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Crime Suppression Unit 9


Rick and Soopies took the elevator from the Shwedagon Pagoda down to the parking lot which was filling up with visitors, cars and tour buses. Rick found the beat-up car and opened the door.

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We no see suspicious anyone, the boys both said at once.

Nice going, Soopies smiled at them.

We take city tour now? Said Nui.

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Just go past the Peoples monument and then we can go back to the hotel

Oh, you want to see where Aung San Suu Kyi live?

No, we do not, but since you mention it you can point out the street and then take us back to the hotel.

Yes Miss. Nui turned and grinned at Rick as if he knew better.


The guard house was on the left-hand side of the street about twenty feet in from the main road. It was the size of a one car garage and was painted dark red. There was a door and large window facing the street. Rick could see the siren on the roof and a red and white striped pole blocked the street. A large circular sign on the middle of the pole said STOP in several languages. There was a weight on the end of the pole near the guardhouse so it could be raised when the weight was pushed down. The street itself was shady and lined with huge old trees and the tops of houses peeked over tall cement walls- the kind of street where rich people lived at one time. Rick told the boys to keep going and they headed back to the hotel.

The boys parked their car across the street from the hotel. Everyone piled out and the children clung to Soopies as they walked towards the hotel entrance. The doorman looked as if he wanted to say something but thought better of it as Soopies gave him her, Do you really want to f**k with me smile. Rick had to laugh to himself, knowing Soopies, the doorman had made the right decision.

The boys scampered about the hotel room, touching everything. They screamed in delight when Soopies gave them shampoo and conditioner from the sink top and the three of them raided the mini-bar. The kids took all of the soda and candy that they could carry.

Soopies drew the line when they tried to load up on the tiny liquor bottles. Everyone changed into swimsuits and they took the back elevator down to the pool. It was a beautiful sunny day. Rick grabbed lounge chairs in the shade while Soopies ordered cokes and club sandwiches. Soopies and the children laughed, shrieked and splashed in the pool. It was obvious that they adored her.

Rick sat in the shade drinking a whisky and soda, thinking about tomorrow. Would Suu Kyi believe us when we told her that her closest friend of thirty years planned to kill her that very day? How would the doctor respond? It would be our word against his. Could we even get past the guards?

Soopies and the boys played in the pool till past dark.

Okay guys, how about calling it a day? Rick said.

Can we all eat dinner together tonight? Ill take the kids out for some clothes.

Sure thing. Just pick me up a few rolls of tape, something strong. Rick had not seen her this happy in quite a while.

They went to the room and took turns in the shower. Soopies took the kids out and Rick called room service for ice and a bottle of scotch. He was glad to have some time to himself. Soopies came back with long sleeved shirts, pants and shoes for the children. It was used clothing bought on the street but when they got dressed they were pretty good looking kids.

They ate dinner in the hotel dinning room sitting together in a red leather banquette. Nui and Saa surrounded Soopies with Rick on the end. The table clothes were white and starched. Knives and forks gleamed next to the chinaware. Nui and Saa wanted hamburgers and french fries. Soopies and Rick had steak, baked potato and salad. Everyone splurged on ice cream Sundays for dessert. The boys were very happy and so was Sonia. It was good to see her get over her funk. She succeeded in talking Rick into letting the boys sleep over. They all slept in the king sized bed with the boys wrapped around her, one on each side.

Rick had breakfast sent to the room the next day. The boys had never eaten so well and they couldn't stop jabbering to Soopies. Soopies and the boys went for a fast dip in the pool. Rick was on a padded lounge chair in the shade.

Soopies left the pool and came over to sit next to him. I want to take the boys back to Thailand with me. I'm going to adopt them.

Well be lucky to get out of here with our skins never mind with two other people. They have no passports or visas. This kind of thing takes months of planning. You cant just take them to the airport and put them on a plane. And besides, I thought they wanted to stay here and kill people.

Ill tell them not to. Ill say I want them to come and live with me.

Don't say anything now. You'll just get their hopes up. When you get back home, you can contact the church and try to make arrangements to have them sent over. After this visit we will both be persona non grata.

Are you speaking English?

I was just saying we will not be welcome here after we break into the guardhouse. Say goodbye to the kids and lets get dressed. Andrew will be coming by in an hour.

They all went back to the room. Rick put the two rolls of duct tape that Soopies had picked up in his pockets. Kiss the boys goodbye here and tell them to stay off the streets for a few days. The police are going to be crawling all over the place.

Soopies knelt down and put her arms around both of them. We have to go back to Thailand now. I want both of you to promise me that you will stay in school at least a week before you go out. Dump the junk car today. Get another one. Soopies pressed a few hundred dollars into Saas hand. Ill see you again some day. I promise. I want you to go back to school right now.

The boys hugged her and hardly said a word. They were trying to hold back the tears. The kids walked out of the door with their heads down. Rick and Soopies left a few minutes later and Rick settled the bill at the cashiers counter. Sonia wore a white silk blouse and black skirt with high heels. The walked out of the hotel at exactly two-thirty o'clock. A black four door Chrysler with tinted windows turned the corner and moved towards them. The car pulled to the curb and the window rolled down. Andrew was driving. Rick opened the back door and slid in with Soopies. Andrew pulled away, talking while he drove. I have our plane tickets. Were all set to go. Its only an hour flight to Bangkok. Well be back before the authorities know what happened. It will be too late to turn back the plane and its a Thai Airways flight anyway.

Rick leaned forward in his seat. I just want to know one thing. Do you have a gun or don't you?

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