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A Thailand Story 2006 Part 9

  • Written by Anonymous
  • December 14th, 2006
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It is now the end of December 2004 in Thailand, my working friend Brad is in town and wants to meet the companies director Roy. Brad and my other work friend from the United States by the name of Matt are coming by this afternoon. Brad has fallen in love
with a lady in Thailand by the name of Mai, but says he has given up on her for cheating on him. Matt has married and been living in Thailand since around April 2004, his wife Piak is going to have a baby. Matt needs a job and Brad would like
to have my job, both have been more then fascinated with Thailand and I think it has effected the way they think for both are way out of control.

I have slowed down since my start date of July 2004, but I admit to falling on my head more then once. This country is truly the land of smiles, a real paradise for all men hoping to meet some of the most thoughtful, kind, and beautiful people
I have ever known. Not just from bar hoping around, but kind people all over including my place of work. I am not sure what to expect from these two when they come this afternoon, but I will make sure of one thing and that is they respect the
people at this place of business.

billboard bangkok

Matt: Bill this place is great, you guys have operations down. I can see my self working here, no problem. Have you had a chance to talk to Roy about me?

Bill: No…You sell yourself, I cannot promise you anything. Roy makes those decisions. You can meet him after I show you around a little more.

Brad: Buddy, you have some hot ladies working here, have you had a chance to go out with any of them?

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Bill: Again no….and I really do not recommend you two get involved with someone you work with. You know the company policy, they are really down on dating people you work with.

Brad: Yea, but this is Thailand, the same rules do not apply. If I can hook something up here. It would be a sweet life out here for me. I am a single man now, after my good friend took my lady from me.

Bill: Give me a break will you Brad, I never did anything with your girlfriend Mai. You told me not to e-mail you back if she was cheating on you. So you have made up your own story about us, but the fact is she was going out for business
reasons. After all she did work at a bar and had a family to support.

Brad: Hey, no hard feelings, she was not right for me anyway. Are you the only American working here besides Roy?


Bill: No…we have a new guy just start this week by the name of Rick. You might know him, he worked in are technical department. I think he stays for 6 months or something like that.

We go out to lunch with Roy, and Matt sells himself well. Heck he even had me thinking it might work with him here at the company. Brad just kept kissing Roy's behind, but did not get the response he hoped for.

When we returned to the company, I had work to do so the two of them wanted to wait for me for a night out, so I cut them free to talk to some of the people. I guess what I really mean is they went straight for the working ladies. This company
has many, and they are very good with English, so it turned out to be a pick up club for them both. When I got off of work, it really did not surprise me that they had four ladies joining us for a night out. Jang, Poon, Meow and Som and of course
they were very loose and ready to go. It was a very fun night, but I called it a early night. The boys were on a roll and the girls seemed really to enjoy there company.

When I came in the next day, Roy told me Matt starts next week, he asked me what I thought about him giving Matt a job. The only thing I said to Roy was "It's up to you so if it does not work out then don't blame me."
Turns out it did not work out, Brad lasted one week because he came in drunk once to often, once to often means everyday. Brad was on a three week vacation, I did not see him anymore after the night out. Matt called me to ask me why Roy let him
go, when I told him the truth, he was silent on the phone.

Matt: I don't know man, I guess I do have a problem, as soon as the baby is born, me and the Thai wife are going back to the States.

Bill: That might be a good thing Matt, You can get a job and start over. you need to get away from here, I think there is to much temptation here for you.

He wished me luck and I did the same for him, but to be honest I was very scared for his Thai wife. In January 2005 my luck was changing. Faa was turning out to be a very good women for me. She started living with me and my life has never
been better. Brad left for the United States, but not with out leaving his mark at the company.

Poon: Khun Bill, can I talk with you?

Bill: Sure Poon, what is the matter?

Poon: I in love with Brad.

Bill: Poon do not get your hopes up, sometimes American men do not mean what they say. He may hurt you and not write or call you.

Poon: Khun Bill, He love me, he say he love me.

Bill: I know but, sometimes a man says things he does not mean.

She looks at me kind of funny then she shows me her hand, and on it sits a diamond ring. Not a big diamond but it says it all.

Poon: Brad come back in 6 months, we get marry.

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