Stickman Readers' Submissions January 27th, 2007

Crime Suppression Unit Part 15

Some Travel Problems

The day turned hot and Rick was drenched with sweat as he trudged along the path. A few times they came to a fork in the trail, both headed east; it did not seem to make much difference which one they took. They picked up the pace, anxious to get out
of the jungle. It was almost noon when Bo came to a wide streambed. Gravel covered both sides of the small river and the water rushed by foaming white in places. It looked cool and inviting. Bo stood in the cover of the bushes and waited for the
group to catch up.

Wow, lets go swimming, Sonia said.

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Rick thought that they all had the same idea. The openness of the area provided a cool breeze and he was starting to feel better already. He held up his hand. Its not safe to be exposed for too long. We will cross one at a time as rapidly
as possible.

You can get wet and cool off in the crossing but we have to keep moving. Ill go first. Andrew can cover me. If its safe I will signal you and then Sonia and Bo can cross.

Andrew went down by the river bank and rested his rifle on a log. He had a good view of the entire area. Rick dashed into the current and struggled to the other side. After a few minutes he waved his hand for the all clear signal and Sonia
crossed with Bo holding onto her laughing. Andrew came last as Rick covered him and it was an uneventful crossing.

That was nice and cool but lets keep moving.

Rick started down the path when a soldier sprang up in front of him and pushed a pistol into his chest.

Andrew raised his rifle but could not get a clear shot. Soldiers rose out of the undergrowth on both sides, their weapons pointing at the group. The men wore dark green camouflage uniforms, canvas boots, web belts with pistols and grenades.
The Myanmar Special forces wore maroon berets. There were no insignias or badges on their clothes.

It was common not to wear identification near the border. If one was killed on the wrong side of the boundaries the government could disavow his presence.

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The man with the pistol smiled when he spoke. That was a nice crossing- by the book.

Too bad you will have to do it all over again.

This time you will be going back to Yangon. We missed you the other night so we thought that we would wait for you here.

There are only four of you? Rick asked.

My other people are at the crossing downstream. You had to come this way; we just didn't know exactly where.

Drop your weapons.

Rick let his automatic rifle fall to the ground as did Andrew.

I am Captain Kleng. Our orders were to capture you alive if possible. You will have many questions to answer when you go back.

He grabbed Bo by the neck and pushed him forward with the pistol. The prisoners were grouped together and the other three soldiers moved in, two of them slinging their weapons, taking cord from their pockets, tying Ricks and Andrews hands
in front of them.

The captain gave a loud whistle. My men will regroup here shortly and we can start our journey. My superiors will be quite pleased to see you, however I don't believe its necessary to bring back Karen scum or Thai whores.

Kleng hoisted Bo up by the neck, put his pistol to the side of his head and pulled the trigger. Sonia screamed as brains and blood blew out the side of the boys head, splattering her and Rick.

Rick bent slightly and smashed the captain in the face with a side-kick. Kleng flew backwards into the bushes as his gun fired again. Rick dove towards the one soldier holding a weapon, knocking him down, the rifle flying to the ground. The
soldier scrambled to his feet as Rick wheel-kicked to the mans head. It would have knocked the mans head off but he was ready and fast, Rick missed and tried to retain his balance as the man sprang at him. Rick parried with his bound hands pushing
the man aside. The soldier rolled to the ground and was up in an instant. Rick was relaxed in a slight crouch, hands out in front. His left side faced the soldier, arms slightly bent.

The Burmese took a quick step forward and shot out a front kick. He was unbelievably fast. Rick stepped in at the same time, moving slightly to the side, so close that their faces almost touched as the powerful kick brushed by his ear.

As Rick stepped in he slammed his elbow up and into the mans chin. It was a devastating blow. He could fell the soldiers jaw crack, jamming upward, making a dull thunk like an axe sinking deep into an oak tree. As the man started to sag,
Rick took hold of his shirt, leaning, pulling the man up and over his shoulder, slamming the mans head full force into the ground, snapping his neck.

The mans body crumpling to the ground like a rag doll.

Andrew had already wrapped his hands around the neck of the soldier that had just tied his wrists together. He fell on top of the man with all of his two hundred and sixty pounds, pressing his fingers deep into the mans throat.

Sonia was rolling on the ground with the other soldier, her arms and legs wrapped around him like a cat clinging to a tree.

Rick dropped his knee into the mans face, pulling the soldiers bayonet from its sheath, plunging the blade into the mans ribcage, moving it back and forth as he sliced into the mans kidneys.

Rick held on until the body relaxed and then rose to cut Andrews bonds free with the bloody weapon.

Andrew freed Rick in return. So much for not getting involved with the Myanmar Army.

Were going to be a lot more involved in a few more minutes. Everyone grab a rifle. We've got to get to the river.

Rick took the one next to the man he had just killed. Andrew picked up an AK and slung it on his shoulder. Bo was sprawled on the ground, most of his face had been torn off by the shot. The army captain was just beginning to stir and pushed
himself up into a sitting position.

Sonia slowly made his way over to him, walking around the dead boy, observing the Asian rule of never stepping over anyone.

She picked up Captain Klengs pistol. She looked down at the man.

You murdered a friend of mine for no reason.

Sonia blasted two shots into his chest, threw the gun down and walked towards the river, picking up a heavy AK47 on the way.

Andrew moved rapidly on the trail. They're going to be walking up the riverbed any minute now. We have to get situated.

Stickman's thoughts:

Always a good read.

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