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It’s Not All Bad! It’s All Good!

  • Written by DV8
  • January 24th, 2007
  • 8 min read

By Dazzle Star

Like a previous reader / submitter piped up just a few days ago its not all bad with these young ladies we all chase and crave. Some of them actually PAY FOR YOU in a round about way. I could tell from his submission however that he didn't
/ doesn't really understand the GAME. I'm no expert and not claiming to be but I have a funny story.

billboard bangkok

On my 2nd holiday here I had partied as hard as I could for my full stint, but being on holiday with my best buddy and his girlfriend – I was always out and about in the dark of night getting up to mischief on my own! My friend and his girlfriend
went up to her village for the last couple of days and I was due to meet him in the airport on our final day for the dreaded return to Farangland! So on my last day, finally I could do as I pleased and not look like a complete ass hole in front
of my buddy's girlfriend. She knows what I'm like – and she loves me the way I am, but she also knows I'm a nice guy and I'm not going to rub that kind of stuff in everyone's face.

Well I had heard all about the soapys and decided with my limited budget left after a mega holiday, I would treat myself to one of those, a real nice slap up feed and catch up on some much needed sleep before our return home and also to work
– ouch it hurts when you think of work on holiday! Right we all know what happens so I'm not going to bore you with the details. We also know it's a more expensive hobby than say floating down soi 6 or worse. Yes there are worse places!
So I had used a fair squad of my last cash satisfying my curiosity amongst other things. Here is where my story begins.

I went for something nice to eat and had enough money for a few beers before I ventured back to the hotel for some kip. I was walking down Soi Diana, Soi Diana in Pattaya is becoming like Party Central nowadays. Between there LK Metro &
Soi Bukhao all sorts of establishments are popping up – probably the most recognisable names is the recently opened & closed EDEN Club Pattaya branch. If you want a run down on what that was like I was one of few lucky customers to have been
privileged of seeing some quality service in there. That's not what's this story about though so allow me to carry on.

butterflies bangkok

I was hoteled up in the Areca Lodge on Soi Diana and had run the gauntlet every night of passing the beer bars on my way from the hotel and my way back to the hotel as well. It can be like a battlefield, sometimes IT'S GREAT! Well I'd
spent 2 weeks avoiding one girl in particular as she claimed she wanted to make babies with me… She was a real good fun girl and was always joking around with me when I passed, but she knew I'd been seeing the girl from the salon so only
played around with me.

Well on my last walk home I decided I would be a good guy and finally buy the little bugger a drink for all her efforts, and have a couple of beers myself. Spend the last of my cash and enjoy my surroundings. These girls were a class act, they knew I
was skint but they also knew I was a polite guy as I'd spoken to them all politely on my way past every day and night. So they proceeded to fill me full of tequila and beer, not at my expense. It was brilliant and what a laugh we had. They
knew I was trying to go with them, I couldn't afford it but they still made me feel like I was special, yes special is the word. I was even offered the opportunity to take the 2 lesbian cashiers home for a bit of slap and tickle! I politely
declined as best I could because to say these pair would fit the stereotypical lesbian look would be an understatement, good fun but not my idea of a sexy Asian babe I'm afraid!! So they got me drunk and sent me on my way packing back toward
the hotel. I still had my limited cash left in my pocket

I was slowly making my way past the rest of the bars when I was ambushed by another hotty – this one claimed she had met me in Lucifer's two weeks before but I had a girl with me and told her I couldn't go with her. But she now
claims I don't have anyone with me so I have to go with her because "she likes me".

I was smiling to myself, wondering how long she will like me for when I tell her I'm broke because it's my last night. Well blow me over with a feather, she claimed it didn't matter – she want to go with me… I had to repeat the fact that
I had no cash! We had already ordered a beer each and a tequila shot. She said ok put all the money you have on the counter and "I make plan" she said. So I pulled out everything that I had. I think with change included we got up to
about 1,000 baht roughly. So with that she pays for the beers and pays her bar fine. I said sweetheart honestly I don't have money in my room – You can't come with me, I have no money to pay. She shows me the change from the bar and
says you pay already – it's ok I want to go with you – I wait you 2 weeks already she said! So I'm easy, I go with the flow we leave the bar and she wants to go get changed. She takes me on a baht bus (and pays for it) back to her room
where she gets changed in to jeans and flip flops etc. We have to take the baht bus back to the hotel (she pays). She then decides she wants to go for some beers and we head to another beer bar for some beers. We must have had about 3 beers each
and she was drunk by now. She paid the bar bill. We walked to the hotel and she bought chicken & pork skewers (she paid). I reckon long before now I'm already due her money. Anyway, what's the saying, never look a gift horse in the
mouth? I forgot to mention she was probably bar one, the best looking girl I could find on that whole street so not just was she paying for everything she was also stunning.


Low and behold we finally get back to the hotel and I'm a bit worse for wear myself now with all the tequila from the bar girls and the extra beers that this young lady had bought me. We go through the usual routine of her taking a shower
first etc. Well I'm a bit sizzled and I think whilst I'm stripping off in the bedroom that it would be FUNNY if I put on her tiny flip flops and danced around the room listening to the music channel. I thought she would find this hilarious
when she came out of the shower but as I'm dancing around like the worlds biggest prick in all definitions. I stumble and "OP" the rubber part that goes between your toes comes out of her flip flop. So being drunk I quickly run
over and put her flip flops back to where I had found them. Call me a coward but I hadn't gotten this far and wasn't going to let a freebie get away because of a broken flip flop. I dropped my t-shirt over them and she came out the bathroom
and told me it was my turn.

Awakening in the morning (I call it morning – you people call it afternoon), she woke me early and kissed me gently explaining that she was making a move and she hope to see me again when I come holiday Pattaya. I was feeling delicate and
wasn't saying much – I take a while to wake up in the mornings. I got up and walked her to the door and gave her a kiss as she slipped on her flip flops, and tried to exit. She took one step out the door and the flip flop failed her… I
was biting my lip – she picked it up and looked at the damage, she looked confused but undeterred! I think it was more embarrassment than anything (saving face-not admitting to a problem) she slipped it back on and hobbled down the corridor trying
to keep the flip flop attached to her foot. I nearly shit myself laughing. Call me a bad man and I know some will but it was the funniest sight watching her walk down there and remembering that it was because I thought I was funny dancing around
naked with her flip flops on. She was never going to figure out how the hell it happened..!

To summarise – she bought me beer, she fed me up, she came back to my room and she had to buy her own flip flops on the way home! Talk about role reversal

Stickman's thoughts:

I am sure she would not have been too upset had you mentioned the damage to her flip flops. After all, the average pair is only about 100 baht.