Stickman Readers' Submissions March 29th, 2007

Why Is She Unbearable?

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After a bit over four years of serious study, I've developed a few notions as to why these creatures behave as they do. I’ll just toss some out and see if anyone can add to or further clarify my foggy, though well researched thinking
on the issues of raging and unpredictability.

Is it possible that she views us as alien and unattractive beasts that are rumored to be naive and full of cash and pent up desire unsatisfied in more challenging cultures? If so, doesn’t this somehow imply a conflict within her inner
dialogue and yours? You want love and respect and she wants money. Duh.

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Sometimes they will actually tell us what they really think about us and this has thrown me off balance and out of a romantic stupor on more that one occasion. Let me offer some quotes and inquire if anyone else has heard such remarks.

"You know you cannot get a girl like me where you come from as you are just an old loser there." Or "How can you think a girl like me would be with someone like you for any reason other than money?"

Now, I'm not sure about other farangs experiences here with chrome pole huggers, but I do know they want money. They may say they don't want much or "Sure I like money, but you make me feel special”. But, when everything
is said and done and added up a the end of the parade, I am convinced it is over 90% money involved in these "entertainments" we venture into.

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With that reality in mind, it is possible to enjoy this opportunity to not be loyal to your gal and not expect her to be loyal to you as well.

How liberating it is to go on with your daily life be it work, scheduling doctors appointments, or getting UBC installed without having to try and understand her agenda behind those actions. I realise this puts me in the ever unpopular bracket
of being labeled a hedonist and just no good like she tells me those Thai men are allegedly guilty of being as well.

But friends, if we are going to go the so called easier route of bar girls, then we have some rules to respect.

1. Don't get so hot for her that you ruin her income stream by sugar coating how you see her for the express purpose of cheaper sex via using the "monthly" arrangement. HER ANGER OVER LOST INCOME AND BOREDOM FROM BEING WITH
ONE GUY ALL THE TIME will emerge sooner or later.

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2. Please don't discuss her anatomy or skills with the peer(s) of hers you take home tonight. THAT WILL PISS HER OFF TOO.

3. If she was worth two or more thousand that first couple of times, why do want to give her 500 now? DEPRIVING HER OF THE NUMBER ONE STATUS SYMBOL IN THIS HAPPY LAND will get her ire.

This still doesn't explain the irate and surprising rage we occasionally encounter. However, if one knows Thailand and that "face" is an important image and that surprisingly, honesty is necessary if one wants to get along
within a climate of deceit. Then we begin to understand what must be smoldering underneath those beautiful faces who lowered themselves and risked all to pursue fun and profit with older foreign men.

For me, it is mandatory that I now follow advice I read in Stickman years ago. After the first unexpected and unreasonable temper tantrum…LEAVE…nothing to elaborate on, just actually taking this advice is a miraculous deed.

If we have them over and over again then it may be time to do something different..

Ya think?

Or could it just be that her tantrums are how she seeks to get what she wants from you? It is legend among the old boys that these girls try and beat money out of us and it sure seems that way from time to time. "The squeaky wheel gets
the grease" has been my experience in life and what is such a big surprise about this fact?

If they aren't getting what they want from you they will try and get it harder from you by shaming and blaming (even if they are right!) Eventually they will select another if their drive is that great and they really don't feel
for you anything near what you feel for her is the sad truth..

It's called life..

Stickman's thoughts:

I stand by that advice. When you see the danger signs, leave – and don't give it a second thought!

One of the reasons we are subject to these temper tantrums, the manipulative behaviour and all the pyrotechnics is because they are not entirely happy in the relationship and this is often a voluntary or involuntary reaction to that. What follows the dramas will be manipulation designed to re-negotiate "the deal" so that she will be happier with it, or can at least accept it. Remember, these outbursts are signs that (notwithstanding whatever you do for her or may have done for her) that she is not happy with the status quo!

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