Stickman Readers' Submissions October 4th, 2006

I Know I Am A Fool…But I Miss Her Anyway Part 2

Hello fellow mongers and everyone else! In the first part of my submission I discussed my first trip to Thailand and the many trials and tribulations I had there. Most of the mistakes I made were my own fault and I accept that. However, I also had a lot
of fun and was anxious to go back to the Land of Smiles. I had met a pretty woman named Jang during the spring of 2005. When I returned home from Thailand, all I could think about for months was Jang. I resolved to return to Thailand in 2006.

I got a good deal on tickets online. The flight took off from Atlanta and had only one stop at Seoul, Korea. The best part was I avoided the terror called O'Hare in Chicago! This year I scheduled my trip three months before I left. Therefore,
I was better able to plan my trip. The airline was a Korean airline which is excellent. I don't know how they can offer such excellent service at such an inexpensive price! The trip was 22 hours long and would have stressed an ordinary traveler.
I think that most people who go Thailand are from a stronger stuff though. I was tired and jet-lagged when I arrived at the airport in Bangkok. Having a 300 pound woman snoring and complaining for the whole trip didn't help either.

He Clinic Bangkok

I was a lot savvier on this trip than on my previous one. I had done my research on hotels and decided to go to the Nana due to the high approval ratings at most of the travel sites. The Nana was also very close to the skytrain and an easy
hotel to find for even the most inexperienced cabbies. I probably should have taken the skytrain, but I didn't feel that adventurous yet. Instead I took a new metered taxi. The driver spoke little English, but was friendly enough and wasn't
a tout. The Nana Hotel was also very close to the wild Soi Cowboy part of Bangkok (between soi 21 & 23). What surprised me was the amount of traffic on this part of the Sukhumvit Rd. There were so many cars, food stands, and people that my
cab was constantly maneuvering around all of them to get to the hotel. Finally, the cab arrived at the hotel. The Nana Hotel Had a special for about B 1,000 a night. That was a deal! The hotel was awesome. It had many amenities like a pool, bar,
restaurant, etc. The rooms were very clean and modern and included a nice television with many channels.

The staff was also friendly and very helpful. The Thai bellhop helped me with my luggage (only 1 carry on bag) and escorted me to my room. He mentioned that he could provide me with some female companionship if I wanted. I was very tired
from the long flight, but my monger part went into overdrive. I told him, "That sounds good but how much is it going to cost me?" He told that it would only be B2,000 and that would be for long time. I asked how if she would do short
time for 1,000. I didn't know her so I didn't want her in my room after I fell asleep. I also didn't want to spend that much for limited action. He called her on his phone and she agreed.

The woman came to my room about 30 minutes later. She was very plain looking and very small. She looked like she was in her 30's. She said her name, but I can't remember it. She was a lot friendlier than the whore I met in Bangkok
last year. She had a scar from giving birth to a child, but she wasn't fat. I wasn't very impressed, but I tried to make the best of the situation and started taking off my clothes. She soon followed and looked a little better naked.
She had a slim build and was very conscious of her scar. We soon started shagging. She moved pretty well. In fact, very well. Two hours later we were both tired and I was very satisfied. Her looks were very deceiving. I have had sex with many
beautiful and young women, but this older Thai woman with stretch marks was a sex machine. In the States, they say that average looking women are sometimes better in bed than beautiful women because they try harder. I fully agreed with that sentiment
after my experience. I paid her a good tip and slept well that night.

CBD bangkok

Last time I came to Bangkok, I had a horrible experience with a bad hotel pushed on me by a tout cabbie. I was so disgusted by the experience that I left Bangkok the next morning in that awful hotel (The Washington Suite). This trip I promised
myself to experience Bangkok for at least a couple of days before going to Pattaya. I had told my barfriend girlfriend Jang that I would spend a couple of days in Bangkok and then see her in Pattaya. I think she knew what I was up to. She e-mailed
me and said that she could meet me in Bangkok since she had a friend who lived there. I received this e-mail, but only after I left Bangkok. I didn't bother checking my e-mail there because I had already e-mailed her and told her I would
call her when I arrived in Pattaya. I was anxious to try the famous massage parlors of Bangkok. I found a place near Sukhumvit Rd.

I don't remember the name of the place, but it was near the Cultural center. There was a huge room with about 50 beautiful women. I chose 2 big busted beauties and they escorted me to the room. Inside the room were a big bathtub and
a large mattress on the floor. These two women stripped naked and instructed me to do the same. They then washed me in the tub. Then the fun part started. They poured soapie bubbles over the mattress on the floor. They brought me over to the mattress
and had me lay down on it. Then they put the soapie mixture on my body. They proceeded to lay on top of me, one woman on my right side, one on my left. They then slid up and down me. The bubbles solution provided the lubrication that enabled them
to 'slip & slide' up and down on me. It was an experience that I never had before. This was the famous 'Soapie Massage'. Every one of you Farangs need to experience this at least once in your lives! I was so thrilled with
the massage that I got another one a couple hours after. This was a smaller place (which also meant it was only B1,000 bah per woman versus B2,500 at the previous place). The woman there was about 5 foot tall, but seemed very enthusiastic. However,
the room looked sort of worn out and wasn't as fancy as the first place. This wasn't a 'Soapie' massage, but I got a good massage and the prerequisite 'Happy Ending'. After I was done, the cabbie asked if I wanted
to go to one of tout massage services, but I was getting tired and declined. I had an uneventful night at the Nana Hotel and slept for 12 solid hours.

The next day I decided this was going to be my last day in Bangkok. The Nana Hotel was great, but I was getting tired of the Bangkok traffic and needed to see the girlfriend before she got too suspicious. I had heard about a bar called 'Lolita's'
on the Internet. Lolita's was located in Bangkok and featured many pretty ladies dressed like school girls. They were all legal age of course! The school girl angle was interesting, but not my main reason for visiting Lolita's. I was
fascinated by the fact that Lolita's unabashingly advertised itself as a blowjob bar! What's a blowjob bar you ask? It's exactly what it sounds like — a normal bar on the first floor and blowjobs on the second floor. The bar itself
was very modern looking and clean. When I first entered the bar, a bevy of pretty women smiled at me in their schoolgirl uniforms. They all looked cute, but I wanted a drink first. I ordered a Singha beer and slowly sipped it. The bartender was
a nice-looking Thai woman who spoke some English. We talked about the bar and her work for a little while. Finally, I asked her about the women and the blowjob bar. She said I had to choose the woman that I wanted and go upstairs to the blow job
rooms. Simple enough. I was feely very horny so I decided to take two women with me. The stairs were so steep that I thought I was climbing a pyramid. There were many rooms and we entered the first one. The room was small, but clean and very cold.
They must have been running the air conditioner for hours straight! I got comfortable and undressed. They did the same and cleaned me in a very sanitary way. I went with two women for a good reason. I realized that I sometimes take a long time
to get off, so if one woman got too tired, then I would have her rotate positions with the other one. In other words, they would take turns. It lasted about a half hour, but I finally got off. I gave each woman a B500 tip and paid the bar fee
of B600 downstairs. I drank another beer for about a half hour. Then I got two more women and did the act again. Boy was I horny! Before I left, the manager of the bar told me they had another 'Lolita's' in Pattaya and that I should
try that one out, too. He gave me his business card and I put it in my wallet. Pattaya was sounding more and more fun every minute!

The next day I left for Pattaya. It was the usual 2-3 hour ride and it was long and uneventful. I planned on staying at the Flipper Lodge because I had stayed there the year before and had a pleasant time there. Unfortunately, the Flipper
Lodge was booked out when I arrived there. Surprisingly, the bellhop recognized me and he apologized about the situation. He told me the Flipper House hotel, which was only a block away, had vacancies. I was disappointed, but I went to the Flipper
House. The Flipper House was like the Flipper Lodge in many ways. It was very clean, had many amenities, and was a very reasonable B1,000 a night. The only thing that bothered me was the air conditioning key. Last year when I went to the Flipper
Lodge, I had this same problem. In order to conserve air conditioning, the air conditioning key was attached to the hotel room key ring. Therefore, you could only have the air conditioning running if you were physically in the room. I had defeated
this mechanism last year by simply taking the air conditioning key off the key ring and leaving it in the air condition key slot all the time. However, it seems like the Flipper House had caught on to this trick. They had soldered the air conditioner
key to the metal key ring so it was almost impossible to get off. I tried every trick I could think of, even that trick Stickman talked about of putting a piece of cardboard in the slot. None of it worked and I finally gave up. I was tired from
all this, and called the hotel massage therapist to relax me. Surprise! She was the same massage lady I had from last year at the Flipper Lodge. She recognized me as well and then proceeded to give me a very sensuous massage.

wonderland clinic

After the massage lady left, I decided to call Jang. She had given me her cell number last time and I tried it. When she answered it she sounded a little upset. I asked what was wrong. She said that she had e-mailed me when I was in Bangkok and had never
received a reply. She said that she had met a girlfriend of hers in Bangkok and wanted to meet me there. I told her that I had e-mailed her just before I left for my trip and told her I was going to meet her in Pattaya. I had never said anything
about meeting her in Bangkok. The fact was that by the time I actually read my e-mail in Bangkok, she had already left to go to Pattaya. It was a classic case of miscommunication. She insinuated I did it on purpose so that I could have short-time
with many girls (and that wasn't completely untrue) but I insisted it was just a mistake. She finally calmed down and I asked when she could come see me at the hotel. She said she was busy now and couldn't see me until tomorrow. I was
disappointed, but what could I do? I said, "Goodbye, see you then." I figured she was getting back at me for having fun without her in Bangkok. Since there was nothing else to do about it, I went to the beer bar across the street from
the hotel and ordered a beer. The mamasan was sitting right next to me and we talked for a while. She told me I looked lonely and suggested one of her girls. I figured I might as well since I had no other companions tonight. She was a pretty woman
who looked about 24 years old. She was friendly and we went to the convenience store for some things. We then went back to the hotel. My mind can be very single minded at times, and all I was thinking about was shagging this pretty Thai lady.
I took off all my clothes and then she took off hers. I was eagerly awaiting my first sex in 24 hours (a long time in Thailand). The phone rings. It rings again and I finally answer it after about 5 rings. It is Jang. I don't know why, but
suddenly I feel very nervous. I put my finger up to my lips in the universal sign of silence and start to talk on the phone. Women must have a sixth sense or something. The first thing Jang asks me is if I have another woman in the room. I reply,
"Of course not. I am waiting for you darling!". I am not a genius, but I'm not downright stupid either! I think she knew, but since she couldn't prove it she just said, "Me and my sister see you in 10 minutes darling!".
I'm thinking, "Oh Sh*t! What happened to tomorrow? Now she wants to see me immediately." I asked my bargirl if she could leave immediately. I gave her her full barfine and even a nice tip. I think she understood when I muttered,
"Girlfriend" and she hurried away back to her bar. I straightened myself out, calmed myself with 10 deep breathes, and cleaned up the room a little. In a little while, my girlfriend Jang and her sister arrived. They came right up to
my room and knocked on my door. I was a little scared, but I answered the door anyway. Jang and her sister Bok were standing there with that welcoming Thai grin on their faces. Jang looked like she had lost a little weight (no, she wasn't
fat or even plump before) and her sister looked about the same as she had last year. We all hugged and exchanged greetings. Jang looked at me suspiciously and asked again if there were any women in the room when she called. I told her to look
around, but that there weren't any women in the room. Gods, I felt like this woman was interrogating me! She finally moved on to another subject, and suggested that I move to another hotel closer to her sister's bar. I really liked the
Flipper House and didn't want to move. However, she mentioned that her hotel was closer to Walking Street so I would actually save money by not having to take as many taxis everywhere. I didn't like the reasoning, but she had a point
(and I wanted to appease her) so I moved out of The Flipper House and into The Diamond Beach hotel on Soi 14.

The Diamond Beach hotel was ok. The location was excellent. Right near Walking Street on soi 14. They had air conditioning that ran all the time – even when you weren't in the room! However, the water pressure was pretty weak and I saw
more than a couple of bugs in the next weeks. The price, at B800, was cheap so I was at least partially satisfied. The three of us went out to a fine restaurant (Vientiane I think) and had a good meal. Afterwards, we went shopping at Big C because
Jang needed some things. She mentioned that she wanted a Thai/English translator called a 'Talking Dict'. Big C had some translator computers, but not the brand that she wanted. After a while, we went back to the hotel and had some carnal
pleasures. Jang is a very clean person and takes as many showers in a day as I take in a couple of days. In the US, I am used to taking one shower a day, and two only if it is a very hot day and I have done some yard work or something like that.
Jang insisted that I take a shower before sex and after sex (no exceptions). I thought that was one shower too much, but I complied because failure to do so would have drastic consequences for a monger. I was tired and took a nap while Jang watched
Thai movies on the television. Later, we went to her sister's bar (The Morningstar Bar near soi 16?) And unwound with a few drinks

I shall not bore you with details. I got very drunk that night and slept until late the next day. Jang was still sleeping so I guess she had her tipple as well. I left her to sleep and went to the hotel restaurant. I was surprised to find
that I was the only customer. I ordered 4 eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, etc. You get the picture, I was trying to eradicate the alcohol from my system through gluttony. The food wasn't delicious, but it wasn't bad. It filled me up and
I was satisfied. I went back upstairs and slept on a full stomach. Jang finally woke up and we went to another restaurant with her sister. It was a Thai restaurant and I enjoyed the spicy food. Later that night we went back to the Morningstar
bar (starting to see a pattern here). I played some pool with some bargirl who whipped me badly. It probably didn't help drinking at least 3 Kloster beers, but I think she would have beat me even if I was sober. I then tried darts with mixed
results. I had never played darts before and it showed. The first time I missed the dart board completely. The second time I hit it, but the dart seemed to bounce off the edge and almost hit another patron of the bar. I decided to stick to pool.
Jang wanted to go to Tony's on Walking Street. I hated Tony's and all overly loud pretentious nightclubs, but I obliged because I knew she really wanted to go. I had a bad time, but made the most of it by getting stinking drunk. You
know, the loud stereo system and throngs of people didn't bother me as much after a fifth of vodka. I couldn't remember much more after that and somehow ended up at my hotel room in the morning. Jang was upset when she woke up. She said
I started giving everyone tips when I got drunk at Tony's. She said I even danced with a Ladyboy. This embarrassed me immensely and I resolved not to get stinking drunk again.

I tried to wine and dine Jang as best as I could. Nothing was too good for her. I took her to any restaurant she wanted to in the next week and a half. I paid for her friends as well. I thought that was getting a little too much to take,
but I was a p*ssywhipped farang. Jang told me her mother and her baby son would be coming to see us in the next couple of days. I thought, "Great. More people to feed and entertain." Jang's mother arrived the next day. We went to
see her and I gave Jang her long time money (about B20,000). She immediately gave her mother almost all of this and her mother looked very pleased. Her son was a 2 year old hellion. He was constantly in motion and Jang's mother seemed to
have the full-time job of watching over him. We went out to dinner, and the boy pulled the table cloth off, threw and broke some plates, and bit our waiter. I kept on thinking about that boy in the movie "Problem Child"! From what I
experienced it seemed like Thai males are given more latitude in how they act than the females. Jang's little boy was constantly disrupting something, but I hardly ever saw them discipline him even a little bit. They actually laughed when
he was acting up in the restaurant.

We went to the zoo the next day and took Jang's mother and son along. The Tiger Zoo was a fun place to go and had many interesting animals and a crocodile show. The crocodile show was my favorite and had a Thai man and his female assistant
antagonize some mean looking crocs. They even put their heads inside the croc's mouth! It was scary to watch, but I guess they had some stories to tell their grandchildren (if they lived that long). During this time, I felt a sharp slap on
the back of my neck. The little boy had smacked me on the back of neck! He did it a couple of more times and I was becoming very irritated. I was angry because all of the adults (Jang, her mother, & her friend) were laughing at me and almost
encouraging the boy by saying, "He hit Farang. He don't like Farang". I know they were probably kidding, but in my country you wouldn't be laughing if your kid was hitting a stranger. Most parents I know would probably be embarrassed
and apologize for the act. They finally realized I was mad and said I should hit the kid if I didn't like his behavior. I was raised in a household which generally frowned on corporal punishment, and I also wasn't comfortable inflicting
punishment on someone else's kid so I declined. Instead, I said the zoo trip was over and I was going back to the hotel.

The taxi driver we had spoke some English and he knew I was upset. He told me that Thai people weren't as serious as me and that they were just having fun and joking. I told him I understood, but that I had done my best to respect and
understand their culture and having their kid hit me on the neck while they laughed didn't seem good recompense. Everyone was quiet in the cab, and I realized I had probably lost face, but I didn't care. I was the one paying for everything
and yet it seemed like I was the big joke. I went back to the hotel room and Jang went with her sister and mother. I didn't see them for a couple of hours.

Earlier I mentioned that I went to the Lolita's blowjob bar in Bangkok. The manager there told me that they also had another Lolita's in Pattaya near Soi 6 and Diana hotel. I was feeling a little peeved at the girlfriend so I decided
this might cheer me up. I took a moto-taxi to Lolita's. The bar was very nice and had a crocodile in a fish tank. The women were pretty and I chose a pair. I think I was pretty sexed-up by this time and it was getting harder for me to get
aroused (imagine that?). I visited Lolita's a lot after that, mostly when the girlfriend went to visit her mother. The manager gave me a card which he stamped with a hole puncher. I looked at him quizzically, and he told me he would punch
a hole in my card for each woman I took upstairs. He told me after the 9th punch I would get a free 10th blowjob from any woman in the bar. This seemed like a good incentive and when I got to the 9th punch he told me I got the free blowjob faster
than anyone in the past year. I actually felt proud, sort of like I had won the whoremonger Olympics or something like that.

It may seem to a lot of you that I am a whoring dog. However true that may be I still liked Jang for friendship as well as sex. An earlier incident didn't escape my notice though. Jang and I were eating at a Mexican restaurant and her
cell phone rang. She answered the phone and immediately walked to the opposite side of the restaurant. She had no reason to go to another place from where we were sitting. It was quiet enough for her to talk on the cell phone. I asked her about
this, and she didn't have a good answer. I told her if she had another farang friend it was ok if she talked to him in my presence. I said I wasn't the jealous type and she didn't have to hide her other relationship from me. Now
that I think back on it, I think she was probably trying to hide me from the other farang. Maybe he was under the illusion (as I once was) that having a bargirl is like a monogamous relationship. More of these 'secret' phone calls followed
in the next week and I admit that even though I wasn't overtly jealous, it did hurt me that she would allow all these farangs to call her while I was with her. I was not naive enough to think I was her only man, but at least she could wait
until my timeshare relationship ended. Finally, it just hit me. I knew that no matter how much money I spent on her or how well I treated her it would never be enough. She would always play all sides to get the best deal. She provided a great
GFE (girl friend experience) but when it came down to it she was a prostitute. My heart had fooled my brain into trying to think otherwise, but all evidence said I was a fool. The evening I thought about this, I became very depressed. I told Jang
if she wanted to leave me it was ok and I would pay her long-time money and be done with it. She inexplicably said, "your choice" when I asked her this. I gave her B20,000 and even offered her my laptop computer (depression can make
you do stupid things). She still wouldn't accept my money or computer and just asked me if I wanted her to stay or to go. I didn't want it to be my decision. I think I felt if I decided to let her go, I would feel worse in the long run.
Instead, if she decided to go by herself, then I would say it was her decision and that there was nothing I could have done about it. We finally laid on the bed and she just put her arm around me and we both slept. It was one of the only times
we didn't have sex and it felt strange. When I woke up the next morning, I pretty much accepted my relationship for what it was and just tried to enjoy my final days in Thailand.

You might think that after knowing my relationship was a fraud that I didn't care much about Jang after that. That might have been the logical route that most people would have taken, but I still cared for the girl. I knew this because
I took her in my taxi when I went to the airport to go back home. She held my hand most of the way to the airport and I felt a lump rising in my throat. When I hugged her for the last time at the airport, I had a tear in my eye. The last thing
she asked me was," you got money so I can eat food on way back?". I only had B200 left for her because I needed the B500 for the airport tax.

When a relationship is solely based on money, the well being of the relationship is directly proportional to the amount spent. When I got home, I still felt pangs of loneliness for Jang. I e-mailed her and she e-mailed me once in a while.
However, one time she said she was broke now and living on B120 a day working for twelve hours a day in a snake-infested rice field. I though about it. She was indirectly asking me if I would send her money. I had given her almost $3,000 since
the last year when I had first met her. I had bought her an expensive Thai talking dictionary and expensive cell phone. I had taken her to any restaurant she wanted to go to and paid for her as well as for her friends and family. Like Kenny Rogers
says, "you got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, Know when to walk away and know when to run." I told her I was broke. It was true in more ways than one.

Stickman's thoughts:

No comments as I didn't read it all. Personally, this type of submission doesn't interest me, but I post it as I know some guys like this type of thing.

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