Stickman Readers' Submissions December 28th, 2006

In Response to Ten Weeks with Non Bargirls

I was initially intrigued and slightly envious when I started reading these submissions.

They are well-written and contain some very interesting snippets into the lives of many different individuals and an insight into the mindset of both the writer and his experiences. The fact that this was to be a foray into the world of the non prostitute Thai women also seemed to bode well.

By the time I had read all the submissions I came to the conclusion that the writer had some very serious issues. Of course there is a fair bit of hyperbole in this narrative. It just doesn’t stand up to be entirely credible given the fact the gentleman is a short, unattractive 49 year old man. I know that Thailand is a paradise but this guy was scoring in restaurants, buses and with many, many women. However I am prepared to suspend disbelief and accept that the basis of the submissions is factual. Given that we accept that these submissions are based on fact, what are we to make of them?

He Clinic Bangkok

These submissions were different from the usual alcohol laden exploits that are often posted on this site and they promised to delve into the world of the normal Thai women yet at the same time have the spiciness of many sexual exploits. So as I started to read I was initially impressed by the modus operandi and the originality of the approach. However the further I got into these submissions the more misgivings I started to have. As I am of a similar age to the writer I just couldn’t help feeling that what he was doing was not really very nice at all. I am no paragon of virtue myself but the clinical detached manner in which he went about his ‘work’ really disturbed me. It is ironical that the writer wanted to have sex with some emotional content yet the way he went about approaching his mission completely lacked emotional content and was rather more akin to the planning of a military campaign.

For mine he took advantage of lots of vulnerable women for his own carnal pleasures and the obvious ego stroking that this involved. Further he misused his position of authority to achieve his ends. Under the guise of some sort of university project he used his gravitas to bed as many women as possible. I really can't find anything redeeming at all in his exploits. It appears that he approached his trip much like a university field exercise or an academic paper of some sort. He did his research via emails and correspondence before he embarked on his mission and then systematically went about trying to shag lots of 'good girls 'with little regard to the feelings of his 'guinea pigs'.

I just about needed project management software to keep track of what I had already said to whom and when. As the dangers of repeating or contradicting myself rose, I was losing sincerity, for sure. But none-the-less, there were many touching chats and letters. They are extremely engaging people. So much heart.

CBD bangkok

They are “extremely engaging people.” How patronising and how condescending is that statement? I think this statement really epitomises a lack of heart.

There was nothing genuine in what he did and I believe it would be much more moral to go and shag lots of bargirls. At least they know where they stand when you pay them the short time rate. Yes, he seems very proud of himself and even suggests that this is what we should all do when we go to Thailand.

“If you are looking for alternatives to prostitutes, READ THIS.”

The writer is indeed very proud of his research paper on shagging non prostitutes in Thailand. You are a star, no doubt about it. To me you are a little like the 16 year old school boy who can’t wait to run to his mates and inform them of his sexual exploits. That would be okay if you were 16 but you are 49!

wonderland clinic

Yes there are plenty of good girls out there if you want to embark on an exercise of deception, lying, double dealing and downright selfish behaviour.

It seems that the writer has never grown up and it is hard to believe that he is actually 49 years old. Someone of this age surely must be mindful of the chaos and pain that he might cause by his actions. Rather the writer almost seems to be gloating at times with the harm he has caused.

Yes bravo you came to a third world country and exploited vulnerable people who were really only looking for love or a better life.

Day 71: Everybody wants to be here these last 2 days. The pressure is uncomfortable. Its not fun. It's not pleasant to feel the guilt of leading some very dear hearts to a painful parting either. I lied to Roi-Et, telling her I left a week ago. She found out and was really pissed, cus not only did I desert her, but I missed her birthday unnecessarily. which was yesterday. She cried a lot. Almost screaming, but not attacking in any way.”

This submission strikes me as being of the very worst kind of individual who carefully plotted his strategy and went about causing as much havoc as he could.

I think I prefer the raw exploits of the drunken sex tourist in Pattaya as it is driven purely by base desires with most of the sexual action being rather physical than emotional. The academic approach seems to leave more casualties with its contrivances and lack of any real sentimentality.

For a 49 year old man you have a lot of growing up to do.

Stickman's thoughts:

That series did earn more than a few emails of feedback to me. I prefer not to pass judgment myself as we weren't there and didn't see exactly what was going on. I personally agree that for anyone who wants to play around then they are generally better off with the money girls, but that said, there is an increasing number of Thai women who don't work in the bars and who would like to meet Western men for fun without commitment.

nana plaza