Stickman Readers' Submissions December 6th, 2006

She Came, I Won, She Conquered

My first message from a stick virgin, yes Mr. stick first time submission. The reason I am writing is that I just read your comments at the end of " slippery slope" 3/11/2006. You said you would like to hear from anyone ever gone
back to a white woman by choice. Well I must admit to stick that man was me.

The reason for a divorce, what other reason would you want to go back. "How could you", "forty is the age of youth, fifty is the youth of old age" Victor Hugo. I was just not sure if my first effort should be happy sad
or full of morals or just the truth. Well the truth won over with the rest put in for fun. Please stay with me as I am not by nature or education a writer of words.

He Clinic Bangkok

It all started in my office in may 2003. Just to put you in the picture, my main business is the noble art of buying and selling of used cars in the u.k. This chap calls me up one day and asked would I buy his car for cash, my reply of course.
He arrives next day as arranged, I asked him why are you wanting to sell the car so quickly, he said I need to get to Thailand quickly. I said ok, we come to a deal. I asked him to come back the next day, mean time I am thinking "Thailand",
why the hell would anybody want to go their. I have heard of the country but not much else, so that night I go on to the internet go to Google enter Thailand click on a few links then come across the HOLYGRAIL stickmanbangkok.

I read it for about 5 hours, said to my business partner, remember the guy who is coming in to sell the car for cash. He says yes. Well I have just worked out what he needs the money for. Unknown to me my business partner had a healthy knowledge
of the los, all was to be reveled later. Back to the car seller. He comes in, I give him his 2000.00 in cash, he waves goodbye. 5 weeks later same guy turns up at the garage asking if we had any old bangers (no pun intended) for a couple of hundred
pounds just to get him going. I sorted one out for him. I said "I thought you were going to retire, and that was your last item of value". He said it was and burst in to tears.

I said as you do, what is wrong (mistake) he then started to give me all the details of how this was his second trip. First trip, first day went down to soi-cowboy, had seen this vision dressed in white. I won't go in to all the detail.
She stays with him the whole two weeks, could not do enough for him. Two weeks over back to u.k. kept in touch via e-mail, phone, text asking when he was coming back out to the l.o.s. he said as soon as I can get enough money together.

CBD bangkok

She said to him I want to improve my English and would like to go to school, he says that would be good, let me know how much it costs and I will send you the money. Two days later she say she find good school and to send 25,000 baht . They
keep in touch and seem to be in love (well one is). The next month she calls him to say that the 25,000 baht has not arrived for this months school, he replies by saying that was going to cover your lessons for the next three months till I get
their. She say no, school need 25,000 baht every month. So high in love and so low in sense he sends the next payment.

NOW THE BIG ONE. 2 weeks before he is due to arrive the devastating news that a old boyfriend from France has arrived and left his wife, and wants to take her back to France. She say I don't know what to do, he old (64), you young (31),
I want to be with you. He says to her I will be with you in two weeks, please hold on. She replies back by saying ok I will have to leave Bangkok and finish at bar or this man find me again, I go my parents in Roi-et, live with my mother, but
you need to give me 150,000 baht as the house in the village no good for us to stay. My father and brother build house for 150,000 baht. He thinks not a lot for a house.

So he flies out to she and brother (boyfriend) are waiting at airport very happy to meet him. Straight up to Roi-et. The whole family and buffalo are their to greet him, looking for a have built house. He finds a wooden shack, his girlfriend
says "good house". Knowing that he is not happy she says "ready to knock down for new one". He says he cannot live in such conditions. He decides he wants to go to Bangkok, she say ok, they go back.

When in Bangkok she say she must go to bar to pay fines for last five days, his reply was I gave you 150,000 baht to stop work and build house. So he pays 2,500 baht in bar fines, then she realises I have no place to stay. She say no problem
my cousin know of good hotel, not expensive 3,500 baht per night, so he books in. Girlfriend say you give me money I pay hotel as you cannot speak Thai and girl in hotel English no good, turns out that it was 1,500 baht per night, seven nights
nice 14,000 baht profit, so the seven days come and go with the girlfriend boyfriend experience.

wonderland clinic

On the last day she says I need to pay bar for last seven days, so parts with another 3,500 baht. Just to be told that the Frenchman find out she back in Bangkok and that she will meet him the day after he flies back to the U.K. just to tell
him she cannot go to France. HE NEVER SAID ANY THING ELSE. JUST THANKED ME FOR THE OLD CAR THEN DROVE OFF. "If you want the rainbow you got to put up with a bit of rain". He just got drowned. PART 2 to come- my story. Ps . I never hade
the heart to tell him about stickman hi stick.. I did not say what my pen name was. It is DEAL OR NO DEAL. I am in los from 15/11 till 30/11 might bump in to you. Part 2 my story is a classic you will get it before I leave on the 15………….regards
gus…. BIG FAN.

nana plaza