours a day. The free time they have, most of them spend going shopping, watching TV or the most common answer: Sleeping. So should I get involved with someone who is interested in sleeping and watching TV, has no opinions on any interesting subjects and doesn’t like sports? Ahem… no way.

Ok, those are the good girls, those who I would meet in my company. After the first month I started going to pubs. There I met another kind of woman. Party animals. I have to submit that most of them were more beautiful than the ones in my office and younger too. Age about 20 – 25 but many buts too. Most of those I have talked to finished school and didn’t feel like studying as there’s no need to, as they have rich parents anyway. Some already had a child which they handed over to her mother. Those “ladies” were around 20 but behaved like they were 15. Giggling all the time, chatting about shoes, make-up, pop-music and Thai soaps. English knowledge: sometimes a bit but mostly worse than the women in my office. In fact, these were some of the most stupid women I’ve ever met though I admit I am attracted to them because they are beautiful. But hey, honestly, beauty is not everything, is it? Later it turned out that many of the girls you meet in pubs already have some “giks”, so if you want, you can get in line, but I don’t like that kind of relationship, do you? Still, the worst thing about them was their girlyness… dancing around in the pub, answering to two cellphones at the same time, chatting to her friends and 5 minutes later running out, crying, pretending some kind of drama. Yeah, most Thai “women” are really drama queens.

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Another month later I started to explore the nightlife of Bangkok, that means I went into some bars. So I got confronted with bargirls. The look is a matter of taste, so some of them are quite easy on the eyes (though I don’t like tattoos). Still some of them are easy on the ear too, as many of them can speak English very well (by Thai standards). That usually means that they have been working in that scene for about 1 or 2 years already because honestly, they don’t learn speaking English at school. Anyway, after some talks I figured out, what was wrong with them. As the other women I talked about are mostly honest and nice talking to me in their free time, the bargirls only talked to me because it was their job and they just tried to make money (getting as many drinks as possible). That by the way is quite funny: Bargirls drink a lot. I had a conversation with one who told me, that in the high season she gets “offered” around 15 beers / drinks a day. Frankly, I think that many bargirls are alcoholics. Another thing is the trust. Hell, you can’t trust bargirls. They lie all the time, no matter the importance of the issue. It didn’t take me long to figure that out as it’s quite obvious. When someone doesn’t realize I think they are either extremely naive, very drunk or the worst case: in love. Hey, it can happen, and I don’t blame anyone who falls in love with a bargirl, especially when one is a bit older and just seeking some kindness. Bargirls can serve with that, but remember:

They are not trustworthy. But if you want to have an alcoholic prostitute who never tells you the truth and will rip you off completely then you definitely should get involved with a Thai bargirl.

As I don’t have much experience with bargirls, I will stop the report here. There is much more information about bargirls in the other submissions, and I don’t come even close to that quality.

I think I’ve been quite hard with the Thai women but I just think they are not my style because of the reasons I mentioned above. Still, the “good girls” who graduate and have a job are still those, who come closest to my expectations. But pubs and bars are just the wrong place for searching for them. I think you can meet the “good girls” mostly on the street, in shopping malls, in cinemas, in restaurants or at universities. Well I’m doing an internship and sometimes spend some time at the partner university of my German university.

Well, of course all this is just my personal opinion and I don’t mean to offend anybody.

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What I like about Thai woman is the way they treat you. They are very sincere, beautiful, always friendly and almost all of them are approachable. You just have to pick one. I decided to stay single, as I will go back to Germany soon anyway. But hey, if you know a nice-looking, English-speaking, musical, politically interested Thai female who likes rock-climbing and is interested in foreign cultures, please write an E-mail to me 😉

Stickman's thoughts:

I think more and more guys are adopting a similar opinion, that Thai women are great to have fun with, but perhaps less suitable as a long term partner than a Western girl – where presumably there would be more in common.

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