Stickman Readers' Submissions May 18th, 2007

Incountry #25

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Two women a day.

Sometimes I pay.

Sometimes it’s free.

If it wasn’t for Dana

It would only be me.

Dana does 'em in the day

I do em at night

We’ll never meet

Nor ever have a fight.

mens clinic bangkok

But one fact is sure

As the Thai pussy beckons

One of us lotharios

Is getting sloppy seconds.



28 or 30 different women in two weeks. I was not getting bored. I was not getting bored, I was getting crazy.

I had been in a pretty normal relationship for the past two years. Although moving to Pattaya did include the other five gogo dancers moving in our house it was like my own little village.

As Princess changed from wife to whore some things were fun. Not most, but some. She changed from granny panties to T backs. She stopped putting a towel around her when she changed clothes. But she was a dead soul in bed. She lost a lot of weight from dancing and constantly admired her stomach in the mirror. Taking everyone to her club to watch her dance, the late night parties with all of the strange people were fun. Since I am not a judgmental person, I was readily accepted by the sex workers and the club owners.

Living with six hookers confirmed most of the things everyone reads on Stickman.

wonderland clinic

I had known three of the women for two years. But since I only lived full time with Princess the other two I had an inconclusive opinion of. I watched them manipulate people with the ruthlessness of an African mercenary. Of my six roommates, all different ages and from different backgrounds and at different earning levels they all had one thing in common except for Pan. They all had Thai boyfriends that they transferred hard worked for farang dollars to indolent, drunken, albeit cute Thai young men and all the detective services in the world are not going to catch them.

How do I know? Because I am a night stalker, a cat tracker. I am out at 5 AM in the morning. I know the karaoke bars.

The exception, Pan, went with a couple of farang that I know and they both told me she was a starfish. No wonder, in addition to a Thai boyfriend she also had a Thai girlfriend. Thai women are hornier than Western women. If you get a starfish it is because some Thai guy is getting the fish and you are left with the star.

Not only was I exposed to my six lovelies but their friends. I always kept a quart of Thai whiskey in the house for the girls so our place was a frequent late night hang out. The girls change jobs so frequently it is literally impossible for me to go into a gogo or beer bar in Pattaya and not be recognized.

My already low opinion of Thai men was getting even lower as was my opinion of Thai women. It is the boyfriend thing. I don’t mind the ladies making money. But giving their hard earned money, sometimes really hard earned, to a lazy, lying, shiftless Thai dude freaks me out.

This was not the case in Chiang Mai. Pattaya brings out extremes. Everyone here is on the game, perhaps the exceptions being my eye doctor (a very charming young woman who treated me for an eye infection caused by getting unclean water thrown in my face and another rather chubby lady doctor who shoved a cotton tipped stick 4 inches up my penis).

After two weeks of my winter of discontent, I noticed a slight discharge. I am no stranger to social diseases having had a wild youth.

You can always tell the experienced punters at the urinal. They always check it out before they pee. They wear white underwear (easy to spot crabs or seepage). In the very early stages Chlamydia can look like gonorrhoea. I knew I had one or the other. I self treated for a couple of days with Zithromaycin and another antibiotic normally used for the treating such infections. I didn’t get better so I went to my Swiss doctor who didn’t even look at it and prescribed a different antibiotic and some pills that turned my urine red. Red urine, my friends, is a scary experience.

I decided to go to a clinic that specialized in STDs. I told the chubby lady doctor to test my discharge. There was enough discharge to just squeeze some on a slide to test. I sat down on the table and undid my pants and plopped out the source of my pleasure. Chubby waded in between my legs with her swab and stuck it four inches up my dick. Damn it hurt and I yelled. She then noticed an abrasion on the side of my penis. She opened a package and took out a needle and stuck it in the abrasion. By now I am speaking Thai. Not trusting her English she eventually stops as I wrap my heels around her fat butt in pain.

Two hours later the test comes back and it turns out I have a mild case of Chlamydia. The doctor wanted to give me a shot and some pills. Since I am allergic to penicillin I took the name of the drugs and checked them out on the internet.

There a lot a drugs in the penicillin family that are not called penicillin. I have been prescribed a drug in the penicillin family by a Thai doctor even though I told him I was allergic to it so I always check.

I went back and Miss Chubby gave me a shot from a bottle that was held at room temperature and I wondered if it should not have been refrigerated but the room temperature and her skill caused me not to feel anything as the needle went in my butt. She then sat me down and had me swallow four pills and had me wait for a few minutes to make sure I did not pass out before I took a baht bus home. She let me go with the instructions not to drink any beer for the next 24 hours.

I asked Dana to start using condoms and sitting at home I reconsidered my behavior.

I laid off the beer for a few days and avoided areas of Pattaya which would tempt me.

I was cured.

I made up my mind I was heading in the wrong direction. I needed a good girl and I set out to find one in Pattaya.

Before I changed my bad old guy status however, Princess was destined to make one more try and it started raining lesbians.

Stickman's thoughts:

Red urine? That has got to be perturbing!

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