Stickman Readers' Submissions May 8th, 2007

Future Shock, Asian & World Predictions

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June, 2007, Thailand's military junta makes itself permanent.

November, 2007, China initiates regional discussions aimed at creating a formal military alliance of Asian nations, and the "ADA", (Asian Defence Alliance) is soon formed.

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March, 2008, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam all join the new Chinese military alliance and become de facto puppet states of the Peoples Republic of China.

June, 2008, Cambodia accepts a foreign aid package from China that will allow the Khmer regime to break free of western controls.

September, 2008, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar work in concert to expel all western NGOs, western military advisors, and western law enforcements agents.

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November, 2008, U.S. Presidential candidates John McCain (Rep) and Hillary Clinton (Dem) debate the growing Asian menace. McCain threatens war to control China, and Hillary recommends a "wait-and- see" approach. Ms. Clinton wins
in a landslide.

February, 2009, Pres. Clinton brings a "peace and readiness" proposal before the American people. As a peace initiative, she orders the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. Forces from Iraq and the Middle East. As a readiness initiative,
she asks congress for a defence package aimed at strengthening the U.S. military presence in Asia, including beefing up existing basing in Japan, South Korea and Guam.

August, 2009, The U.S. makes new agreements with the Philippines. The U.S. soon re-occupies long-abandoned bases and Subic Bay becomes a viable replacement for Pattaya.

November, 2009, Pres. Clinton gives a blistering speech before the United Nations accusing China of attempting to create an Asian colonial empire, and threatens military action.

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December, 2009, China accuses the U.S. of gunboat diplomacy, and threatens to call in all of the American debt that is held in Asia.

U. S. derivative markets melt down, and the bond market collapses. The U.S. dollar plummets against the Euro and the ensuing run on banks makes 1929 look like a picnic.

January, 2010, The Chinese equity and hedge fund markets dominate the European markets. The Korean Won (KRW) and the Japanese Yen collapse in value reminiscent of the last IMF crisis. China props up the economies of its allies, and America
bleeds attempting to support Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Only Singapore wins big, having expertly played both sides against the middle.

March, 2010, The U.S congress votes unanimously to impose trade sanctions against China and to repudiate all debt held by China, and further vows to immediately replace all Chinese imports with their equivalent from Taiwan, South Korea, and

April, 2010, China takes advantage of its slave labour sweat shops in Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia, drastically cuts prices of all of its exports, and becomes the primary supplier to the European Union for virtually all manufactured products.

May, 2010, China invades Taiwan, virtually unopposed by the paper tiger Clinton administration, and occupies the island-state, declaring it to be "New Taiwan, Special Administrative Region".

June, 2010, China reaffirms its commitment to defend Southeast Asia and the Middle East against foreign aggression.

July, 2010, China, more dependent than ever or middle eastern oil imports, signs a mutual defence pact with Iran.

September, 2010, U.S warships and Chinese warships square off in the Persian Gulf in a freedom of navigation exercise. Against the advice of the Joint Chiefs, Clinton micromanages the situation and orders shots fired across the bow of an
oncoming Chinese ship that is approaching a U.S. destroyer. Both sides exchange surface to surface missiles, ships are lost and a de facto state of war soon exists between the U.S. and China, but Clinton declares that "peace must prevail",
and she orders all U.S. warships to withdraw from the Middle East.

October, 2010, Russia and the European Union formally announce their neutrality in the growing Sino-American war. India rattles its sabres, but also stays out of the fray, content to occupy its niche in producing counterfeit pharmaceuticals
and ripped-off software.

November, 2010, China places land, sea and air forces in Iran and also in Iraq, replacing the void left by the fleeing U.S. forces. Chinese troops show no mercy, and slaughter jihadists by the thousands.

January, 2011, Joint Chinese and Iranian forces invade Saudi Arabia and soon control the kingdom and its oil wealth.

February, 2011, China announces that it effectively controls the largest share of the world's oil supply, and intends to sell only to "friendly nations".

March, 2011, Chaos breaks out in the U.S. capital, Washington, when an attempted military coup d'Etat succeeds in assassinating President Clinton, but fails to consolidate its power. Vice President Barack Obama is sworn in as the new
President, and immediately negotiates the effective surrender of the west to China.

In the distant future, historians would write that it all started here in Thailand, with America's failure to understand the importance of the region.

Stickman's thoughts:

Amusing, but most unlikely.

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