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3rd Time Lucky?

  • Written by Gazza
  • April 6th, 2007
  • 6 min read

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I have read, along with many others the countless stories pertaining to Thailand and the many who have visited there. My story is brief, and maybe not very titillating reading, but nonetheless I felt like I wanted to participate.

It all started about two years ago now, I got together with some friends and one night whilst out in a pub in England. My friend said to me "Hey Gaz, you ever been to Thailand?" to which I replied "no but I lived in north Wales
for a bit."

billboard bangkok

Anyway, he proceeded to spend the rest of the evening telling me the various delights of LOS, but frequently suggesting. "I can’t really explain properly until you go. " he must have said that around 20 times during the conversation.

I listened inquisitively and you know what’s coming next. The farangs first encounter. I was a newbie yes, but I wasn’t walking around with zombified eyes like so many I saw out there. I took everything in and at my own pace. Admittedly
there were occasions when you go to a bar and you get a little sidetracked, but "hey" I was ok or so I thought…

I met a freelancer girl called Jan who was absolutely stunning. 27 years old, with a child. I stayed with her, or should I say she stayed with me? For two weeks. Only two weeks you might be thinking but this was my first taste of the Moet &
Chandon experience. Those 2 weeks were heaven and paradise. Time to go home. Back to England. The weather etc. I land home. I send her money once because I had promised her that I would. And I kept my promise. I didn’t promise to keep sending
money every month; I simply promised her that I would send some money. While we were together in Thailand I received the obligatory mobile ringing at unusual hours. She explained on first meeting her (her English was impeccable) that she was not a
bargirl and never had been, she works independently and is very fussy.

butterflies bangkok

At this point I was supposed to react in an "I'm honoured" kind of way. To which I did because she was, as we all know one of the more classy types. Whilst together I paid for drinks and food , but remember it is courteous for
a man to look after his lady. Besides that it was relatively inexpensive. The street vendors for food, apart from the occasional restaurant. I gave her 5000 baht when I left, and I couldn’t help but detect what was clearly visible on her face
when I made this transaction. The smile of course, but also a hint of "cheap charlie."

After a couple a weeks of lovey dovey SMS texts and phone calls, things began to change. My point to all this is that after their 1st excursion, anyone reading this might read between the lines. She was I believe genuine to a degree, there can
be no doubting any woman, whatever her creed, nationality, in so much that on occasions you will witness
Genuine smiles and happiness and conversation, but is this all part of a bigger game? The bankroll was not forthcoming because it is difficult
to save for the next visit to see them, and at the same time send them money.

Things turned sour. Whilst over there I noticed Jan on a few occasions looking my friend up and down. And other farangs, but we can’t all walk around with our eyes closed! I remember my ex from England saying that to me in an argument
one night about the very same. I confronted her about it, to which she replied "would you like me to walk around blindfold. " agreed but discretion is a key word here. The texts and phone calls stopped.

My second visit.


I stopped at the same location for my second visit. Jomtien. I like Jomtien because its not so in your face so to speak.

What was on my mind you ask? Yes it was Jan. Should I ring her? I resisted for 1 week. Then one night worse for wear I was on Jomtien beach quite late with friends and I picked up my mobile. I rang Jan. I had not spoken to her for weeks.

She agreed to meet me in Tony, s bar in Pattaya. Very expensive drinks and mattresses everywhere but a cool place nevertheless. I had heard about Tony from the locals and he is apparently highly respected over there. I turned up in Tony, s bar,
and I thought to myself I need to see her first. That never happened. She had eyes like a hawk! "Gary" she shouted across the room. I looked over and saw this lady sitting on a high stool in a dress and looking perfect.

Because I had slight stubble which I had trimmed, she said "you look old" that was the greeting. She giggled and we got on okay for an hour or so. Then the probing questions began:

1. How long you stay Thailand?
2. You meet good lady?
3. I have daughter you know so I need 1500 baht a day.
4. Why you not tell me you meet lady?

And so on. Argument soon ensued. I said I wanted to meet her because we were good friends and so forth. She changed into a ballistic missile and I hopped on the nearest motorbike quick time!

Yes I had met someone else but I had only been with her for 6 days and I only met Jan for a reminisce.
The new lady…

I met her in a bar in Jomtien, she was alone from all the other bargirls and very quiet. She said she had only worked the bar for 6 months but that’s another story!

By the end of my second journey I have a new girlfriend. Her family turned up on the last day to collect her things.
She was going home. Her brother and her mother arrived. Very nice people. We went back to her house. She has a house in Bangkok
where her mother lives but it is only half finished. It is okay to live in but only half finished.

She explained she hated the bar and only had few friends but was only doing it to pay for the completion of the house which she wanted me to see. I sat with her family. They caught fish from the river and cooked the fish which we shared. Amazing
experience. What can I say? I think she is the real McCoy. She says she doesn’t want any money from me. She will wait for me. I know its only early days now but we will see. On returning from my 2nd visit I was made redundant from work, so
there’s no money anyway. But I am in the situation now where I need to get a new job because I want to go back there again. We speak every day on phone and text. She is not a hardened bargirl with years experience, I believe she was telling
me the truth. We all have skeletons in our wardrobes and eventually things will come out, but for the moment at least I am relatively happy. I’m no nuclear physicist with 45 "0" levels, but I take things one day at a time. And so
to my third trip. With no funds forthcoming it will be difficult but I will persevere on this one because I have promised I will return. Tanya has gone home and has a job in a restaurant working with her brother’s wife. Money is not excellent
but it beats the bar. They have a saying in Thailand "not think too much" I have tried my utmost to adopt this theory here in England but it’s impossible. I’m thinking about my 3rd visit.

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