Stickman Readers' Submissions November 3rd, 2006

Slippery Slope

by Rover

Tim had just spent over a year in the Philippines and I was chained to a desk, a good job, but there was little to come home to lately except the shell of a marriage and the coldness of a wife that once was a woman I thought was wonderful. Tim beamed
about his adventures, shit mate don’t worry, the girls will love you was his reply to my anguish that 20 something year old girls would not look at me. So, on an excuse I can’t remember, I planned my first trip to Pattaya, afraid
that Customs would confiscate my packet of condoms and I would finish up rotting in one of those drab buildings beneath the 777. Shit I must be crazy. The heat and smell of Pattaya reminded me of my time in Vietnam 35 years ago where I was more
scared of getting the clap than getting the crap blown out of me. On check-in about midnight, the hotel receptionist advised me of a joiner fee policy…I though what is join….. but then a guest walks by with a stunning woman that I figured
was a joiner and I wanted one.

He Clinic Bangkok

On my first exhilarating night stroll a 21 year old girl beckoned me with an inviting smile and enticed me with a chest that was taboo for a 55 year old to look at back home for fear of being lauded a pervert. I was ok until I held her hand
as we walked back to the hotel, this was feeling so good, anticipating the young body in the same room was exciting and she seemed happy to be coming with me. Well I knew that surely the security police at the hotel would probably stop me for
breaking some moral law, but instead just a polite and embarrassed smile and we were in the door. Wow…. not only did this girl appear to enjoy lovemaking; I was invited to talk to her mother upcountry with lots of giggles. After ‘turn
the TV on watch movie” and another couple of rounds in bed she announces that she go home now.

Next day I wandered along the street bars and saw guys my age hanging out in bars like they have no place to go… poor buggers, I hope I never get like that, anyway in another couple of nights and I am out of here and back to my professional
life. Three years later I am planning to come back to Thailand next week for maybe my 8th trip after guesstimating that the balance between work and play was about ready to tip in my favor, so I finished work, ran out of wife excuses for my many
adventures to China, Philippines and Vietnam over the past few years and told the big boss white wife goodbye.. So I have a bad case of Asian fever, and the big problem is what part of Asia can I isolate this fever to.. because each country has
women I would die for.. and probably will.. it just costs a lot to isolate the fever.

Early this year I was in the Thai airport lounge in Manila when I got up from my seat for a coffee refill, and on my return this big guy plonked himself in the seat next, almost smothering me. But I admired his photos that he was flicking
through on his computer and subtlety (I thought) struck up conversation as it was clear this guy was a wise and experienced gentleman, beside being a Kiwi, so I asked the question… listen mate what do you reckon, Thai girls or Phil girls. Being
a fellow countrymen and associate of Stickman I relied on his advice that it really depends on the place where you could live. So thanks Lecter coz you solved my puzzle, but what do I do with the soft and loving girls in Philippines, so I hope
you can solve that when I catch up in November!!!

CBD bangkok

China and Vietnam are great places with beautiful cultured women, but (probably unfairly) after only one visit I couldn’t see myself living in either country but will give each another visit soon as I had wonderful and overwhelming
experiences in both countries. The sheer number of people and language barrier in China is overwhelming and the bicycle traffic and the friendliness of people in Vietnam are standouts ….. Philippines makes me cry because I feel the country has
let down its citizens, the majority living in poverty, and it is hard not to have a relationship or even a short time with a girl without being aware of her poor background and after knowing her better, becoming involved with the poverty and plight
of the family. It is an incredibly humbling experience to go to the province and be treated well by the family, with such a disproportionate wealth divide between the local and a westerner that it can be depressing to the soul. On the other hand
it has a Mad Max thrill and can be a laid back paradise.

So it’s back to Bangkok, to look for an apartment, to my 21 year old who has the most beautiful smile, expensive tastes, a mature beauty for her age and she has me hooked. It was the first time I have walked down the street and not
wished I was with the new better looker that I just walked past. I have struggled with monogamy in Asia because it is just too hard not to look and want what you can have. But 21 years old is too young for a 58 year old, just too young to tell
my children about. Imagine telling my sons my girlfriend is younger than yours!! Shit, no future there but I will live a lot of life just dreaming about her. I struggle with the idea of giving up my family environment, my expansive garden, and
any hope of a secure married future to live in hot steamy Bangkok where I know no-one except my expensive girlfriend. Decisions are always hard so no need to make one, the decision will make itself when I meet the right girl.

Many submissions are written about bargirls, the first introduction to Asia for many including myself. Bargirls are without the privileges of materialistic western girls, probably far nicer attitudes given their job and people they have to
deal with, and on top of that they support their families, feed the monks and have limited opportunities in life. So I always feel happy that any girl I like benefits from being with me, if only to be rewarded financially. However the average
standard of bargirl in Thailand, generalizing, is way below other Asian countries.. geez the women must be ugly in Europe and the States. While Bangkok offers the western man convenience and livability, Thais must wonder why white western men
with such opportunity stroll around with the ugliest bargirls. The majority of Thai bargirls on average would not compare well with the soft Philippine sweethearts, or the beauties in other Asian countries, so I enviously check out the girls in
the mainstream that are sooo much nicer.

There is no wisdom here, except a warning about the slippery slope from the first inviting smile. Once having walked down the road holding your lovely's hand, there is no going back to looking at western women the same way, to the extent
that they hold no interest at all. A job becomes just a salary and no longer a career, and a comfortable retirement becomes a new adventure, an enticement that only an Asian woman can offer. Because she really wants to take care of you in exchange
for you taking care of her and all that entails. Sounds like a good deal to me, you get what you pay for either directly or indirectly and leaving the status quo at home for her to hold my hand, take in her beautiful smile and her kiss goodnight
is part of the price.

wonderland clinic


Has anyone ever gone back to white women by choice, after experiencing the pleasures of Asia? Now that would be an interesting submission.

nana plaza