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A Thailand Story 2006 Part 6

I am looking at one of the most beautiful, tight hard body, 38C cup, with a black dress that looks spray painted on her body. I am looking at a Thai lady…Not a Ladyboy…But a Thai Lady.

Mai: You buy drink for me?

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Bill: Sure anything you want! I do mean anything.

Mai: You sure? We order bottle Johnnie Walker sit in back…All right?

I just stare at her without saying a word back. I was hypnotized watching her movement from her back as she lead the way to the back of the bar. I did not argue about the bottle or the price. I just followed her as if in a dream state of
mind. She looked nothing like the picture that was sent to me from my friend, her boyfriend Brad. She kept talking to me as we walked, but to be honest I did not hear a word. Not because the bar was loud, but because I was just staring at her
body, the dress alone had me tongue tied. I mean it was tight like it was holding on to her body, barley hanging on to her body, as if any false movement she made would make everything explode. Her breasts alone looked like they were hanging on
for dear life, one wrong move and her breast would pop out, her nipples were hanging on for dear life. The way she walked from side to side had my eyes following her every monement. Her hair was jet black and very long, perfect teeth as she smiled
looking back at me knowing I was watching her. The lights in the bar seemed to make her jet black eyes twinkle. She sits down and pats the seat for me to sit next to her and I obey, she looks into my eyes and does not blink or look away even when
the girls bring the bottle and mixers, I feel the bar grow quiet and for a moment it feels like we are the only two sitting in the bar.

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Mai: You work Thailand?….Right?

Bill: Yes I do, Huh how did you know that?

Mai: The way you dress, you have phone on your belt, everything nice. How long you stay Thailand?

Bill: One year I think

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Mai: One year you stay? Good very good. I make drink for you, You like coke, water, soda water?

Bill: Yes

She starts to laugh, I can guess way, I must look really dumb struck. I feel like my brain is frozen, I can't think. I have no idea what to say to her. She does not know I am Brad's friend, and that I am there to check on her. I
am there to find out if she is cheating on him, what a laugh of course she is cheating on him. Why else would she ask me to buy her a drink. Now I have seen her picture and it is in my pocket, the name is the same, the face is kind of the same,
maybe a different nose, and her body…is different, very different. All right lets start there.

Bill: You know I first thought that you might be a lady boy…You know because most Thai women do not have large, you know….I mean you do know right?

Mai: Whooo! You think I ladyboy now?…I have them done…you like or not?

Bill: I like really, have you always been this big?…I mean did you have to change a lot for size? Or just a little bit? Help me out here will you?

Mai: I change a lot…before small size…but want to change for business…change everything I can….cost lots money….I want to make more and so I go doctor and change many thing…before I no like me….but now very happy. I have man
teach training for body…and work out all the time…I have two children you know…and now live with mother….before stay with me but to hard…Now I lucky have money and lots of man take care….send money to mom and family safe. I have boyfriend
send money all the time…Every month on time good man very good man. He want marry but I am not sure him. You work Thailand one year maybe you can take care me. I would like man like you (Jing Jing) really.

Bill: You just said you have boyfriend.

Mai: Yes but not sure him, maybe I sure you

Bill: What does he look like? Is he American?

Mai: I have picture from before…waiting

She gets up and walks behind the bar, going through her purse. I think this is a good thing, she will show me a picture of Brad and her together, and I will say he looks like the right guy and she should really marry him. End of story and
I finish my drink and off I go. I look up as she walks my way smiling, I also notice the rest of the bar watching her, all these men just waiting for me to leave so they can move right in, wolfs I tell you just like a pack of wolfs.

Mai: Here see how I look before…here with my boyfriend

I look at the picture and stare at it for a few minutes, thinking how much work she has done with her self. Before she looked much more, how can I say this……like a good Thai lady someone you might trust. She has a new nose, teeth,
hair is changed, waist is slim tight, and her legs look strong. Yes this women has paid for the best and she really looks good. But who is this man in the picture? Blond blue eyes, beard, I do not know this man.

Bill: Handsome he is really handsome…He sends money every month? How old is he?…Is he from America?

Mai: No! German man…He maybe 51 years old…I like older man…better for Thai lady. He fly plane and come all most every month see me.

Bill: What? No American, I was sure you would show me a picture of you and American man. Do you not like Americans?

Mai: Sure I like you…You American right?…You be my boyfriend I stay with you.

Bill: No, I have been there, not looking for a live in lady right now. Have you ever had a American boyfriend?

Mai: Yes many time…But not now I think…Just have man from America, I think he like me a lot…give money 120 thousand baht ($3,000) before he go back. He says to get visa, why he want me spend money like that, crazy so I start for plastic
work…I send e-mail him and say visa to much send more money, so he send 120 Thousand again, so I finish plastic…Everything good for me lots of business, have house for mom and car. I ask him for more money he can afford to pay. He American
make good money, have no wife or kids, he can pay more but he cry and yell me say I cheat him and he want me to send proof I do visa. He say he come to Thailand but he never come. He say he come soon but never come.

Bill: So is it over with him? Did you tell him you did not want to see him anymore?

She smiles and touches my face, then she kisses me on the lips and says cheers and we both take a drink.

Mai: It never over, If he come see me then he can have me. But have to pay bar, What your name?

Bill: Bill, Sorry I just forgot to mention it to you. I guess you have taken my head away from thinking…You are very attractive so my eyes and mind or both full. Understand?

Mai: Chai understand…You want me? I go with you tonight yes?

Bill: Well? So you have given up on this American man. You did not think he is going to marry you? Or would you marry him if he walks in this bar and puts a wedding ring on you finger?

Mai: Would have to be big wedding ring, he would have to give me money for family. He can not cry to me, I want man take care me and family. Before I not make money, but now make lot money. Do not need man who not have money. You I know,you
make money, I thinking you should take me home. You have condo or apartment?

Bill: How do you know I make money?

Mai: Look you, dress pants nice shirt, belt, phone and your shoes really nice. You office man or something. I think you would be very good for me.

We have a certain way we dress at work for business, I would never go out dressed up like I dress for work but I wanted to get this bar thing over with and did not change clothes for going out.Both of us talked most of the night, among other
things and like anything else when I start drinking then things start happening and the good times roll. I am not the kind of man that is going to turn down fun when it's knocking on the door. But being that no e-mail back to Brad is not
a good thing and he is supposed to understand that. If I do not e-mail him back that means this lady he loves is no good for him. He also said I need not explain anything to him or tell him any stories about what I have seen or done.He just would
understand by me not writing back. Well then I guess I will let this bar scene fade to black.

At work Monday everything going great, we are starting to draw up plans for new machines and we are going to have maintenence men come from the States to install. That makes me happy, I will have some friends coming by. Final some good conversation,
I do miss talking to Americans. Roy wants to talk to me and calls me into his office.

Roy: Bill do you know some body by the name of Brad? He says he works at your company back in the United States.

Bill: Sure do, How do you know him Roy?

Roy: He has been sending me e-mails…and has been asking me if he could take your place. You know when you leave here. The thing is he thought your time was up all ready. I had to let him know you were going to stay a full year. He was very
upset and wants to work here very bad. What do you think about him? Could he handle it here?

Bill: Sure! I mean I think so.

Roy: Well the thing is when you leave, I would like someone to stay and work for Thailand wages, you know give it up and live in Thailand making Thai baht. Would he be the kind of person that could handle something like that?

Bill: Really Roy…That is something you should ask him…I never tell him anything about myself and I really do not ask him questions about what he thinks, like living in Thailand or how his life in America is right now.

Roy: Yes, well he is coming soon and wants to meet up with me…..maybe we can all go to dinner some night. Is that all right with you?

Bill: Sure, but I think he would rather make some kind of deal with you and me being there might be a bother. you understand right?

Roy: You know to be honest, he wants to talk and has asked if it is possibly for him to take your place right away if he comes in at Thai baht. It would save me a lot of money, being that we pay you so much. Would you be upset if we cut your
time here short? That is if we can come to terms with Brad. Would you consider working in Thailand for a long time making Thai baht? I would rather sign you to a long term deal, you have many refences. Could you think about this?

Bill: Of course I will….I mean I will think about it….But if Brad is the man you are looking for then you should go with him…It is busuness and you have to do what is best for this company…Me leaving here gives money back to you,
so Brad may not be a bad idea.

American business never surprises me, people stab you in the back all the time, and smile as they do it. It is like we accept this and never fight about it. We says things to each other yell and scream, but the next day are drinking beer
and laughing. So I am used to it, but it bothers me that Brad all ways seems to do what he wants and never really treats me like a friend. I mean he could have told me he was going to ask Roy for my job at Thai wages. Thailand is a great country
but it would not bother me to leave, It has so many crazy things going on here and is a single mans dream. I just feel he could have been honest wwith me, but I have accepted him as being this way. It is now the second week of December, I never
e-mailed Brad about Mai so I hope he understands that she is not a good women. I hope he understands that by living here is not going to change her. I walk home on a Friday night really tired, just want to sleep, my cell phone is ringing. When
I look at the name it reads (Mai)….I think no way, I do not want to see her, We had one night together and she managed to con my phone number out of me, I was drunk but no excuses, I gave her the number. I let it ring. I get to my apartment,
when she trys calling again.

Bill: Yes Mai…How are you…listen I am kind of tired…and I really do not fill like going out tonight…What?…Say again?

Mai: You hear me…I kill you if I see you….Why you tell my boyfriend Brad…I no good….He say you spy me and you tell him I fxxxing you…….You die!

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