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My First Night In Bangkok, Or, The Night I Fondled a Man’s Breast

  • Written by Anonymous
  • January 16th, 2007
  • 4 min read

By Bryan

I had just been sent to Singapore to work out of my organization's office there. It was something I looked forward to. Singapore is one of my favorite places and we did work in several Southeast Asian countries, Thailand being one of
them. The Director, I’ll call him Jon, was an old hand in the area, having been at the Singapore office for some eleven years. He had made many trips to Bangkok in the past and took me with him when some work was required of our office
to support our operations there.

We arrived and did a full day's work before heading back to the JW Marriott where we were staying. With a three day work schedule, Jon was to show me the main “entertainment” areas in town. He mentioned that one of the benefits of this
hotel, paid for by the organization, was excellent proximity to one of the “nightlife” areas, Nana Plaza. He recommended we head out that night and he would start showing me around the town by starting with the nearby Nana Plaza.

I was already impressed with what I had seen of the city during the day. The night time was bordering on sensory overload. There was so much going on in the streets, I particularly enjoyed seeing the elephants in the streets. We approached Nana Plaza
and entered.

I liked what I saw immediately, lots of bars, plenty of people having a good time and an abundance of very attractive women. I decided that this was my kind of place. Our intent was to bar hop around the Plaza and see what was offered in each place. Jon
steered to the first bar on the left; the name escapes me after the several years since the event. There we were drawn inside by the cloud of people at the entrance. I was propelled inside the door and found myself at the edge of a table occupied
by a gorgeous, topless Thai dancer. The dancers face lit up with a broad smile, took my hand and placed it firmly on one of the bared breasts.

I thought to myself, “What a friendly place Bangkok is!” I then heard a voice say “Hello, what you name?” I turned my head saying “Hi, my name is…” cutting of my reply when I saw the creature who had asked the
question. This was one of the ugliest women I had seen in quite some time. I had some trouble resolving the rather large range of looks from the table dancer to the beast who was now questioning me.

Jon had gotten us a beer each and recommended we head to the back where we could get the wall at our backs. The creature followed me, continuing to engage me in conversation and requests for lady drink purchases. I finally agreed, mostly to get “it”
away from me for even a brief moment. Jon had his own “company” who looked only slightly better than the one pursuing me. I shrugged it off as being early in the evening and there would be plenty of other bars to check. I didn’t
spend much time looking anywhere but at the attractive dancer on the table. I also noticed that we were the only customers in the bar and passed that off on it still being early. As the only customers, we began to attract more of the ugly employees.
I was in serious need of seeing more like our dancer.

Jon was getting far more attention than he desired and went outside to separate himself from his group of admirers. I continued to watch the dancer who had now (finally) been joined by another who was drop-dead gorgeous. Beautiful hair, unbelievable face,
slim figure, wonderful smile, even fully clothed she was lovely.

The two dancers said something to each other, in Thai, which must have been funny because it made them both laugh. Their laughter however raised an internal warning flag. Some deep portion of my brain said “That didn’t sound right. Something
isn’t right here.” But I wasn’t sure what that something was. Just as the evidence was beginning to gel in my head, Jon came bursting back in the bar at very high speed.

“Let’s get out of here! These are ALL GUYS!!” At that moment everything suddenly made sense. I laughed and we exited the bar. Jon was full of despair. “I’ve been coming here for over ten years and I have NEVER gone to
one of those places and what is the first place I take you to!?!” I tried to lift his spirits by pointing out that there was no real harm done and, after all, I had been the one fondling the fellow's (excellent) breast.

It seems while he was outside he ran into a friend from another bar who he had known for several years. She had pointed out that the katoey bar, the only one in the plaza at the time, was being renovated and the occupants of that bar
had moved to the bar we visited while the renovations were taking place.

I never revisited that bar. I have passed the bar in its normal location many times. I often considered taking others on their first Nana adventure inside just to let them see just how good a Thai man can look!

Stickman's thoughts:

Funny to hear your pal's reaction. Myself and a friend ended up in such a bar on my first trip to Thailand. Looking back it was a laugh and no harm was done.