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What Could I Possibly Have In Common With A Poor Uneducated Thai Lady?

  • Written by Casmeri
  • November 3rd, 2006
  • 4 min read

First of all; a little background on me. I am an intelligent, well-educated, sophisticated (after all I am from a first-world country) and wealthy (by Thai standards) individual.

While I am world-wise and open-minded; I have never and never would pay for sex or a woman’s company because as I am perceptive, sensitive, empathetic and a handsome man with a kind heart; hi-so, lo-so and so-so Thai women flock to my bed.

I prefer my associations with university educated females; as I appreciate the stimulating intellectual discussions, the museum and opera visits between bouts of lovemaking. Also I have determined while researching my doctoral thesis on “Promiscuity
of third-world females of childbearing age”; (see thesis HERE) that university educated Thai women have had on average only twenty-seven sexual partners;
only fourteen if virgins; which limits my risk for contracting HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases. I also find their sexual inexperience endearing. The look of amazement in their eyes when I pleasure them with my proficient love-making
skills is gratifying. “Nobody ever make me come before!”

My association with university educated females assures the proximity of my comfort zone. As is appropriate; they have learned my language, their families are well-to-do and I am never far from air conditioning, fine restaurants, quality vehicles and
western toilets.

Okay, that first section is all nonsense. I do not belong to that cultured elite Farang club and do not move in those circles. I do however appreciate all that good advice on how to get laid for free in Thailand…

What I am is an average guy doing what I have always done; the best I can to survive and it is all about survival. In a lifetime of selling my time to others; I seldom climbed past the D-needs on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid. There were
only glimpses of self-actualization during brief periods of rest in the pursuit of the basic necessities of life: caring for my loved ones, keeping a roof over my head and food on the table. The winds of economic conditions determined my path
in life and self-actualization was only a sometime entertainment.

I wanted to take care of myself, my loved ones, have an easy life and have fun doing it.

Now where have I heard that here in the Land of Smiles? Is it any wonder that I can relate to the poor uneducated Thais I meet here? The majority of Thais are born into a system which has evolved in a manner which fosters poverty and a subsistence existence.
They do survive, they help each other and they do it with good spirit. I am not so arrogant as to believe that I have experienced in America, the level of poverty and the challenges to survival as are faced in rural Thailand; but I have seen enough
to understand, to know, that it is all about getting through another day, surviving.

Thailand is not unique in that regard. “The rich get richer and the poor have babies” is a ubiquitous cliché applicable in most countries of the world. The chasm between rich and poor grows even in America where it is said most Americans
are two paychecks away from bankruptcy.

It is not my intention to rail against the system…it is what it is and we deal with it.

I am an optimist. There have been times in my life where I took “making the best of a bad situation” to an art form. In this I am simpatico with the Buddhist Thais in their acceptance of what life throws their way and the inclusion of sanuk
in all activities.

Casmeri: “Wan…what do you want in life?”

Wan: “I want you take care me, take care family, have easy life and have fun.”

Wan: “Casmeri…what you want in life?”

Casmeri: “I want you take care me, take care family, have easy life and have fun.”

Casmeri: “Wan, we may be on to something here; but there are a few specifics we should discuss”:

“Will you bring me my coffee every morning?”

“Will you shop and cook my meals?”

“Will you clean our house and do our laundry?”

“Will we make love every day?”

Wan: “I happy do all.”

Wan: “Will you give money my family?”

“Will you pay so sister can go school?”

“My friends and family can visit our home?”

Casmeri: “I happy help your family, help sister go school and your friends and family will always be welcome in our home.”

Casmeri: “Wan, as we watch the sunrise or sunset on the terrace; will you help me achieve fulfillment and self-actualization by engaging me in intellectually stimulating conversation?”

Wan: “What you mean?”

Casmeri: “Wan, will you go to the opera with me?”

Wan: “What mean opera?”

Casmeri: “Wan, can I sleep with your girlfriends when they come to visit?”

Wan: “Give me money Tiruk; I need buy ducks.”

Casmeri: “What you mean?”

What could I possibly have in common with a poor uneducated Thai lady? Simple pleasures, nice company, an easy life and a bit of fun.

My father calls: “So son; how are you getting on over there in Thailand?”

Casmeri: “I’m surviving Dad…”

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