Stickman Readers' Submissions December 5th, 2006

New Business Concept: Meeting Normal Thai Girls, What Do You Think?

A little bit about me:

I’m 40, Australian, single when I went to Thailand. I have worked in Thailand as a consultant in product development, marketing, sales, logistics for over 5 years and worked in China for 3 and Europe for 4 years.

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I can speak, read and write Thai well. I now have a Thai wife. I’ve been married to her for 4 years, she is not a bargirl, she’s educated and was working when I met her as a chemical engineer and her family is well off. Is she
perfect, no, but neither am I.

How did I come up with this concept:

As most of us I was introduced to the entertainment side of Bangkok. At first I wasn’t into it and found it to be not exactly what I thought was the best way to meet a girl. As all of us I have all the stories and demands they put
on us. I never fell for the traps and they were telling me I’m a bad man, uncaring, tight with my money, on and on it went. The other thing was most bargirls had a child or two children. I know most men don’t mind but I wanted a
girl with no children. I couldn’t take it anymore and 2 months later I decided I wanted to meet normal Thai girls. I then as you do and due to my position had the opportunity to meet the other type of Thai girl. I don’t want to say
good girl because I think that they all are good. It’s more circumstances and their financial situation more than if they are good or bad. I’ll say normal girls.

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Well like most of us I tried and got nowhere. They were shy, afraid of me, didn’t trust me and thought I was only after one thing. Plus when I saw a normal girl I liked, what do I say? Will she understand English? Will she call the
cops? How do I ask her out? It didn’t work. Then through friends I met some nice girls and things went well but it was taking too long and then you have the problem of their friends know you and her are together and if you’re going
out seriously and then you think she's not the one for you. Let me tell you I’ve been there. It’s almost impossible to get out of it, so that idea didn’t really work either. Why, because too many people know about the
relationship and they are friend of friends and it’s all too close to home.

To my surprise I also found that so many of those sexy normal Thai girls are desperate to meet us. Like us they are shy to talk to us and more so worried about our background which to us doesn’t seem important but to them it is (to
a point).

That’s why I have decided to open a club where you can go and meet normal Thai girls who want to meet westerners. You know they want to meet westerners and you are meeting them in a place where there is no introduction by her or your
friends, so if it turns out not good you can walk away from it. Plus it will be a friendly easy going way to meet them without the difficulties of trying to meet them in shops, restaurants, shopping centre and all the other difficulties that arise.

So this is how I came up with the idea, plus reading your stories online here on this site. I read about so many good western men who are just getting taken to the cleaners by these bargirls and believe all their lies, stories and bullshit.
I’m amazed at some of the stories and the things guys write on this site. If you met a normal girl and you put up with a little bit of the cultural ideas they have you will meet a very different type of Thai girl.

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The good side of them; they won’t want money, lie to you (well you know the buffalo died), they are thrifty and very good with money (most of them), they have no concept of how to rip you off, they will be kind, loving and look after
you like you won’t believe (most of them), they will show you respect, be faithful (most of them) and will believe in you.

The down side; time it will take to get them on side, worried about your background, your commitment to them, how long will you stay with them, their way of reasoning. We want to get to the bottom of things and they are mystified why we want
to, they do nag more than western women and the worst one of all is they don’t understand logic and have no concept of looking at thing as we do it can be the biggest hurdle you need to get over.

Am I right or know everything? No I don’t, but these are my beliefs of normal Thai girls.

When I was in Thailand and trying to meet let’s say normal Thai ladies I found it impossible for many reasons. The first one was the fear to talk to them and if they even liked westerners.

1. Where do you meet them?
2. Can they speak English?
3. What do I say to them?
4. How do I act with them?
5. What is the right etiquette and how do I proceed?
6. What are the key things to say to them to win them over?
7. How much time do I have to spend with them before I know if she’s interested or not?
8. When do I go for the lock-in (you know what I mean)?
9. Do I have to give them money?
10. What will it cost me or what do they expect

11. When the buffalo dies am I expected to pay?
12. Will I get scammed like the bargirls?

After my time in Thailand I’m not an expert but I do know the answers to these questions. Well, the general answer. You will always have that 10% who won’t conform, but at least you will have some tools to help you on your journey.

My idea

What I’m planning on doing is setting up a club where westerners can meet normal Thai girls. Not an exclusive club or get the Eden out of your mind!!! I plan to have it set up by x-mass the latest. A night club where you can go and
meet normal Thai girls who are interested in meeting good westerners in an environment where they feel safe but more so for us where there is the opportunity to meet them. So when you are there you know they are interested in meeting westerners.

I’m only talking about myself here. Maybe you guys are different but when I have gone to the Thai clubs apart from the problems I have mentioned above, but further to that when Thai men are around I feel uncomfortable and Thai girls
always have these Thai guys around which I don’t mind, but I have no idea if he is a friend, trying to be her boyfriend or boyfriend. It makes it impossible to know if she’s single or not. So to take the guess work out of it. No
Thai men, it will also be part of the membership agreement for the Thai girls. They can’t bring their Thai male friends. I know you’re thinking how will you get them to come to the club. Well if I told you that you could do it yourself,
I have contacts and know let’s say the right people in Bangkok to get lots of them to come.

About the club

At the club it will be like a night club but without the loud banging music and a good mixture of Thai but mainly western music say 30/70 we have to keep the Thai ladies happy with some Thai music! There will also be live bands on certain
nights. There will be two sections; open where you can talk, dance, turn on your charm, the other section quieter where you can talk and get to know her better. The area is over 500 sqm plus a restaurant and seating for over 400 members. We would
have meals available, pool tables, big screen and DJ. Open 7 days a week till 1am or 2 am depending on the law of the land. Have happy hour, party nights, jigsaw nights, I’ll tell you later what I mean by this, is you will get to interact
with girls to break the ice.

The girls

They will come from all types of backgrounds, factory workers to owners of their own companies. Due to my contacts these girls will be middle to upper class. Their ages will be 20 up to 40’s. I know there are a lot of men that don’t
want to be seen with a 20 year old girl when they are mid to late 50’s for many reasons that you guys know. They will come from all parts of Thailand not just Issan, not that there is anything wrong with a girl from that area. Most of them
will be educated and what they tell us we will check. They will also have to prove what they say. My friend is a PI there and he has about 5 Thai staff as well. Some will be poor, some will be wealthy. They will all have one thing in common; they
won’t be bargirls or freelancers.


There will be a website that will explain the club in Thai and English with weekly up dates on what’s happening and bands that will come to the club, special nights, discounts, and so on. There will also be a members section where
as a member you can get information on new members (no personal information) leave messages and I hope in the future a chat room. There would also be a section where you could join the club online instantly. If you know your coming for lets say
one or two weeks at a certain time you could place your information about yourself, when your coming, what type of girl your looking for and female members could then contact you and make times that you could meet them at the club before you got
there. If you were not going to Bangkok, lets say your going to Chiang Mai, Phuket or some where else, you could as a member meet girls from the area.


Membership would be mandatory which you would receive a membership card with your name on it. You would also need to fill out a basic information sheet about yourself. E.g where you come from, how old you are, what sort of girl are you looking
for, are you single, divorced, children no children. This would be mandatory not only for westerners but for the Thai ladies as well. We need the Thai girls to be members so we all know that they are genuine normal girls. There would also be VIP
membership that would give you a few other benefits.

Support and help

We will know the background on the girls so you know they are who they say they are. We would not provide any personal information about the girl to you nor would we provide the girl with any of your information. It’s only so that
you know she is who she says she is. When and if you get to take her out and your not sure where to take her or where to go we will provide appropriate places or entertainment venues you can go to.

We would provide a call up 24 hour translation service if you guys feel you need it or want it. The reason is when you can’t really speak Thai and she can’t speak a lot of English and let me tell you it’s happened to
me, you say something she completely misunderstands now she’s crying and thinks you hate her or don’t want her, you can call us.

When you become a member we would provide you with a small manual that will cover the questions above and how to deal with and treat but more so understand normal Thai girls.

Matching from what you write in your membership form and what the girl writes we will get you together to meet at the club of course.

We can also provide mediation; I know your thinking why would I need that? But Thai girls are unsure about so many things and they don’t have anyone to really go to to get answers. If they go to there friends let me tell you I have
had it happen to me because of jealousy, lack of understanding of westerners you can back it in their friends will give them the wrong information. For the guy the same when you’re not sure where she’s coming from or it happens you
don’t understand why she’s saying the things she’s saying or doing we can help you as well.


The reason I want to keep the pricing down is I know when I was there if I was planning a night out I could kiss any where from 2,000 to 6,000 good bye in one night. You can’t do that every night. I also understand you might need to
go a few times to meet the right girl and or she wants to meet you there a few times in a row before she decides she can trust you to go out some where else, especially if you’re here on a holiday and have limited time or not sure where
to take her.

There will be a 1,000 baht membership fee to cover the admin cost. The girls will also have to pay a fee, I’m thinking a round 200 to 300 baht ; drinks would be at below bar prices, food at reasonable pricing.

Translation outside of the club there would be a small fee.

Mentoring there would also be a small fee incurred.

No barfine, no fee to us, no payment to the girl and no hidden costs.

The regulations

No bargirls or freelances. If you want those type of girls well we all know where to find them.

All customers must be members no exceptions.

We would also clearly state to you that these are not bargirls and you can not treat them as if they were. I’m not going to state them right now but when I got it up and running the regulations would be clearly defined in your membership.

My Questions

1. Would you go to this type of club?

2. Would you really want to meet good Thai girls if you had the chance?

3. Are the costs reasonable?

4. Would you be prepared to give the club not the girl information about yourself to be a registered member?

5. At the club if needed, we would provide a translator. Would you use it?

6. If the club provides a translation service 24 hours a day for a small fee would you want it?

7. If you are staying in Thailand long-tern would you go?

8. If you were here for a holiday but looking for a girl for a relationship would you come to the club?

9. What do you think of the idea?

10. Can you think of anything you would like to see?

11. What other services or features do you think I need to add?

Any comments you have would be greatly appreciated, I’m doing it for you guys so here’s your chance to have your say.

Any feed back would be great. I have just bought the club and over the next few weeks I’m setting it up. If you send me your opinions, ideas and feedback I will keep your details and when I set up the club and if you become a member
I will give you a discount on your VIP membership, discount on drinks and other services if you used them. I am not asking you to be a member now. I won’t be looking for members for at least another few weeks.

You can send your ideas, questions, opinions to this address.

The author be contacted at

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