Stickman Readers' Submissions October 30th, 2006

The Truth Revealed – The Harbinger’s Arrival – Part 1

"Chok dee khrap!" Was the last thing I could remembered saying while surrounded by 3 beautiful ladies before I put the frosty beer filled with undesired ice to my lips and took a large gulp. However disgraceful ice in beer is,
Thailand can change you. Especially when you are hit like a little old lady trying to walk across the main Sukhumvit during everybody step on the gas and try to hit the pedestrian day right as the light turns green while stranded in the middle
of the crosswalk. Oh, did I mention you get double points if the pedestrian is over 60?

I awoke naked in a dark room and could barely see a thing. I struggled to move only to find my hands and feet were bound together as I lay on the warm dirt floor. As I lay there uncertain of what to do I noticed strange taste in my mouth and that my throat
was so dry I thought my tousles were going to crumble off. My head pounded with a raging fury as I tried to remember what had happened. I heard some female voices laughing in the next room. They sounded vaguely familiar. What had happened to me?

He Clinic Bangkok

It was only the night before that I had just arrived in the Land of Smiles. My plane flight had been an interesting one. The first hop over from the US to Japan I fumbled around with my laptop only to figure out that the constant bumps up
and down on the plane made it unable to read any of the CDs I had brought. It didn't matter to me. I was going to Thailand. I was happy as a little school girl to be returning to the place I loved. I decided to hold off on trying to work
and catch up on some sleep.

At the airport in Japan I noticed a cute young Thai girl who had been on the same flight as me. I remember seeing her lie down across some chairs in the Washington, Dulles airport listening to her I-pod and writing in a pink colored journal
at the same time. She had looked pretty hit-on worthy but being so close to my beloved land I wouldn't dare risk offending her in the US with the possibility of airport security whisking me away to a back room and anal probing me while my
flight took off. So I had glanced at her and thought nothing more of it.

But we were no longer in the US now. This was Japan. The land where they have to have separate busses because men grope women too much. I watched her walk into the ladies room then I found a seat nearby and took out my laptop and wondered
if she was going to Thailand the same as me. Then I decided it best to start on the work I hadn't gotten a chance to finish on the flight.

CBD bangkok

A couple minutes later I hear sweet voice saying, "Excuse me, can I sit next to you?" I look up. It's the cute Thai girl from before. I quickly move my stuff off the seat next to me and say sure as she sits down. I continue
working on my laptop when I get that strange feeling. I look up and she staring directly at me with a look of curiosity creeping across her face. She asks me if I am Thai. I smile and say no. We begin the small chit-chat about where we came from,
how old we are, all that boring useless stuff. The only interesting thing was that she just happened to be going to Thailand and returning to the US the same exact dates as me! Oh yah, her name. Well I can't really remember that. Who remembers
names anyway? If the girl is worthy of your time you can just use a pet name and it will probably go along smooth anyway. Long story short she told me about how this old Indian guy had kept hitting on her on the plane, even though the guy had
told her he had a family back home. Being the gentleman I am, and only 3 years apart (her being 19 and me 22) I suggested we get our seats changed so we could talk some more on the plane so she doesn't accidentally get a seat next to anybody
like that again. She gladly accepted with a big smile on her face and we went up to the counter and within minutes we had new seats next to each other.

During the flight she mentioned how she was a good girl unlike all her friends at college who did drugs and what not. I immediately wondered if she was using the term "good girl" like those who frequent the nightlife of Thailand
do or if she meant it in an innocent way. We continued the chit-chat and she ended up bluntly asking me if I had a girlfriend. I told her no (who would say yes?). She told me I should get a young girl. Somehow during that conversation she directed
younger towards more the 16 and younger year old range. I told her that I would never because it's just too dangerous (images of being raped repeatedly in jail crossed my mind, not very pleasant). Besides, older women have more experience
in bedside manner. Sure I'm young, but I'm not stupid, well… erm… I think so anyway.

She offered me her cell phone number but I politely declined. There were more then enough fish to shoot and she seemed like a nice girl. Then we watched a couple of movies and she ended up sleeping against my shoulder with her hand on my
leg. I enjoyed the moment and ended up sleeping the rest of the way. In the airport she got picked up by her family and we said our good-byes. I could see her still stealing glances back at me as I stood in the airport waiting for my ride.

My friend ended up not coming to pick me up. I'll get him back for that some day if I get the chance. I stood outside and stretched. God it felt good to be back in Thailand. I inhaled the fresh pollution and it rippled through my lungs.
Ah. That's the good stuff. I waited for a good hour. I took so long I actually had the airport security ask me if everything was okay. I ended up taking a taxi to my hotel. Half-way during the ride I quickly pulled my wallet out of my pocket
and opened it up. Phew, good thing I still had baht in my wallet from my last trip, I had forgot to get some more money converted. Wait, what was this extra thing in my wallet? I removed the pink piece of paper to find a number written on it.
I wonder where this could have come from…

wonderland clinic

I arrived at my hotel. Check in was quick and easy. The staff remembered me from last time and gave me a warm welcome. Even that one who had come into my room for a

short time and had claimed to fall in love with me, then threatened to get her boyfriend to kill me when I wouldn't be exclusive with her, but that story is for another time. It was late, I was horny and anxious. I went up to my room, took a shower
and changed. It was past 2 AM, the bars were closed and I wasn't really into the street walker thing (that should read I haven't yet stuck my foot in that pond yet). I wondered what I should do. Then it struck me. I put my grabbed my
cell-phone with my left hand. Then put my right hand in my other pocket and pulled out the piece of pink paper…

Stickman's thoughts:

An excellent start.

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