Stickman Readers' Submissions December 18th, 2006

My Trip To Thailand In November

I returned for the second time to BKK in November to visit my friend Steve, a friend I had met on my one previous trip. Steve is an English fella now working for the Saudi AF (don’t ask him what he thinks of Muslims!) and has been married to a
Thai lady for 17 years – they have a son together. He returns to Thailand 4 times a year to visit with his wife. He informed me he was coming back in July (but here in the USA that is actually a great summer month) and then in November,
which worked best for me.

Before I get too far into the story – at first, this trip just didn’t seem to hold the same excitement as my first one. Of course, the first time is always the most fun and interesting time. But it was in the middle of football
(American), I was starting to see someone, and my friends and family questioned my motives about returning to Thailand within 6 months. So I was thinking to myself – why am I returning? That question would soon be answered.

He Clinic Bangkok

I landed in the new airport. Let me tell you my thoughts on this monster – it’s modern and futuristic, and huge. Lots of glass (but I always land / take off at night, so I don’t see much. The walk from my gate to the
customs was very long – luckily I am young and the walk was nice after being stuck on a flying tube for a total of 22 hours. Got thru customs no problem and the bag carousel was right behind it. Very quick and efficient. However, finding
a taxi wasn’t so easy. From reading other posts, I remembered that I had to go down to get a taxi. Well, I finally saw the little handwritten note pointing downstairs and to the taxi stand.

Somehow, my driver got lost and went to the wrong Dynasty Inn – maybe Dynasty Grande? He did finally find the right hotel – however, the front area of Dynasty are under construction – so at first glance, I thought it
was closed – I was thinking “What bullsh*t – I reserved a room for a total of 5 days in BKK and then 6 in Pattaya – and they aren’t even open?!”. But a friendly freelancer observed my situation and kindly
showed me to the back area of Dynasty – down the alley past the building being redone. No damage done. I will say that once I smelled the smell that is unique to Bkk, I knew I was back in my second home.

For the first part of my stay, my room overlooked the building under construction – not pleasant to wake up to in the mornings! As I was meandering down Soi 4, I observed my friend Steve drinking with an older man (Jack) at the Golden
Bar in front of the Nana Hotel. Just a little plug for the Golden Bar – a wonderful place to have a few beers and observe that which can only be found in Thailand. So that day I sat and had a few beers with Jack and Steve and proceeded
to have a fun-filled couple of days.

CBD bangkok

Then it was off to Pattaya – what a fun city – and not just the nightlife. I managed to get a tour of the crocodile zoo in between days of wandering on the beach and walking thru town. Every morning I had breakfast at the Sportsman’s
on Soi 13. Without going into too much personal detail, I found the women to be very friendly and fun. I visited the many gogos – Misty’s, Club Boesche (look for the girl with all the tattoos – hot!), Tahitian, Peppermint,
Living Dolls – but my favorite was Angelwitch – great shows, beautiful women, great seating. Didn’t barfine any lovelies but enjoyed the shows!

Other than that – went to oodles of beer bars, spent some time on Soi 6 with a cutie, the huge beer bar complex just at the beginning of Walking Street. All in all, Pattaya was a great vacation city / beach and I plan on returning
soon. Dynasty Inn on Soi 13 was an excellent place to stay, with a tiny pool on the roof – a great place to watch the sunset.

Back to BKK for the final few days. On the way back shared a bus (provided by Dynasty Inn) with 2 good gentlemen from Cali – did a lot of talking about how much we enjoyed this country and debating if we could actually live here. The
trip back took forever due to the construction along the highway – it was fun to see what looked like total chaos in the construction zone.

Met Steve, Jack and the others at Golden Bar – went to the Big Mango in NEP – good food, great view of NEP. Took the fellas to Angelwitch – they had never seen it and enjoyed the show – as did I. I had not been
to the one in NEP, but they did a great job as well. One of the fellas took a girl from there. I finally ended up barfining a girl from one of the Rainbow bars – I think Rainbow 4? Anyhow – I told her long time for 2000 baht –
she finished and left within an hour. So I was a bit disappointed, but luckily I was back at Dynasty, and thus, in the middle of the nightlife. So I took a freelancer from the street, who turned out to be very nice and charming.

wonderland clinic

The only bad experience I had was taking a lady from Morning Night – next to Big Dog (on the corner of NEP). I barfined a lady from there, took her out to play pool for a few hours, and when she got back to the hotel, she did a runner
on me – literally spending about 5 minutes before she left. So I gave her 1000 baht (she wanted 3000 for all night – I told her 2000 to which she agreed) and sent her away. I then went to talk to the mamasan, who was of no help and
would not return my barfine. I was angry, but nothing I could do about it. I do know I will never spend any time / money in there again.

The last 2 days I spent with a lovely lady named Noi – a sweetheart who speaks and understands English better than most Americans. We took a dinner cruise on the river – they really give you a lot of food on those cruises. We
spent the better part of 2 days there and we keep in touch via email. The only problem is that she knows everyone on that street – I was there a few hours early to drink with Steve and Jack before I was to meet her –and she showed
up 10 minutes later – her friends had told her. So when I return to BKK in April, I have a feeling she’ll be around very soon after I arrive (I plan on meeting Steve again at the Golden Bar and staying in Dynasty again). Which is
good and bad – she’s a sweetheart but I also want to butterfly – guess we’ll see what happens.

I’m planning on going to Singapore for a couple of day, Laos, then Chiang Mai for Songkran – I’ll give you details of my trips.

Stickman's thoughts:

Interesting to hear of the girl doing a runner. Seems to be a bit more of that happening these days.

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