Stickman Readers' Submissions February 27th, 2007


I came back to Oz in June last year and started to suffer heavy weight loss {14 kilos}, back pains and itching over all my body. I also could not even walk a kilometer without sitting down at the half way mark. My family GP gave me some creams to take
care of the skin irritation. It did not help at all but went from bad to worse.

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Finally I insisted on a complete blood test. This was done and the pathologist said I had bone or blood cancer. As I did not believe this I went to a major hospital for another blood test. This showed that I had full blooded AIDS with a virus
count of over 100.000. This is extremely high and usually only the case just before you kick the bucket. How I acquired it was a complete mystery to me as I never went with any strange women at all during my 9 years in LOS. However during a three
hour long discussion with the head of the infectious disease department, a full professor, we came to the conclusion that the infection probably happened during a haircut in LOS. Most hairdressers do not sterilize their equipment at all and the
use of a cut throat razor to trim the edges was probably the deciding factor.

As the case might be, the result is that I contracted the decease without any external sex or drug use at all. So friends be warned. You can pick it up without any sexual efforts. The professor was also completely horrified the way the Thai
tattoo artists operate. They usually sterilize their needles in a microwave oven; this does do no good at all, as the virus is extremely small and it will not be killed. You only have to watch ants or other small insects walking happily around
inside the microwave during full power operations. Ok, this did not apply to me as I never had a tattoo in my live.

My progress with the disease is actually very good indeed. Initially the specialists gave me only four weeks to live. They did blood tests twice a week and gave me a whole battery of anti-viral drugs. This might or might not have improved
my conditions, actually they said it was too late. However I used my own system of electrifying my blood and magnetic pulsing of my lymph system with magnetic pulses of 80 kilo gauss. At first the viral count went up which is normal, but then
it decreased very fast and is now for the last three month at a zero level. I also gained 10 kilos of my weight back.

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At the moment I do daily walks of more then ten kilometers without feeling any effects. Apart from the normal tiredness I am now at a weight level which is consistent with my age and height. The doctors also reduced my check ups from twice a week to once
every three months. They also took me off the anti-viral drugs as there are no more viruses in my body, blood or lymph system. They are completely mystified as they never had a case of the acquired virus completely disappearing. The only side
effect I know about is that my body hair growth increased dramatically from the electrical treatment and on my arms and legs it now grows at a rate of more then one inch a week. What causes this is unknown. I suppose that the skin cells get shaken
up and produce this effect. Also a few malignant moles disappeared completely. This would be caused by the electromagnetic action.

Whatever the case, I am now completely free of the virus. The doctors still want to keep me under supervision as they can not understand what has happened. They have started to talk about instant remission etc. This I do not believe at all
for many reasons. One good thing of course is that it is most unlikely that I can ever be re-infected; the body builds up an immunity system which should take care of the body defences. At least that’s what the specialists say. Well the
future will tell. I will wait for at least another six months or so before I return to LOS. Just to make sure that the virus is permanently gone. It appears to be this way, but then you never know. My doctors agree with this, they actually like
me to stay here in OZ as they have never seen a complete remission. Also the biggest pharmaceutical company in the world, I will not give its name, is very interested in my case. They arranged to have a couple of biopsies done, trying to find
out what the hell happened.

The reason I wrote this submission is to warn people from having hair cut or tattoos done in LOS. There is a definite risk of contracting incurable deceases that way. As a pleasant surprise my wife did not get infected. She had 3 blood tests
and is perfectly ok and went back to LOS as her father is very sick.

On purpose I did not say anything about the electromagnetic treatment. I did build the equipment myself and don’t want to get into trouble with the authorities. There is plenty of information on the internet available. Just do a Google

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Best regards to all.

Stickman's thoughts:

I really don't know what to make of this, or what to say. First of all, congratulations for beating it. This could be some sort of miracle case. I am sure a lot of people will be disappointed that there is no email address to contact you at. I do have to admit a very serious dose of skepticism though…

Important Addendum: A local Western expat who is a professional doing research in the HIV field has slammed this submission as complete BS.

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