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Is She Genuine?

  • Written by BobT
  • January 3rd, 2007
  • 5 min read

Okay, here’s my dilemma. I’ve been reading a lot on the Stickman website since coming home from Thailand to try and get some idea on whether I’m being taken for a Thai girl I recently met while travelling in the LOS. I feel my heart is telling me one thing but my head is trying to shut it down!

I’m 27 years, a good looking guy and I’ve just returned from a month vacation in Thailand. While I was in Thailand I was approached my many ladies, both bar and non bar girls looking for some love.

I had some “encounters” with one or two ladies, however was not particularly attracted to any of them. After spending a few days in Bangkok I flew down to Krabi. I travelled over to Thailand on my own, however had arranged to meet up with a few friends on in Krabi. One night in a club, I noticed a girl (Nok) on the dance floor with one of her friends and thinking she was amazing approached her. I don’t remember exactly what I said but we hit it off straight away. Nok spoke relatively good English and after talking to her for a bit we sat down and I spoke to her for rest of the night. I got her number and her mine, nothing really happened on the first night but I really liked this girl so that didn’t bother me.

The next day she called me and we arranged to meet up for a drink that night. I brought her to a club and again we really hit it off. Considering I only knew this girl one night and her English was just ok we never had any problems talking to her and there were no “awkward pauses”. After a few nights she came and stayed with me in my room. My friends had gone on travelling but I decided to stay on for this girl. For the next week we stayed together and had an amazing time.

I then went off travelling on my own for a few days and we arranged to meet back up on Phuket a few days later, so we could spend some time together before I went home. Again we had a great time…mind you I had to pay for everything! Then I left her behind she said she would wait for me to come back – I told her I wouldn’t be back for a while so if she met someone else that would be okay – I just wanted her to tell me if that happened.

After getting back home to the UK I kept in touch with Nok. For the first two weeks we called each other nearly everyday. I was fairly depressed when I came home as not only was I returning to work but I also was leaving a girl behind who I cared deeply about. I’ve been in some minor relationships but never have I felt so strongly about a girl.

After getting home however there have been number of “small” instances that have made me question whether this girl is genuine.

For the first week I could call her any time – night or day – and she would always answer. More recently however, she has not being answering my phone calls when I ring, especially at night. <She is almost certainly with another blokeStick>

I told her joking before that I don’t want her working in a lady bar, but she has come out several times since and that one of her friends keeps calling her and asks her to work in lady bar but she would only work in lady bar if I was no longer her boyfriend. <She has most likely either worked in a bar before, or in the freelancer sceneStick>

She has five difference mobile numbers/ SIM cards. Why I don’t know but why would any girl have four different phone numbers?? <Each one is for a different customer, or different group of customersStick>

She has asked me for money, and I’ve already sent a relatively small amount. <She is a "money girl" – Stick>

Despite all the above, I really want to believe this girl is genuine. It is not the case that every time we speak she asks me for money. I just can’t believe (or let myself believe) that this girl isn’t the real deal. I’ve read other articles on this website and I don’t think she could be like some of these other Thai girls your readers have described.

She tells me she works in a shop but I really don’t know is she telling me the truth. Based on some of what I have described above I have suspicions that this girl is either working in a lady bar or has another boyfriend on the go.

As it stands I’ve told her I will return in a couple of months, and if that went well I was seriously thinking of doing the TEFL course (this would be a major career switch) and moving over to Thailand. I’m coming to an important time in my career where I need to make a decision on where I’m going and at the moment and I’m prepared to sacrifice a lot for this girl. But is this girl genuine? I would appreciate any of your reader comments because at the moment my head is absolutely messed!

Stickman's thoughts:

I am sure the readers will give you good advice.

From me, it sounds very much like this girl is "working". If she doesn't have a clear job, working a 5 or 6 day week, then she is almost certainly on the game. How can you know for sure? Either get her checked out, or arrive a few days earlier than planned and watch her from a distance. Best of luck to you, but never sacrifice for a woman. Compromise, yes. Sacrifice, no!