Stickman Readers' Submissions March 19th, 2007

Is Your Love Given To Bar Girls Only?

From a non-bar girl’s point of view about bar girls and foreigners, please consider this essay as another sharing. I apologize for my English.

Dear Farangs, what do you think while you honor a girl picked from the bar to be your wife or girlfriend?

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First, please be informed that I am not another well-educated girl who comes from a rich family in Bangkok who is always consider that herself is much better and is in a higher class than these bar ladies (believe me, these kind of women
are exist). I am in the middle of the 20th and am not a bar girl, either a part time escort or whatever considered that way.

I have slowly been dragged into these kind of society 4 – 5 years ago. Many incredible stories have been told from them. Honestly, I enjoy listening though I am quite pissed off with them and the way they are.

True love can be found anywhere, it does not matter what your partner is. If you love her, you forget the rest of the world. Same as story I have been told by some of bar girls I know times to times. Not all of them come from the poor family
in Isaan. Some of them choose to have this kind of life, money is there and is easily to grab. No energy spent nor brain used to get a large sum of money. Some of them are university students. 2 options, first, they have been studied before end
up the life at a bar at night because they do not have enough to afford themselves. Working in a bar is fun and is easy to get enough money for the enrolment as well as other educational expenses. Secondly, some girls come up with an idea of attending
a university after been working in a bar for a while. For the brighter future when they get old, I suppose. I personally respect these kind of bar girls.

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Now let’s see what I have seen.

Ja, a girl from Udon Thani supported by many boyfriends and different countries in the same time and she is asked to stop working in prostitution business. Well, a few hundred thousand sent from various countries every month should be enough
for her to stop working. Doesn’t she? No, of course why should she? All boyfriends stay in another countries and she is here lonely. What’s she supposed to do?

As they said, bar girls always belong to the bars. She spends money for discothèque, night life with friends. Do nothing all day, get up late. Get any Isaan food she can grab near the apartment. Check emails in early afternoon and get
dressed in evening, ready to waste another night in a bar.

It’s a pity huh? You know, actually. Sometimes when I hear these kinds of stories I think that I feel so poor on those foreigners. Love is color blind; they are not going to see reality. I keep telling my friends that make sure before
you fall in love with bar girl, there are some nice ones among those so take time to choose. Not all bar girls are bad.. you know that.

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Beside this; I have to admit that sometimes I am really jealous. For years I have been looking for a man to love but finally give up since I think all these good men belong to bar girls only. I wish those guys had met me in a street or restaurant
somewhere before they meet the bar girls. I sometimes think that maybe I should change my career from an office staff hired by a bloody Thai-Chinese into a prostitution business. Maybe, I might find love that I’ve been looking for and another
benefit I will earn beside this is to feel and experience that in real.

There are so many other issues I would like to know about bar girls and foreigners. I don’t know how and why I have become interested in this.. but one thing stuck with me is foreigners and bar girls is always come together and can
never be separated.

Tell me, is true love from foreigners can really be found in the bar and is provided for bar girls only?

Stickman's thoughts:

MANY foreigners would love to meet a decent Thai woman outside of the bar industry but they just do not know where to meet such ladies. It also needs to be said that many of the problems in relationships between Western men and Thai bargirls are not necessarily due to the fact that the woman worked in a bar. I would suggest many more of the problems are simply due to the huge cultural divide that exists between Westerners and Thais. Thais don't understand Westerners and Westerners dont understand Thais.

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