Stickman Readers' Submissions October 17th, 2006

I Gouye To Bed Supper Club Nouy And Then

I arrived in Bangkok and within 5 minutes my friend Dai called. He and Darran had arrived a few days previous and were already in Pattaya. They wanted me to come straight down and join them as they were having a great time as usual (Another story about
this to follow). I decided to stay a night in Bangkok so I could have another look at Nana Plaza and also to go to Bed Supper Club again. I checked into The Ambassador before heading over to the Biergarten on Soi 7 to have a few while I checked
my emails.

I got chatting with another bloke there who was also checking emails and he said him and his mates usually meet up on a Friday and have a few drinks in a bar in Nana Plaza. He said it was cool for me to join them so we jumped in a taxi and
headed off. I had only ever been to Nana Plaza once and that was at night. It was a different sight altogether in the day! We went to one of the upstairs beer bars and there was a group of about 6 blokes sat around a table all drinking and having
a laugh.

He Clinic Bangkok

The bar had an offer on of 200 baht for drink as much as you want Heineken until 9pm I think. This should be interesting I thought, as it was only about 4pm! The guys who were there were all expats and were of varying ages. The oldest was
about late 50’s and the youngest would have been around the same age as me, 25. It is probably quite possible that they are contributors to this site and probably friends of Stickman himself. They had a lot of stories to tell about Bangkok
and they were great fun to listen too. I must apologise though as I don’t remember their names.

The craic was good and at about 8.30pm I was feeling fairly drunk and thought I would go back to the hotel for a shower and if possible a power 10 nap! I still wanted to go Bed Supper Club and knew that if I carried on drinking with those
lads there was no way I would make it. In a way I envied them though. Living in Thailand must be awesome, not sure about Bangkok though but I guess like at home it always pays work wise to live in the big cities. I said goodbye to my drinking
buddies and headed down the stairs to the ground floor. It had got dark and the lights were all on and it reminded me of the last time I was here (Another story to follow on this too). There were girls arriving in groups and they were giving me
the customary hello hansum man, where you go etc!

Another taxi and back to the hotel. Up to the room and straight into the shower I had to try to sober myself up a little as I had drank a lot more than I thought. I still had quite a while before I wanted to go over to “bedsup”
so I decided to get some food downstairs and then chill out in the room until about 10ish!

CBD bangkok

After food I started to get tired so decided I needed to get out right away. Headed over to the Biergarten and found a seat facing out onto the road so I could do some people watching. Been in Bangkok a few hours and not really seen any women
that took my fancy, plenty of 8’s and 9’s but no 10’s! Well as is typical I believe in Bangkok…boom, there she was and…boom, oh my good there are two of her and they are together, smiling over at me and giggling together.

I decided to go over to their table and introduce myself, hell what is the worst they could do? Yep you're right, no need to panic – they were very welcoming as all Thai girls are and we soon got acquainted. Bee (20) and Nouy (19) were
there names and they were friends who had come from Isaan together and had been working in Bangkok for almost a year. Their English was ok which was good, as I don’t speak a word of Thai. They didn’t give their occupations and I
didn’t ask, they were obviously freelancers and I was cool with that.

I asked them what their plans for the night were and they said they were going to a disco. It was called Thermae they said, but I had never heard of it so wasn’t sure whether to change my plans so I could check them out a bit more!
By this time it was obvious that Nouy and me were developing a sort of connection, she was holding my arm as we spoke and she made sure that I was constantly looking at her by giving me the best smile I have ever seen.

I asked them if they wanted to come to bed sup with me but they declined and said they would prefer to carry on with their plans. I was disappointed but Nouy and me exchanged numbers as she said perhaps we could meet later. I should have
gone with them because I understand from reading this site that Thermae is some spot!!

wonderland clinic

Anyway I had made up my mind that I wanted to see bed sup once more so I left the two girls and wandered the few hundred yards up the road to the club. If you haven’t seen it before the club is pretty cool looking from outside and
is even cooler on the inside. It is raised from the ground on legs like a spaceship from star wars and inside it is all done out in white and the service girls are stunning to say the least.

It cost me 500 baht to get in and this includes 2 drinks, the place wasn’t that busy and I had no problems getting a seat. The music was funky house but it was played at a low level so people could still talk to each other. I was only
in there about 20 minutes or so when I started thinking about the wee beauty I had just met. I tried to get her off my mind by going around to the dance room and having a few more vodka Red Bulls. It was no good; I wanted to have her with me there
and then. I decided to leave the club and phone Nouy on the way! She answered after just a few rings and even though it was loud we agreed she would come meet me at the hotel.

She arrived approx 30 minutes later and she looked just as good as I remembered. Probably only about 40 kg and she had curves in the right places. I sorted out the extra with the hotel and it was up to the room without any hassle. She showered
first and then decided to climb back in with me when I got in.

I won’t go into the details of what happened next but it was a very good night. The morning continued as the night left off and we ended up staying in bed until about 1pm! Even though I was having a good time I knew that the real fun
in my stay was going to be with the boys in Pattaya. So we showered and Nouy left so I could pack my stuff and go find a taxi. She hadn’t asked for any money but I made sure that I put a fair amount into her bag and gave her some taxi money
too. We had discussed meeting again and I told her I would call when I was back in Bangkok before my flight back to the UK.

I packed up my stuff and went downstairs and checked out of the hotel, I only had a small bag as I knew how cheap it was to pick up clothes here so I went to find a travel operator to organise a taxi for me to get to Pattaya.

Next story will detail my couple of weeks in Pattaya where I learnt that next time I’m here, to sort out transport straight to Pattaya and miss Bangkok altogether. I would still like to check out Thermae though.

Stickman's thoughts:

You've gotta laugh. Bed Supper Club is full of attractive women whereas Thermae, well, let's say it appeals to some…

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