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Incountry #27

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I am going to change my way of living and if that ain‘t enough, I am going to change the way I strut my stuff. Because nobody likes you when you’re old and gray. There’ll be some changes made.

I knew I had to find a good girl. I had known that for a long time. For a long time I was laboring under the impression I had a good girl. The events of the previous year had proved me wrong. I had a whore. To be sure a different kind of
whore and an exciting life but still life with a whore, a whore’s friends and a whore’s daughter. Although there were some advantages they did not ought weigh the disadvantages. I did get used to sleeping with more than one partner
at a time most nights with a frequency that would embarrass most Western young men but the downside of violence, booze and the perpetual lying was mind numbing.

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Vacationing in Pattaya is one thing but to live here and carry on a mongering spree for a year is extremely tiring. It is also difficult to continually push your self to new highs. Onward to new and different to keep one from getting bored.

Dana came up with the idea of my “dick cam.” He did have an ulterior motive. He was giving live feeds to clerics in Boston and so far 26 have booked tickets to Pattaya and arranged dates with 23 year old women and lady boys
on Soi Six because most of them look younger than 12 to the untrained Western eye anyway.

I have met a wonderful variety of people in Pattaya. And while I am on a religious subject I should point out that although I have never had sex with a Christian nun I have had sex with a number of the ladies in white that frequent the temples
of Thailand. Although I think most of them were bar girls checked in for three days to make merit and dry out a bit. Being raised in Catholic schools I always had wanted to do a nun way before I saw the show at Anglewitch.

In Pattaya one night I finally found a fellow who had fulfilled my lifelong dream, well almost. He was a Scottish gentleman and had actually convinced a novice nun to join him in his bedchamber. That was the closest of anyone I had actually

My Latin instructor, Father Maybush had come on to me as a young lad. I told him I thought we could work something out for an “A” in Latin or giving me the key to the convent for a night and I never heard from the man again.

I did get an “A” in Spanish but that was for fixing Father Amado up with a bunch of black hookers from downtown Detroit.

All the reminisces aside I realized I could no longer continue my pointless search for Pattaya pleasures forever. The dick cam was starting to chafe and I had to find a meaningful direction to my life.

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Finding a good girl is easy if you have an entry point like a job or good looks or speak Thai. I don’t have a job, am not good looking and my Thai although adequate for introductions pales when confronted with serious communication.

There was the shopkeeper and mall girl route. In the West I have always known that the quickest way to an evenings entertainment was cosmetic girls in a mall. They are easier to pick up than the counter girl at Dairy Queen. In Thailand however
department store girls seem to want young guys.

I get most of my action from the produce and deli sections of the large grocery stores. Late night shoppers are always a good idea as Food land stays open 24 hours but those are mostly professional ladies whom I was trying to avoid.

I decided to try the baht bus of lonely hearts route first. I had not scene Princess in a couple of weeks and figured the coast was clear. I would embark on my normal evening of drinking with friends and instead of heading for a pay for play
experience at the end I would simply take a bus home and see what happened. If nothing happened on the first run I would try a second and then a third. I never went home alone after three runs. Between 1AM and 3AM all of the businesses associated
with the tourist trade let out their employees and the poorer of those take a baht bus home. Most of the whores take motorcycle taxi’s as they consider the baht bus beneath them and too time consuming to get where they are going.

I would wave on the full busses and wait for one with only one or two ladies on it to allow some eye contact and communication. This is how I met Baa. She had been in Pattaya three days. Her sister had a business cleaning bars and had offered
her a room. We hit it off immediately. She didn’t ask for money. Of course I gave her some. She had been employed as a maid in a hotel up North and had the endearing quality of folding all of my plastic bags up into little triangles like
a flag at a military funeral. She also was a great cleaner.

At first a little naive in sexual skills going through the coughing and choking routine but she was a game trooper and went in the bathroom and threw up when her gag reflex was hit and then jumped right back in bed and continued. She spoke
maybe 10 words of English. Not kidding you here, only 10. I took her out every evening and fed her and took her to the market once a week, gave her 500 baht and told her to buy something for herself. We frequented the same places I frequented
by myself. She seemed to enjoy herself having at most two beers over a six hour period. More than that I would have to carry her home. She snacked from the various street vendors always paying from her own purse never once asking me for money.

She is 35 but looked to be in her middle 20’s. I bought her a couple books to teach her English but she had a inferiority complex about her ability to do so. She understood most of my Thai but my lack of correct pronunciation that
is readily understood by bar girls sometimes missed her. When we had a communication problem normally one of the service staff at the bar would interpret. I have befriended the Momma San at Jane’s bar in “New Pattaya Plaza”
across Second road from Soi 8. She is an older lady and looks like she might have been here the first time I came in 1968. I asked her to have a long talk with her and she confirmed that indeed she had never worked in a bar. So begins my experience
with my first good girl in Pattaya.

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