Stickman Readers' Submissions February 13th, 2007

My Thai Friend

The experiences I have with my Thai girlfriend are a bit different from many I have read about on this site. Technically speaking she is not my girlfriend. Very early on in our relationship she told me she needed her freedom and didn’t
like to be pushed into doing things etc. She didn’t want to commit and wanted to have other guys too. She also told me she would not mind if I saw other girls too besides her.

I met her 2 years ago when I was chatting on Yahoo, almost as bad a place to look for Thai girls as in a bar. She said she was 20 years old and a student. Now I had been chatting with countless Thai girls on Yahoo before I met her online.
Usually the conversations would not last longer than 5 minutes until I would get completely bored of them and click them away, or even throw them in the iggy bin if they kept bothering me. But with her it somehow clicked from the start. Her English
was excellent, and more important she was really funny and also very importantly, she didn’t ask the regular questions. Mind you by that time I still hadn’t seen her picture or cam so I was still not really interested. After we had
been chatting for about an hour, she asked if I had a cam. I had one so I turned on my cam for her. I had already told her I was 40 years old so I figured it would not be a shock for her to see me. I don’t care about my age and never lie
about it online.

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I have one big advantage over most guys and that is my body. I have done weightlifting and cardio for most of my life and know exactly what, when and how many times per day I need to eat to keep my body in perfect shape, not too extremely
muscled, but well toned. My fat level has been only 7% for many years and I have a nice pack of six pack abs.

Before long I had my shirt off and showed her my body on cam. She seemed to be hooked and even asked to see more. I told her I did not like that kind of webcam, and then the subject changed to sex. She was very open and told me she loved
sex, as often as possible and preferably with guys who were well built. She told me she was single at the moment (yeah, sure) but that she had had both had farang and Thai boyfriends before. She had already told me she was 170 cm, 50 kilos with
white skin, born and bred in Bangkok, but I was getting curious about her real looks. She had no cam so she told me but she was willing to share pictures. She showed me quite a lot and some really showed her great body very well. She was absolutely
gorgeous, not like an Isaan girl, but very light with a long nose. I also couldn’t help noticing that she had great breasts. For a while I even thought she was a ladyboy but I could not see signs of an Adam’s apple and also her hands
and neck looked really feminine.

I still wasn’t convinced but didn’t want to ask her if she was a ladyboy, so I spun a fake story about bad encounters I had with lady boys and that I really didn’t like them etc. She didn’t start reacting strange
or insulted so I figured she must be a real she.

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We didn’t meet up straightaway but chatted for another few weeks. Then she asked if I would mind to meet her. I live in Nonthaburi and she lives in Bangkok and I don’t have a car but she has one, so she agreed she would come
to my place. She picked me up and was every bit as gorgeous as I had imagined, the only problem was that she was wearing high heels and because of that she stood about 3 cm taller than me (I’m only 173 cm).

We had decided we would go to Koh Kret for our first date. I don’t live far from the central pier so I often go to that small island.

Just like online, we hit it off in real life too. We browsed the street full of shops that runs all over the island. She was really lively and funny and we kept talking like long lost friends, I felt as if I had known her all my life. I didn’t
feel old or a generation gap like I had had before with so many young Thai girls. I felt like a king walking beside her. I also noticed that most Thai guys we met couldn’t keep their eyes off her. We sat down and had some Mon food. She
claimed she had Mon ancestors too.

Around 5 in the afternoon we were back at my place. We hadn’t talked about her coming up with me, because we both knew that would happen. We started making out as soon as the door was closed. We had been fantasising online a lot about
having a shower together so it was time to put that one into practise first. She had no shame at all about showing her body, which was not strange because it was 100% perfect. I had never seen a girl with such a great body before and I had seen
a couple. Anyway we soaped each other in and did some more things, after that we did some more in-depth investigation of each other on my bed. After that she told me some more about herself and her life and other stuff.

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She was an only child and her dad had raised her alone after her mom had run off with another guy when she was 10 years old. Her dad had never married again. Her dad was 47 now (only 5 years older than me). They had never been poor but a
typical middle class family, but her dad had always been making long days at work, so from a very young age she had basically been doing what she wanted. She didn’t tell much about her mom, but when I asked about her she told me she was
a 42 year old aerobics teacher who had been changing boyfriends pretty much every week ever since she had left her husband. She also told me she didn’t like her mom and that her mom was weird.

From then on we saw each other very often. Almost every weekend she would come to my apartment. Early on in our relationship we would stay there the whole day, only to go to Carrefour sometimes for food. Sometimes we even called to order
food and have it brought to my apartment. When first I asked her what she liked to do most she would reply: “Stay in your apartment and have sex all day”. She was insatiable. Once she told me she would like to do it 10 times a day
and asked if I was up for that. I jokingly told her if she wanted that she would have to bring 20 eggs for me, and the next Saturday she came with a bag full of eggs.

When I asked her what kind of relationship we had she told me we had an open relationship. She didn’t wanna commit herself but she wanted her freedom. She was very open with me and told me she was also seeing other guys. However not
at the weekend because she would spend them with me. Some evenings she would come to my apartment too, but not every evening. She would even call me to tell me if she had been with another guy. She also told me I was free to go with other girls
if I wanted and that she wouldn’t mind as long as I kept spending most of my time with her. In the beginning I didn’t like it at all that she was seeing other guys. I would often pout and sulk like Thai girls normally do when they
don’t feel happy. The funny thing was that she never sulked when she was with me, at least until very recently. She was always carefree and happy and in a good mood whenever she was with me. We never had an argument and this was one of
the reasons I was so attracted to her as my previous experiences with Thai girlfriends had been very different. After quite a while I got used to her going with and seeing other guys beside me and didn’t care too much about it anymore.
It was not that I loved her less, but she spent most of her time with me. I kind of felt proud that I remained her number one even though I knew the other guys she was seeing were around her age. I felt confident. I was not seeing other girls
though. I just was not interested in any other girl

She was now spending more evenings with me because she had decided it would be a good idea that she would pick me up from work in the evenings and take me home. I work in Bangkok from Mondays to Thursdays and her University is about a 20
minute drive from my work place. Whenever her schedule would allow she would pick me up and that turned out to be every day. This was quite convenient for me because I used to take the boat to and from Bangkok and then take the bus to work and
back to the pier in Bangkok. Now I would only have to take public transport in the morning. Evenings after work we would first go to my apartment to have a shower and then she would drive me to the gym for my workout. In the beginning she would
not join me for workout, but would just stay behind to wait for me at the bar. After a lot of persuasion I managed to make her join me for a workout. In the beginning she didn’t really like it and the muscle soreness almost made her quit
but after a while when her muscles got used to the exercise she really got into it and as a result her already great body toned up more. The body got harder in the right places and girls just like that. The more results she saw, the more she started
to like training. She also got into healthy eating and coached by me she now eats and trains as healthy and focused as I do.

After the gym we would go to a restaurant to have a meal, then back to my apartment where she would stay for another hour before going home.

After a while I got bored of spending the weekends at home. So we started to do things outside, visit places in Bangkok etc. She would never spend a night with me, because her dad would not have it she claimed. But the funny thing was that
we often spent whole weekends outside Bangkok (Rayong, Ayuthaya, Khao Sam Roi Yot, Khao Yai, Pattaya etc) We would always spend one or 2 nights there.

I’m only making very little money in Bangkok, about 24,000 per month. That’s one of the reasons I live in Nonthaburi. I only pay 3,000 for my apartment, 4,000 including water and electricity and internet. She has never asked
for a single baht, she has more money to spend then I have. If we go to an expensive restaurant (she loves Japanese food) she pays and if we go to a cheap place (I love eating on the streets) I pay. I agreed on paying her 2,000 per month for petrol.
I think it is not enough but she does not allow me to give her more. If we spend a weekend outside we always share bills equally, out of my meagre wages I manage to save around 6.000 per month now! It doesn’t seem a lot but before I met
her I didn’t save anything at all.

It took quite a while before I met her dad for the first time. About 2 months after I met her she finally thought it was time I meet him. My first impression when I saw the house was that they were a lot wealthier than I had thought. They
live in a nice large house in a very nice area in Bangkok. Her dad seemed like a nice guy but in the beginning he was very quiet. He almost didn’t say a word to me. I can’t blame him, because how would I react if I had a daughter
who had come home with a guy almost my age? However after we had met quite a few times he opened up more and now we actually get along well. We have even eaten out together a couple of times. He really adores and loves his daughter, but is really
worried about her and disapproves of her lifestyle. But he is too nice and soft and loves her too much to restrict her. He gives her everything she wants. He told me a lot about her too, from a very young age she would never listen to or do what
he said but just basically do what she liked. He also admitted that he hadn’t been around for her enough, especially when she was younger. Her mother never cared about her as soon as she left and never had time for her. He also told me
she still sees her mother every now and then but they cannot get along together.

Fast forward to today. We are still together and our relationship is still the same, however some things have changed. About a month ago we had dinner at Big C. My friend went to fetch some extra rice and didn’t return. When I looked
around where she was I noticed her talking to another girl. I noticed that the girl she was talking to was strikingly beautiful. Then she saw me looking at them and motioned for me to come over. I came over and much to my surprise she introduced
me to her mother! Her mother was just awesome looking and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. Even from up close she didn’t look a day older than 30, and I could see that she had a very slim and trim body with great shape. I started
talking to her and asked her if she wanted to come over to our table. She agreed and after the three of us sat down I had a nice conversation with her mother. My friend was a bit quiet and didn’t seem to be too happy. The mother acted really
different from her ex-husband to me. She was really friendly and interested and asked me a lot of things. When it was time to go our separate ways she wrote down her phone number for me and told me to call her if I needed help or something.

Back in the car my friend was quiet. This had not happened before. Back in my apartment she asked me what I thought about her mom. I told her I found her mum really nice. Then she asked me if I found her mom pretty. I told her really pretty
and she looks really young. She then told me that she had noticed that her mom really liked me too and she had given her phone number to me because she wanted to sleep with me. Then she asked me if I would sleep with her mom if her mom asked me.
What kind of question was that I thought. I told her I was convinced that her mom would not even think about sleeping with me and that she had only given her number because she wanted to be polite. I told her that I could throw away the number
or give it to her if she wanted, but she told me I could keep it. This issue has stood between us ever since until today. She even suspects or thinks I have already been with her mom, even though I haven’t even called her yet. <Yet? This suggests that you intend to call her and we know what will happen nextStick> She asks me if I have called her mom or been with her, and when I tell her no she looks really doubtful. Not that I haven’t been thinking about it. To be honest I would really love to meet that woman
and a couple of times I almost called her. She has also started to sulk and pout a lot lately, just like any Thai girl. Strange actually, she wouldn’t care if I slept with any other girl, but her mom seems to be a very different thing.

I don’t know where this will lead to but I think our relationship is nearing its end. I don’t know if this boring tale is being posted but if it is there might be an update in a couple of months if something interesting has
happened by then.

Stickman's thoughts:

Well this is not a regular situation by any means. I have never heard of this sort of thing before. Personally, I think calling the mother, while potentially a lot of fun, will kill the relationship.

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