Stickman Readers' Submissions March 10th, 2007

Crime Suppression Unit Part 21

Sonia's Trip To The City

Sonia started her story.

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'About nine years ago when I was thirteen years old and my big sister was sixteen, she left for school or so my father told me. I never saw her again. A year later when I was fourteen and tall for my age, I started to develop breasts.

I didn't realize that there were no girls in my village over sixteen, just boys. One day my mother told me that I had to go to Chang Rai to work in a factory. I did not want to leave my village in the mountains. I had a very pleasant life helping my mother plant crops and riding the backs of our pigs but she said they needed the money so I had to go to work.

When Jasmine came for me, my mother cried and hugged me. My father did not look at me. He turned away when I went. I realized later that he knew and I always wondered if my mother did. I found out later that they traded me for a new truck.

That's what I was worth.'

Sonia put her head down so they would not see the tears and Rick put his arm around her.

'They took me to a brothel and kept me locked in a room. They sold my virginity for a hundred-thousand baht. I didn't realize what was happening when the man came to claim me. Even after he went inside of me, it hurt but I did not know what was going on. I had no idea what sex was. The next day was worse when they made me take eight customers. I bled and cried and no one cared.

I was there six months, kept prisoner and not allowed to leave the room. The owner raped me every week.

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I had to submit; I had no choice.'

Andrew stood up. 'We'll go and arrest the bastard tomorrow if you can point him out.'

Sonia shook her head. 'No matter now. I was so unhappy I decided to kill myself. I stole a butcher knife from the kitchen, put it in my sleeve. I went to my room and started to write a letter to my mother. Then I realized that they would only throw the letter away along with my body. I have a better idea. I put the knife under my pillow and when owner came into my room for his pleasure, and got on top of me I plunged the knife into his throat. Blood spurted all over and he gasped for breath.

I pushed myself out from under him and take the knife again and cut off his manhood and shove inside his mouth.

He was flopping around, still alive, but die soon for sure. I run out the door, down the road and get ride on truck to Bangkok.'

'And then what Sonia?' Rick had his arm around her. It could not be easy for her to talk about this.

'Another long story. I can only say I am so happy to be with you. I want to tell you before but I don't know how.'

Rick kissed her gently on the cheek. 'Don't worry about it. Whatever happened was not your fault.'

'I'll tell you the rest of my story later; then you can decide if it's my fault or not.'

'Andrew, are Jasmine and her friend secure in the back of the truck?' Rick asked.

'Unless they can hop like hell. I've tied up too many drug smugglers to let them have a chance to get loose.

Do you want to get started now that we have wheels?'

'Yes, it's about time to leave. We'll turn them in when we reach Bangkok.'

Rick walked to the truck with a rag and knocked out what was left of the windshield and brushed the glass from the front seat. They said their good-byes to Doctor Meier and his wife and climbed into the cab, taking the rifles and pistols with them.

They were still not out of the woods yet so to speak, both literally and figuratively. Andrew drove down the mountain. The road was washed out stones and earth with rain gullies making small dirt ditches running down the road. The drop to their right was sometimes five hundred to a thousand feet and on their left were cliffs and solid jungle.

Andrew drove carefully for an hour as the narrow road continued to twist and turn it's way down the steep mountain.

Sonia continued her story where she left off.

'The truck driver dropped me off near the farmer's market in Bangkok and I wandered the streets, having no idea what to do.

I was alone and frightened. I found myself in front of a food stall staring at the skewers of chicken and pork grilling over the hot coals.

I don't know how long I stood there but a girl about my age took my hand and led me to a small stool. She gave me rice and scraps of chicken to eat. Her name was Lamiy. She worked there with her sister and mother who own the food stand.

I stayed to wash plastic dishes that pile up in tubs of soapy water on the sidewalk.

When they closed the stand they took me home with them. I slept with my new sister on a bamboo mat on the floor.

There were three girls, the mother and myself. The older sister worked at Robinson department store across town. We go to toilet outside in a ditch that run along a small stream. We bring water from fire hydrant. I work in food stand every day, eight in the morning until midnight but I was happy with my new family.

One day older sister take me to department store, show me around. I had never been to a store so big with so many beautiful things and I was thrilled. I wanted to work there too. They let me be a stock girl like my sister and I filled the shelves all over the store for the next year.

I was very happy to be in such a glamorous place; they paid me four thousand baht a month and I gave the money to my new mother.

She have to pay rent for tiny shack and buy food and clothes for my sisters. I was eating regularly and started to fill out and I grew even taller. I keep my eyes and ears open and I learned some English. The store manager asked me if I want to work behind a counter.

I was so excited I could hardly speak and to my surprise they put me in front of the store behind the cosmetics counter.

They put me with a very nice girl from Chang Mai and she showed me how to apply make up to myself and to customers. I go to work every day with my older sister and we travel home together every night even though she stay a stock clerk, she is not angry with me.

I still sleeping with my new sister Lamiy and we go to bed together with our arms wrapped around each other.

Somehow we started to make love and had a secret affair. I loved her so much it was easy; I hated men and it seemed right for me.

I was sure that I could never be with a man again.

But a puzzling thing was also happening at work.'

Stickman's thoughts:

Good reading!

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