Stickman Readers' Submissions March 28th, 2007

Do Thai Girls Really Like Unattractive Farangs?

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Read Bop Melow’s posts about Thai women falling head over heels for his favors and also Aussie Guy’s post about Thai women not being very interested in him. Two opposing views about the same subject.

I have been to Thailand more than a hundred times (spanning several decades) and have often noticed attractive Thai ladies with decidedly unattractive farang men. The only other country where I’ve witnessed analogous phenomena is the Philippines.

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Several Thai ladies have told me that they associate with unattractive farangs because this is the only species that is likely to fall in love with them, that is, with Thai ladies. One seldom comes across (say) Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, or, Arabs, wanting
anything other than sex with Thai, or Phillipino women. Present your average farang with a woman from LOS and BOOM, one is quite likely to get a stretched (because of the age difference) version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Farangs
generally, are considered to be rather naïve, gullible and capable of easy manipulation, by Thai female society.

Another reason for perceived farang attractiveness is that Thais consider this species to be wealthy. Farangs also have a somewhat unique attribute in that they are often more than willing to take their Thai girlfriends / lovers, to expensive restaurants
and on shopping trips. In bargirl type environments, it’s the farang who is often the most likely candidate for potential sponsorship. Farang willingness to spend makes them attractive to women from the Philippines and from Thailand.

Thai women, like women everywhere else in the world, will, under uniform circumstances; always prefer young, handsome men to others. I have seen such preference demonstrated repeatedly during my very many visits to LOS and to other countries. The average
Thai woman is however, also aware that a young handsome male is much more likely to ditch her when he comes across another bed-able female. The bald, fat and ugly guy can hardly believe his luck when a reasonably attractive Thai girl, twenty years
his junior, becomes his lover, this type of farang is likely to be a longer lasting and more stable companion, so the Thai girl abides with him.

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Bop Mellow states that he got in contact with many of his female companions via Thai dating websites and the like. What type of girls uses such websites? Maybe a university student with time on her hands, or, a woman who finds it difficult / awkward,
to secure male company? Bop Mellow says that several women who responded to him were aged thirty plus. What can one assume from this? Most Thai women are married well before they reach thirty. Thai society promotes marriage very strongly. The
women who responded to Bop Mellow were likely separated from their husbands, or, were women who happened to find it difficult to get husbands / lovers. I fully understand that some Thai women now are beginning to take greater control of their
lives and put careers before husbands, but, upper crust Thai society, particularly of Chinese extraction, is deeply conservative and unlikely to take unknown strangers off the internet as lovers. Most women, Thai, or other, would rather associate
with a handsome and personable male that they know, rather than with an unknown, short, balding, farang, well past his youth (Bop’s description of himself). A reason for Bop’s perceived attraction could be that he came across as
wealthy and / or having high status.

It must be remembered that Thai society generally promotes its women as being sex objects first and everything else afterwards. Young Thai girls are immersed in this notion from the moment of their birth. One must also remember that the Thais generally
are an unusually friendly and courteous lot. Combine these two attributes and you get the blushing sales girls and similar phenomena that Bop Mellow attributes to farang attractiveness..

What farangs may perceive as a come on, is often normal Thai friendliness combined with a (Thai) girl acting her assigned role as sex object. The idea of actual sex may be absent from the girl’s mind. This is particularly true in smaller towns
and villages outside of Bangkok. Compare normal Thai girl behavior at a Robinson store, or, at a restaurant, with that of her counterpart in a place like London – a newly arrived farang customer at Robinson could very easily mistake a female
shop assistant's routine behavior to be an invitation for sex. On a recent visit, I was inquiring into some electronic equipment at a sales outlet in Bangkok. The sales officer, who happened to be very attractive and spoke good English, asked
me where I originated from. Just to be obtuse, I smiled and said that I was from Afghanistan, she smirked wickedly, her eyes went round and she asked ‘Do you have very big gun?’ This reference to big gun could have been easily misconstrued
by a newbie farang as an allusion to part of his anatomy. I firmly believe that she was acting in a manner that was expected of her by Thai society, that is, she was role playing at being a friendly sex object and indulging in the type of banter
that is normal in Thailand.

Good looking males, even if not farang, are attractive to Thai girls. During a recent visit, I became friendly with a group of Iranians who were staying at the same hotel that I was in Bangkok. A couple of these Iranians were from the south of Iran; a
region along the border with Pakistan, they were good looking, but, had somewhat dark complexions. Everyone knows that Thais prefer light complexions, however, the manner in which Thai girls generally, appeared to be attracted to those Iranians
beats anything that I have ever seen relative to Thai girl reaction towards farangs. One of those Iranians looked somewhat like a darker complexioned version of the tennis player Rafael Nadal. This guy was literally mobbed at shopping malls and
at restaurants. He was quite perplexed, as, in his own country, no one paid much attention to him. He found Thai girl reaction strange and confusing and couldn’t quite understand why he had become the center of so much attention.

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I also find Aussie Guy’s narration somewhat odd, could be the nose hair that Stick referred to, or, maybe that Aussie Guy is very shy. A height of five foot eight inches can hardly be considered as short in Thailand. Having witnessed the strange
looking farang specimen that some Thai ladies associate with, it appears difficult to attribute physical unattractiveness alone contributing to Aussie Guy’s stated lack of success. Maybe that he never really tried, while he was in Thailand?

Stickman's thoughts:

I personally think it is sad that many Thai women do play on the fact that they are looked at as sex objects – and exploit it. That is my problem to deal with, being a purest.

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