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Male Fat Bald Old Deluded Sex Tourists – Some Reality Please

  • Written by The Boner
  • February 19th, 2007
  • 4 min read

Speaking of the pot calling the kettle black! Marc Holt’s recent post, “FEMALE SEX TOURIST”, takes it to the extreme. It is more like a giant black cauldron pointing the finger at a small sauce pan. I think I can safely
say there are much much much more male sex tourists in this world than there are female sex tourists. For one thing, women can get it very easily (even the plain and average and sometimes fat ones) by just going to their local bar to pick up a
host of horny men.

The female sex tourists visit the Caribbean for their fun. The local gigolos are there to talk them up, say how pretty they are, and treat them like they are a princess (or as they say in Jamaica, a Caribbean queen). In reality, as Marc says,
they are just there for paid sex, though the women play it down and call it “romance trips”.

billboard bangkok

Well, guess what? What do you think the “girlfriend experience” is all about?

And he goes on to call the wives of farang couples in LOS gogo bars fat cows. Guess what? Most male punters are fat buffaloes.

What’s the difference here?

butterflies bangkok

Certain facts need to be put straight here. There ARE Thai gigolos running around in Phuket.

As for male “prowess”, let us use some common sense here. Do you trust what some hooker is going to say. Maybe the stories are all the same, because it is just a common excuse, like the old request for died buffalo money in
the past. What is she supposed to say to the fat farang of the day? She can’t say he is terrible and her REAL ex Thai boyfriend or husband is better, can she? Sure, the fatty may say he wants the truth but we all know what will happen when
he hears it…it’s either she “appreciate” him more, give up the real man in her life, or take a hike and say goodbye to the baht. Figure it out! She’s going to lie to the punter.

And as for the Thai men being spoiled, has Marc seen how spoiled and hetaeristic the women are? He’s hearing stories about Thai men who are associated with hookers. He’s also hearing the distorted one-sided story of a Thai hooker.
You know how all Thais, including the Isaan women, are going to have problems admitting fault. It’s easier to blame the other person…the ex Thai boyfriend in this case, assuming he is really the ex.

If the stories were true, why would a number of hookers continue their real relationships with Thai men? Could it be that they are the better choice, whether it is “prowess” or their emotional needs or the bargirl’s need
for a decent looking man (who doesn’t look like his head is a chrome dome and his belly that of a Chinese Buddha) who can actually socialize (and not just pay) to have a relationship?


The female sex tourists are no more naive than the punters in Thailand. It’s an illusion almost every time. And almost every time, at some level, the punter is going to believe he is somehow “better” because of his money,
“prowess”, or whatever. You want to know if you are really better? Look at a picture of yourself, the bargirl, and the Thai guy. Now look at the age difference. Now ask yourself if you really look like you are in the same league
as her looks wise. Now look at how they talk so easily whereas you and she struggle with the Pidgin English and bad Thai. Now ask someone other than yourself, your friends, or some slob of a punter who they think the girl would really be with
if money wasn’t the concern? Who does the girl really belong with, given the culture, education, and places in life the three of you are at?

She’ll choose you in the context of the bar. Take the bar away, and don’t be surprised to learn you are not in a real relationship. Even if she was / is sincere, the change of environment may change whether she hangs around.
Her definition of “love” may not be as enduring and committed as your Western sense of it (not that you necessarily show much of either with your butter-flying and history of failed relationships in the West either).

You can’t buy love. If you’re stupid you might confuse buying the illusion with the reality, but all you get to really buy is the boom boom.

Note: I’ve oversimplified it. Not all punters are fat, old, and ugly. There are exceptions. Every punter thinks he is the exception. Most are NOT the exception, nor are most bargirls anything more than the hooker they work as. Yeah,
I am the exception (sic) — yeah, sure, whatever. I’m sure you are the handsome stud and your girl is “different”. Now go and try to convince some normal people who are not paying or getting paid for it.

The Boner

Stickman's thoughts:

Quite simply, female sex tourism in Thailand is not the big business that male sex tourism is.