Stickman Readers' Submissions March 8th, 2007

Part II Honey and Ölprinz

Honey trusted me. Would you fly from Bangkok to Moscow to meet somebody you had only known for four weeks? I could have been a human trafficker or worse and she could have ended up in a brothel in Albania or Belgrade. She made a big effort to meet me
in Moscow. The interviews in Bangkok with the Russian Embassy required from her remembering quite a tricky story (I told her a million times, believe me) and not act like a little peasant girl.

To support her in Bangkok her mother travelled together with her for 12 hours by bus from Sakhon Nakon to Bangkok.

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I explained to her that at this stage of our “relationship” Moscow was the only place where I could meet her and have an alibi at the same time. The visa invitation I organised for her set forth in Russian that she was invited by some international
sports agency for business negotiations. So she had to play her part at the Russian Embassy and at immigration. I was very impressed with her effort and commitment. She could have just kept the 200,000 THB I sent and continued her life in Phuket.
But she left Phuket and went home to Kusuman to live again with her family and build a house. To show my commitment and so she would not too much worry about meeting me in Moscow I sent her a business class ticket for pampering on her first long
haul flight journey. As I work for a Russian Oil company engaged in merger talks for many months my long-term girlfriend did not question why I was going for a whole week to Moscow. I was never a good boy anyway on business trips…and I know
when to make those “pro-active” phone calls home. But instead of meeting one of my Russian student friends, going to Bordo, Shandra or any other naughty nightclub, drinking vodka and snorting pink cocaine I had a different program
in mind this time. Since our week together in Phuket, Honey had changed my life quite a bit. I have not “butterflied” since at all (first time in ten years), not taken any drugs (with very few exceptions) and stopped smoking.

Leaving LOS and arriving at Moscow, Sheremetevo, must have been quite an experience for her. When you are through customs in Moscow, you suddenly face a crowd of grim-faced, fake leather jacket wearing men that look like this heavy weight
boxing champion Walujew who want to drag you in an taxi, rip you off and (if you are really unlucky) strip you off naked, after taking your purse, and dump you on the motorway. No offence to any nice Russians in this forum, but in my opinion they
are truly the unfriendliest, unhelpful people you see upon arrival anywhere in the world. So among this crowd (I think you get the picture) there was me, the 35 year old sexy Swiss lawyer waiting with my bodyguard for Honey to arrive.

Before she arrived I had to answer countless questions and remarks from my bodyguard like: Why I had flown in a Thai lady to Moscow? Or for the price of this flight ticket you could have partied with 10 Russian beauties every night for one week, etc.
The real answer to these questions is, quite frankly, that I truly believe that I love Honey now. You probably think, another idiot who only thinks with his dick. Not quite true. I can tell you the best sex I have ever had was certainly not in
LOS. It was with Lana in Columbia together with 5g of blow and 100mg Viagra to ease the side effects of the former. Don’t try this in case you are over 40 (many thanks to Lana from Cartagena, I won’t be back in a while). I discussed
what was going on several times with two of my closest friends. You can imagine their answer:

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“Pull the plug!”

I was looking for any red flags from her side, any lies about her former life which I could use to put the blame on Honey and give me some justification for ending the relationship. I must add in this context that I had her and her story
checked out in a very professional (but illegal) manner. You would not believe me anyway when I was to go in details but I do have certain contacts from working many years in Russia. As I am not an old fat insecure bastard who does not play in
the same league as his honey, I did this research, which went well beyond what is on offer on Stick's site, only to give me a reason to break up with Honey. The research was particularly difficult because Honey is also fluent in Khmer, Lao
and Chinese, which drove my contacts absolutely crazy. Nevertheless, when I received the protocols I could not find any lies and everything she told me was true. However, some of the conversations she had with her friends in Phuket, showed me
that the concept of a boyfriend in relationships with Thai girls can be interpreted in several ways… Luckily it only referred to her friends’ relationships and not to mine. However, anyone of you having a girlfriend called Aem, Maem or
Na working in Soi Eric in Phuket should stop sending money immediately, trust me on this one.

What she told her friends and family about me was truly heartbreaking. She told them how much she worried that I would not believe her, that I would “lose face” when going out with her (I still do not understand the meaning of this one),
that I do not believe that she had only been working 15 days in Rock Hard when I met her and that she was never in love like this before. It was as if I had known her for 10 years.

What would you do, taking into consideration that you have the financial means to easy support Honey with whatever she liked, you loved her, but you had a girlfriend at home of Jamaican descent who would cut your dick off and fry it “jerk
style” if she found out, oh and a lovely little daughter of 13 months? It is a tough one for me. Priority number 1 is to avoid my daughter being taken away from me. Now also take into consideration that due to my many vices and history
I would most probably lose any custody fight. It was a lot easier all these years to go butterfly and party and not to worry about those brief encounters. All this was on my mind while I was waiting for her at Moscow Airport.

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When she arrived all my worries were gone in seconds. What a smile!

On the way to the hotel we chatted and chatted as if we were buddies from high school. After talking several times on the phone every day for 4 weeks I now understand her Thai English and use it also. Actually once in Moscow my secretary phoned and I
nearly said to her: “Honey, why you worry too much!”

The time we spent in Moscow was my first test for her. I read a lot about the attitude of Thai bar girls on this website and I wanted to see how she behaved when not in her beloved Thailand. I took her to the fanciest restaurants and night spots in Moscow.
I have been to these design temples many times before, mostly with some Russian lady who bored me all night long. For all those of you who are after Russian girls, stay away, they really have nothing to say and are constantly moody. But Honey,
she sat there like a little princess and really had something to say about life. When she did not understand me, I rephrased and rephrased until she understood. She told me everything about her life which also included several really sad and nasty
stories, not the kind of stuff you want to hear when you enter into a relationship and which you would not tell somebody when you are not pretty certain he loves you. She asked me of course what was happening with my relationship in Switzerland.
I never lied to Honey. I told her that I was very unhappy and that we are now after 13 years just like brothers and sisters, especially after having our daughter we are just mother and father but not lovers anymore. I told her that I was scared
to lose my daughter (emotionally that is always a good approach in situations like this..) but that I wanted to continue seeing Honey.

Honey became my Asian wife that night. Considering she was in a completely different environment with no help from her friends (her mobile did not work either) or family she showed no signs of bad behaviour, tantrums or bad mood swings which are so common
with bar girls. When we left Moscow, I was more than ever in love with her. I thought she was the most charming and caring person I had ever met.

At some point during the Christmas holiday my girlfriend in Switzerland suggested to get a sponsorship in Cambodia for a little girl with Worldvision. Well, I nearly burst out laughing but had to keep a straight face. I was already at the
highest possible level of any sponsorship business for that matter. The main difference is that mine is not tax deductible.

The next eight weeks until I met Honey again early February in Bangkok and Ko Samui, we spent talking for hours on the phone and sending SMS to each other literally every ten minutes. Every day she would send me photos of the progress on
the house and of her and her family in Kusuman.

While I am writing this, the house is nearly finished and I currently support 6 family members and 3 builders. And you know what? I feel very good about this. Besides having my daughter, probably the best thing I have done in my life so far. I have been
wasting thousands of dollars on stupid things like suits, short breaks, fancy restaurants, hookers and drugs every month. My first investment without return! The whole house turned out to be more expensive than I thought, partly my mistake because
I opted for the expensive bath and kitchen. The total figure is now 450,000 THB, all inclusive, still far less than my monthly salary. Basically, building a house was my second test for her. She was doing the project management and together with
her father bought all the materials. She put a lot of effort in the design which she copied from an edition of the Condé Nast Traveller Magazine. I was pretty surprised to see the result, a cute little bungalow in Thai style. It looks like
one of those little luxury hotel villas you find everywhere in Thailand. The only downside, to my big surprise, was the jealousy in her village. Honey unfortunately received several nasty comments from fellow village people.

Now she “only” gets a monthly allowance from me. I don’t worry about her at all any more and we trust each other. I think I gave her the chance of a lifetime. When I was in Phuket and Bangkok I overheard lots of conversations
betweens Thai ladies and their farang partners and what they promised each other. Unfortunately from my experience the farang boyfriend from Switzerland lives mainly a pretty poor life in some village, is a loser type with a crap job, saved up
a year for his holiday and lies more than she does.

Everything is now “up to her”, nice for a change actually. The real tricky part starts now as the house is finished. So far she has stayed for three months back in Sakhon Nakon and seems very happy. She does not drink any more and is number
one in the family hierarchy. She takes care of everybody in the family. I made it clear that I am in for the long run but cannot promise her that I would marry her. What I would like to see now from her is that she will put the same effort she
showed building her house into a different project. She can choose anything; I would support her in doing so if she really wants to do it. If she blows it, she blows it and I will walk away from it all. I will not “interfere” with
her mobile ever again. I don’t think she would be very happy if she found out. But hey, I am used to it. I know that my mobile has most probably been tapped for the last five years. That’s normal business practice in Russia. I am
aware that sometime in the future somebody might use this relationship against me, but I am prepared when it happens.

In February her whole family travelled to Bangkok to meet me at the airport. If any of my friends had seen this bizarre scene, they would not have believed that I am the same person. I cannot believe it either. There I was at six o’clock
in the morning at the airport drinking tea with her family. Unbelievable. I could see in her mother’s eye that she thought the world of me. Honey had never introduced any guy to her family before. The mother even gave me a cute red Chinese
dress for my daughter. Honey and I travelled on to Koh Samui for our honeymoon in the Sala Samui. As she looks Japanese, nobody in the hotel really stared at us. We really did look like a honeymoon couple. And we did the full honeymoon program
too, from sex in the private swimming pool to the temple visit. Amazing life!

Back in Bangkok, her family wanted to go with me to some big temple of which I cannot remember the name. I had to go down on my knees together with Honey and do this Buddhist ceremony where you rattle this cup which consists of 28 sticks
until one of the sticks comes out. Honey and I had the same number, No. 1, which caused instant tears of joy with her mother and Honey. From then on, we even had a further blessing for our relationship.

In the evening, we went on a river cruise for dinner with the whole family. When I think back, I still cannot believe that I did this. Really, you have to be in love to go through with that. There are lovely people but they have no clue about my life
and what I do. My family owns several houses, a castle in France, several race horses etc. My brother and I studied at the best universities all over the world, even if I wanted to show off they would have not understood that there are literally
worlds between us. I don’t think I will ever forget that evening, just that evening was, experience wise, worth every quid I spent on her house. I will see Honey in May in Bangkok and visit the house in summer.

You see, a lot happened since my last submission, I kept my word from last November in Phuket. Honey has now the house she always dreamt of and I am very pleased for her. No ties, no nothing, she can walk away tomorrow. If not, you might
see some more submissions to come on this website."

Stickman's thoughts:

I really hope to hear about whatever happens next, no matter how inane it might be. Even if things continue to work well without any major fall out, I think I speak for most readers when I say I would love to hear how it goes in the future.

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