Stickman Readers' Submissions January 12th, 2007

Ideal Thai Beauty

By The Black Forest Yam Wunsen

After reading the submission 'Open Your Eyes' by Anonymous, I decided to write up this article. As a Thai girl, I want to reveal my opinion from the Thai point of view about the ideal Thai beauty and some desirable characters that make the girls
interesting. However, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. People have different tastes, therefore, this submission is only my personal opinion which may not represent the opinion of other Thais.

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I do agree with the author of 'Open Your Eyes' that beautiful Thai girls must not have a big nose or a big jaw. Isaan facial features are not considered beautiful to most Thai people. Having dark skin does not mean that the girl
is ugly. It depends on her facial features. I had a high school friend who had tanned skin. In her college years she was really popular among guys. Everything on her sweet face seemed to be perfect: big black eyes with enough eyebrows, a small
but not too flat nose and a small jaw. I have not heard from her for quite a long time. But I guess she is already married. Nowadays white or pale skin is considered beautiful in Thailand. However, having white skin alone does not make the girl
pretty. She must also have pretty facial features.

You will seldom find Thai girls who have beautiful feet. I am speaking about Bangkokian girls who never work in the field. I am a native Bangkokian who has big wide feet. I have to look for size 40 shoes here in Germany. I cannot wear beautiful
women stilettos because they are mostly too narrow for my feet. I once discussed about this issue with my Thai friends. We agree that Farang girls' feet are more beautiful than Thai feet. Maybe it's because Thais usually walk barefoot
(or only with flip flop) more than Farangs.

How often do you see Thai girls who have long legs? I don't see them very often. I mean regular Thai girls who do not work as a model. In my opinion beautiful girls should have long legs. I (again…hahaha) is tall by Thai standard,
but my legs are short and big. People have different spots to store their fat. However, if the girls have short legs but beautiful face, I would consider them beautiful anyway.

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How about Luk Krueng (half Thai-half Farang child)? Most Thai really find Luk Krueng girls beautiful, although some Luk Kruengs look really plain compared to a beautiful Farang girl. Compare Mam Kathaleeya with Monica Bellucci.

The author of 'Open Your Eyes' said "forget all the girls from upcountry. The girl must be born in Bangkok. (Chiang Mai is acceptable), so forget Isaan and the South." No, I do not think so. I would like to tell you, the
author of the submission I mentioned, to open up your eyes. It seems like you are living in a "Kala" (Coconut shell) jing jing. There are beautiful Isaan girls who do not have strong Isaan facial features. There are girls from Bangkok
and northern Thailand who have ugly facial features. I think some southern Thai girls look more attractive than some Thai-Chinese hi-society Bangkok girls, who, other than having pale skin, look really plain.

Would you go for girls with big breasts or small breasts? As I mentioned, people have different tastes. Some people find girls with big breasts beautiful, some do not. I think a beautiful girl should be satisfied with her body. No one is
perfect. Some girls have beautiful big eyes but small breasts. Some girls have a real beautiful pair of legs but big nose. A girl can show off her body part which she thinks is attractive. With self-confidence and self-satisfaction, people will
see her charisma.

"For students, she must be from a good university. You can forget Ramkamhaeng and all the open universities. The good ones are Thammasat and Chulalongkorn. Bangkok University is acceptable." No, I do not think so. I myself graduated
from Chulalongkorn, and my best friend studied at Thammasat. Four years at a good university does not have much influence on one's characters. Moreover, studying at Ramkamhaeng University, especially at the Faculty of Law, is quite difficult.
Without self-discipline, you will not graduate from there. Go ask Thais, whether they think studying Law at Ramkamhaeng is easy. However, if I were a guy, I would not choose a girlfriend based on her education. Sure, she should be able to write
and read Thai and can count. It is never late to learn something. Some intelligent Thai girls just do not have an opportunity to further their education, and they do not choose a short cut to become wealthy by selling their body.

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To find a girl of your dream, you have to speak Thai? No, you do not have to speak Thai. But it is better if you can speak Thai. Language is a door to other cultures. If you can speak Thai, you will understand the Thais better, and you will
have more sanuk to be in Thailand. However, I do agree with Khun Anonymous of the submission 'Open Your Eyes', that you should not learn Thai from prostitutes or low-class people. Because as soon as you pronounce the words, other Thais
will know immediately whom you socialize with. Imagine your boss or colleagues hearing you speak some Thai slang words that you learned from your favorite bar girl.

As I already mentioned, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. However, beauty alone should not be the most important criteria to choose a girlfriend. You must see through her heart. Beauty does fade when time passes, a good heart does not.

Stickman's thoughts:

As I have said before, it is always nice to get submissions from females. This different perspective is welcomed!

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