Stickman Readers' Submissions December 13th, 2006

If You Must Take Her Out Of Thailand

Having been happily married in the UK to the most marvellous Thai woman I have seen many Thai / English marriages go sadly wrong with extreme suffering for the Thai girl who has married a bad farang. In most cases we have been able to help, however our latest tale of woe exemplifies the worst of all such situations. Let us call this poor girl A to protect her a little, ok.

We met A two weeks ago when the Thai wife of another guy asked us if we could take her to the bus station to pick up an old friend who was now homeless. We did and I then met A and her 16 year old son B. They had nowhere to sleep that night and the Thai lady had been asked to give them a bed for the night, which she did.

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Over the last two weeks I have come to learn A's story and I am shocked, horrified and totally disgusted by the way she has been treated by her now ex-farang husband, the system here in the UK and her fellow Thais.

A used to live in Buriram and her Thai husband gave her the usual two children then decided he was bored with her so he kicked her out. With no other means of support and a sister who had worked Pattaya and married a farang (not English) she sought and found work in the bar scene in Pattaya. There she met an Englishman who married her and took her and her 6 year son to England. A spoke little English and together with the cultural differences the farang soon fell in love with another English girl. He eventually told his Thai wife to leave the home and take her son with her (after 5 years). A asked her husband to pay her air fare home to Thailand but he refused telling her that she was a big girl now!

A did not know about divorce and getting half of the family home – she left with the trivial sum of a few thousand pounds she had managed to save from her work as a waitress in a local restaurant. She acquired a very cheap shop and lived over the shop and started her own restaurant with financial help from her sister who had a successful farang marriage in Europe.

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A still loved her farang husband and trusted him where money was concerned. He used to visit her restaurant and borrow money and robbed her blind. The business failed.

A was in a mess, she now had a 10 year old son to support and no job, barely spoke the local language and had no home. The local government benefits agency did help but the benefits system is convoluted and she did not understand most of what the people there told her. The result of this was that A ended up living off a total income of £40 per week for everything – she could and should have got more but did not understand the systems here. Still her ex-husband refused to help her (the bastard) and she sank deeper and deeper into debt borrowing from Thai friends, eating so little for herself in order to feed her son.

Winter came and she had no gas nor electric on in her flat due to unpaid bills. She had to resort to lighting a fire in a pan to keep them warm. Ultimately the expected happened and the flat caught fire and she was evicted. With no good command of English and three years of hell behind her she was only able to tramp the streets daily with her son and knock on the doors of her Thai friends asking for a bed for the night. This obviously was not wanted by the Farang husbands of her Thai friends and she rarely stayed in the same place for more than a couple of nights.

Many nights she found nowhere to stay and slept on the streets at the mercy of all the low lifes who saw her there. Twice her 16 year old son was badly beaten and even knifed whilst trying to defend his mother from the unwanted attentions of scum. Eventually they were taken into police custody and the boy taken into care and A left to fend for herself.

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My own heart weeps when I hear her story. She has been living with myself and my wife for the last week now and her mental state is horrendous. She is nice person regardless of her origins and is totally stressed to the limit now. We shall do everything we can to make her life normal but it will take time.

She herself would like to return to Buriram but after 10 years here in the UK her son is no longer Thai – he has English friends his own age and would not adapt to life in Thailand. A does not understand that there is help available for her – there is no social security in Thailand. All that we can do is try our very best to give this precious person a chance to recover her strength and her mental faculties and hope that she can make a life for herself. She is not the first we have come across in her situation and I doubt that she will be the last.

So please guys, when you meet and fall in love with that very sexy Thai girl and marry her and take her half way around the world to be your sex toy, remember that she too is a human being. You cannot discard her like a used condom when you become bored because you find that you have little in common beyond the bedroom.



Stickman's thoughts:

This is an absolutely horrendous tale. The guy her cast her out into that sort of life really wants to have a good long look at himself. Of course relationships can go bad and people can become resentful against others but to not at least ensure that someone's basic needs are taken care of is highly questionable.

I fear that there are more stories out there like this.

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