Stickman Readers' Submissions February 3rd, 2007

Crime Suppression Unit Part 16

Sonia's Revenge

Andrew and Rick picked up their Kalashnikovs. The rest of the soldiers will be coming up the riverbed any time now; we have to get situated.

Sonia and Andrew followed Rick back to the river, staying under cover. As they approached the river, they could see the soldiers walking up the edges of the riverbed, four men on each side.

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Andrew, you and Sonia take the troops on this side of the bank. Ill shoot the ones across the way. Get down behind behind that tree for cover.

Andrew was already sighting down the river, his weapon resting on an old log.

Andrew, well let you fire first. You take the last two men and Sonia you shoot the first two. Let them get as close as you can and then fire at their belt buckles. The bullets travel upwards in an arc when they first come out of the barrel
and you want to hit them in the chest.

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Rick knew that he would be sighting on the heads of the men across the stream to hit them in the body also.

Rick rested his AK-47 on a boulder and waited. The troops were not as alert as they should have been, having been whistled back by the captain. The troops came closer. No one fired. In a minute they would be close enough to hold hands. The
team on the other side was half way across the river. What the hell is Andrew waiting for, Rick thought as he sighted down his barrel.

Andrew opened fire on full automatic; Sonia immediately after him. The roar was deafening. Rick concentrated on his targets and fired short bursts at each man. Stray bullets splashed up water around the soldiers as they fell into the river.
Rick kept shooting as the bodies started to float downstream. He looked up and saw no one standing near the river.

Did we get all of them? Rick shouted even though the jungle was now ghostly silent.

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Yeah, lets go take a look.

The got up and walked to the river bank holding their weapons at the ready. Four bodies were sprawled on the ground.

All were dead.

Lets go see what we can take from the soldiers and be on our way. Rick climbed back to where Bo and the captain lay.

He knelt down and unbuckled an ammunition belt from the dead man. Rick took the pistol, canteen and picked up an automatic rifle. Hey look at this. Colt M4 carbines, thirty round mags and more on their web belts. Dump the Aks. These are half
the weight. Everyone took weapons and ammunition.

Jeeze, look at these pistols. New Glocks with ported barrels no less. Andrew held one up.

What does it mean? Said Sonia as she struggled to attach a belt to her waist.

See these tiny holes drilled in the foreword part of the barrel and slide. A portion of the gas is expelled upwards during firing, producing a reciprocal force downwards. It reduces the kick, helps hold the gun down. What's Newton's
third law again?

For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.


Never mind Sonia. The gun is just not going to kick as much and neither will these Colts. They're not the newest ones but still real beauties. They fire a much lighter round than the Aks.

Rick, I want to bury Bo and say a prayer.

Of course. Rick and Andrew grabbed entrenching tools from the dead men's packs and dug a grave along side the path.

They gently placed the boy in the earth, covered him with leaves and then filled the grave with dirt.

Sonia knelt down, pressing her hands together, bowing her head in silence for a few minutes. When she was finished she stood and picked up one of the old Kalashnikovs. She held it with both hands, the stock clutched underneath her arm. She
walked over to the body of the dead captain, pointed the weapon between his legs and fired off the entire clip.

Thirty rounds screamed out in less than three seconds at a speed of two thousand three hundred feet per second with Sonia standing only a yard away.

Thirty red hot lead slugs weighing eight grams each tore into the mans flesh. Scraps of clothing, dirt, tissue, blood and splinters of rock ricocheted into the air.

Just under a full half pound of lead screamed with a terrible fury digging into the earth as the brass lined steel casings flew from the breach, glinting in the sun like ghost birds, disappearing as suddenly as they had come.

Jesus Christ Sonia. What the hell are you doing? Rick shouted.

Good luck in the next life, Sonia said, throwing the weapon on the mans body, giving Rick a dirty look as she turned and walked towards Thailand.

Andrew eventually took the lead as they started the journey again, walking single file along the trail. Rick brought up the rear just behind Sonia. No one spoke. It had been a shitty day all round. They trudged along for a couple of hours,
climbing up hills so steep that they grasped on the bushes for support. The bright sun shone down between the trees like spotlights in a movie set.

Every now and then they came to a clearing near the top of a hill and they could see bright green foliage stretching far ahead of them.

It was spectacular and discouraging scenery at the same time. They broke for lunch at the top of one of the hills.

Andrew had picked up dried fish and rice wrapped in banana leaves from the soldiers knapsacks.

Sonia sat close to Rick. What will you do when we get back to Bangkok? I have to go to America as soon as possible. I've been away from my restaurant too long.

I'm going to America too.

Why? What will you do?

Work in your restaurant.

Really? Rick cocked his head at this new development.

Yes, really. I'm a great cook. You'll see. You wont regret it.

Honey, there's probably a law against someone as beautiful as you working in the back of the house. It would be a terrible waste. I want you right in front where everyone can see that great smile. You can be the hostess with the mostess.
Smile at everyone and say, Right this way please.

Sonia leaned over and put her arms around Rick, kissing him gently on the mouth. Thank you so much Ricky. Ill make you happy, just you wait and see.

Rick stood up and stretched. In just a few seconds he had changed his future by telling Sonia she could come to America with him. Its funny how things happen but it looked like she was determined to go with or without his permission. He could
just imagine her showing up every day at the restaurant, sitting at the bar talking to other guys, trying to torture him.

At least if she was working for him he could keep an eye on her he thought.

It was a beautiful day in the mountains. Now all he had to do was to get out alive. They started on their journey again, walking most of the day. Shadows fell across the footpath and dim light blended the bushes and trees together. Dozens
of small bats flew a foot or two off the ground in seemingly erratic flight, snatching up mosquitoes and night insects. Finally it became too dark to travel and they settled right down on the path and fell asleep. They walked all the next day
and came to a wide muddy river. It was going southward, down from the mountains and looked deep.

That's Thailand across the river, said Sonia.

Are you sure? It seemed too good to be true.

Yes, I'm positive but we are still along way from any villages or towns where we can hitch a ride to Chang Rai.

Lets get started then. Ill go first, same as last time. Well cross one at a time.

Rick stepped into the dark brown water. It was cool and about half way over it became deep and he swam the rest of the way.

Sonia and Andrew followed uneventfully. They found where the trail picked up again on the other side and kept walking.

There was only another hour or two of daylight left. The ground had become level and the going was easier.

Rick was so hungry that he imagined the aroma of garlic and hot peppers cooking.

'Do you smell something? Sonia turned to him just as he saw smoke coming from above the trees ahead.

Andrew held up his hand for them to stop. He spoke softly. There's someone ahead of us. Be as quiet as you can until we see who they are.

They walked carefully for another five minutes and came to a clearing. Rick stood there in silence, stunned to see……..

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