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Perceptions Are Important!

  • Written by Lookpapa
  • October 23rd, 2006
  • 4 min read

A few days ago His Majesty the King met with the new cabinet of the interim government and told them to "work with honesty, integrity and ability".

He further mentioned that the perception of other countries about Thailand is a very important issue which should be addressed. He said that it's imperative, especially because of the coup, that Thailand does not suffer in its image
to the outside world and actions of the Government can reflect onto the people of Thailand.

Just like the actions of the Thaksin government had shown Thailand in bad light, because of extrajudicial killings in "the war against drugs" and in the South, plus rampant corruption, now the eyes of the world are on Thailand again
to see if democracy can be reinstated. His Majesty understands how important perceptions are.

Have you ever wondered why you never see him smile in public. I have. Isn't it ironic that the Ruler of the Land of Smiles always presents a serious face to his subjects.

Maybe there has not been much to smile about in the Land of Military coups, rampant corruption, cronyism, vice out of control, alcoholism, an education system needing complete overhaul and exploitation of the under classes. His Majesty wants
something done about the image of his country before it's too late.

butterflies bangkok

Some of you had approved of the coup, some of you like living in the LOS because of getting around regulations, lack of respect for the law, cheap cost of living (at the expense of millions of Thai in Isaan) and loose moral standards enabling
your fantasies. I guess well and good, if they offer it why not partake, it's not your country. Back home you'd be up in arms about it.

The changing of Thai Society is a task for its own citizens, but if these changes are implemented there will be an impact on farangs living there. Some changes are already happening with short term visa restrictions and to nominee companies.

I believe changes will happen gradually, the speed depending on the resolution of the decision makers.

How can you, a farang, prepare yourselves for the future?


And indeed, should you consider a long term future in Thailand?

Since most of the readers on this site are male, Anglo-Saxon, European in origin, I'll address them exclusively.

Basically I put you in certain categories, according to your age and marital status.

Those of you who are single and working, should not consider a long term stay in the Kingdom. It's ok to sow your wild oats and have a ball, while working, such as a teacher or other employed profession, but not past your middle 30's,
otherwise your career prospects back home or elsewhere in the developed world will diminish. Also your work ethic will be affected by the happy go lucky Thai ways and it will be difficult to re-adjust to the more demanding western ways.

Those of you who are married with Thais and working, but no children have a decision to make together with your wives, which should be based on mutual respect for each others' culture and goals in life.

Those of you in this category, but with children, should seriously consider repatriating to your country, for the sake of the children, their education and future (I qualify this to some extent, I was in a fortunate position of being able
to come back to Australia, so the decision was easy).

Now we come to those of you who are single and retired.

I'd say you're the ideal candidate for long term (or medium or short term, depending on your health) stay.

In Thailand you can live at a fraction of your home expenses, play around with ladies who are young and attractive, eat delicious food and avail yourself of medical care at a bargain price. Should you become disabled, home care is cheaply
available. Lots of friends in your age group similarly spending the time, so can chinwag all day about your conquests. If one of you expires on top of a fair maiden, what a way to go, you'll be the envy of everyone back home! The climate
is always warm, no need for winter undies, chopping firewood, shoveling snow. Your rheumatism will be a lot easier to bear.

The new laws about the increased drinking age is no problem for you blokes, in fact you can drink all the more, as there is more to be had!

So go forth, you Grey Brigade and have a last hurrah, show the Thais what libido is all about, albeit with the help of that blue pill.

I said in the beginning that perceptions are important, let them think we're all sex maniacs as we die with a smile on our faces in the Land of Smiles.

And this was supposed to be a serious submission, I got sidetracked, must have Alzheimer's!

Stickman's thoughts:

I agree that the older guys are the bets candidates for Thailand, and for the younger guys, there is a real opportunity cost.