Stickman Readers' Submissions March 6th, 2007

Are They Really All The Same Part 2

Yeah my first Thailand experience, how do you beat that, of course you can’t, only happens to a chosen few without any warning and without explanations.

He Clinic Bangkok

Well that’s how I want to remember it anyway.

So I was back on Qantas Airways leaving Thailand, heading for Rome, my next destination. Being a compulsive but well experienced traveller, I knew well that staying in foreign city alone can get boring very quickly, so I had pre-arranged
to meet up in Rome with a twenty six year old European lady, good girl one could say but aren’t they all good in their own way. She was kind enough to join me for the duration of my Italian stay, and also adventurous enough to go with me
to next destination, Egypt.

However this website is about Thailand and Thai connections so at this point I will depart from any reference to Egypt, Africa, Europe etc. Enough to say good times were had by all, and once again I was happily back in Australia. Looking
at photos and video taken during my Thailand stay and the happy faces of my new friends, little farewell messages, like: you come back to Thailand we give you good time, or one I could not forget;( got it on video) look I have biggest tits in
Phuket you come there (pointing to back door) I give you boom boom you will always remember, and no charge.

CBD bangkok

Now I am a thinking man, so big question on my mind was does that only happen in Thailand? … Given the same sort circumstances here at home would western prostitutes, ahh sorry sex workers, behave in a similar manner? Only way to find that
one out was to do research, yeah I will conduct an: EXPERIMENT Terms of Reference Identify the project vision and objectives:…. How quick can I get laid…no charge.

Define the complete scope of the project:…. As above

Identify targeted sex worker:… Australian born blond female 170 cm tall, 55 kg 27 years old absolutely gorgeous.

I was fortunate enough to meet the above lady some two weeks before departing for Thailand and she made big impression on me. We did a small business transaction, yes I parted with $ 150 and she dedicated one hour of her time for my exclusive

wonderland clinic

So now for the purpose of forthcoming research I made a phone call to the establishment where she worked, told them that I wanted to make an appointment for a particular lady whose professional name was Jody. I was informed that she only
works there two days per week and was not due in for couple days, however the phone person told me they had other beautiful ladies available for my selection, at any given time.

As a part of a plan I had to make Jody aware that she was special, so I told the madam that Jody is the one I am interested in and no one else, and I am willing to wait until she becomes available, also told her to make sure that she tells
that to Jody.

Two days later I was there for my appointment. It was in the afternoon that the madam told me that Jody will be ready for me in about fifteen minutes and sure enough Jody emerged from the back room looking very beautiful. I made sure I paid
her a compliment saying Jody you are still as beautiful as I remember you. She looked at me and said with smile, I was wondering who it was wanting to be with me, understandably a man with exclusive taste for his women, now there was a mischievous
grin on her face.

She said that she remembered me from a couple months ago. I didn’t believe her but then she told me my name and yeah she really did remember… good sign… Alone in the well furnished room with large double bed as a main fixture Jody
asked what had I been up to and I told her that I just come back from overseas, never mentioning Thailand.

Next thing she asked if I had any fantasies I wanted her to fulfil, just what I was hoping she would ask, as planned I said I would like you to pretend that you are my girlfriend and very much in love with me. She smiled seductively and said
come here honey give me a kiss I’ve missed you so much, …so far so good I thought… Drinks are on the house , would you like she asked, a couple of beers would be fine with me I told her.

For the next hour I did my best to treat her as I would really treat my girlfriend and she was an excellent actress, really putting some effort into the same role.

The dreaded bell rung too soon telling us that one hour was up and I made an effort to leave when to my surprise she said don’t worry about the bell. "I say how long I will stay with client, not them."

We continued having a good time with me looking for the right moment to ask her would she be willing to have dinner with me outside her work place. Told her I was divorced and not keeping any serious women friends, and that I miss female company at times,
not only because of sex but it can be boring eating out by myself. She seemed to understand so I asked if she would like to have dinner with me at some time. She shook her head and said, you know one of the first things we get told here is never
to associate with clients outside this building. If I did that and got found out they would stop me from working here and probably anywhere else. "That serious?", I asked and she nodded, but didn’t ask me to leave.

We would have been together for more than two hours by then. "We are getting on so good I am sure we would enjoy each other's company", I told her.

"Tell you what you give me your phone number. I will call you then we can talk some more."

"Ha ha", she said "No way that is another big no no in this business."

"Ok then here is my card and if you change your mind call me."

She hesitated for a moment and then took the card, gave me big hug and said you better go now or we both will be in trouble.

The next day there was a phone call with sweet voice on the other end saying, hi remember me?…. I thought of nothing else I said,… ha ha you are still pretending, I am not, I really was hopping that you will call, I told her, but shouldn’t
you be working I asked, didn’t feel like it so I called in sickie, she said we talked for long time I found out many things about Jody, making sure I was good listener, not wanting to appear all knowing smart arse. Then I brought the subject
up, so what do you think we go out for that dinner? Yeah ok where are you going to take me she asked I’ll come and pick you up and we will work something out I said.

Jody didn’t want me to come to her house, in fact she didn’t even tell me where she lived. We arranged for me to pick her up in a shopping centre. She looked beautiful, smartly dressed, different to when I had seen her at her work and I
couldn’t help thinking, now there is a young woman who could have any man she wanted, if of course they did not know what she did for living, but she is here with me. Why?

Dinner went great, very platonic. I made sure no sexual references were made on my part. Mainly we talked about travel and cars. She told me her preferred mode of transport was Honda 500 cc motor bike. That surprised me because she definitely didn’t
look like some one who would ride a bike. After dinner I thanked her, telling how much I enjoyed her company and suggested that we do the same again the coming weekend and she agreed.

At the arranged time I picked her up at the same shopping centre and headed for a marina where I kept my thirty foot boat, thinking now is the time to do more research. After all, she wasn’t an innocent virgin. One polite dinner should
be enough so it's time to move on next stage.

The boat had all modern cons like cooking facility, fridge, shower and most of all a large comfortable bed. I am a lousy cook but Jody seemed to enjoy the dinner. Good wine must have made amends for my poor culinary skills, however she did say if you
are going to invite me here again I will bring my own music, hmm, well you can’t win 'em all.

Relaxing after dinner and with more wine, the occasional hug and kiss, and one of these lasted longer than others and yes guys, the experiment was successfully completed. We spent that night on the boat and I can tell you there was a noticeable
difference between Jody’s voluntary and professional work, even though she was a good actress, in her natural state she was absolutely terrific.

For those of you who are by now thinking what a prick, how could he deceive poor girl in such a way. Without making any excuses I will tell you Jody and I kept this going for some four or five months then it died of natural courses.

Stickman's thoughts:

Interesting experiment. I wonder if there is going to be a surge of sex tourism in Australia now?! With Bangkok being less of a bargain, maybe Aussie is an option?! Bondi Plaza? Soi Cowboy?

nana plaza