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Crime Suppression Unit Part 5

Dear Readers; My apologies. I beg your indulgence. What started out as a simple two part story, (Readers' Submissions 11, The Drug Deal 29/7/2006 and Pay Back 5/8/2006) has turned into more than I expected with the addition of Crime Suppression Unit,
23/9/2006 and then spilled over into Readers Submissions 12 to Crime Suppression Unit Parts 2, 3 and 4. I enclose part five for your perusal. Where will it end? I have no idea. Soopies / Sonia insists on telling her story and she can not be denied.
CRIME SUPPRESSION UNIT PART FIVE BURMA BOUND Andrew Campbell swung the big sedan around and stepped on the gas. He was headed towards the Expressway and then to the new Suvarnabhumi Airport.

I don't know how just the three of us are going to get past the guards to save Aung Saan Suu Kyi's life.' Said Soopies.

Andrew turned in his seat. It's going to be harder than I thought. I was really depending on Vincent coming with us. I've been to Myanmar before. Since I'm with the American Drug Enforcement Agency they assign a tour guide
to me twenty-four hours a day.

My travel is curtailed and of course recorded. Anyone that speaks to me falls under suspicion.

You two are going to have to do all the scouting. When we're ready, I'll lock my escort in the closet and meet you near the Democracy Monument. Doctor Winn Mee has an appointment with her on Thursday at three o'clock.

We have to break into the house, convince Suu Kyi that the Doctor is planning to murder her and then make our escape. I will have tickets for the next flight out of the country at six o'clock.'

What are you nuts?' Rick said. You should be writing movies. We don't even know where she lives.'

University Avenue, near the Democracy Monument. Hire a cab and drive by but don't ask for Suu Kyis house; just mention the monument and keep your eyes open. You don't want to draw suspicion to yourselves.' They reached the
airport and parked the car. They found the ticket counter, went through immigration and waited to board the plane. An announcement came over the loud speaker. The plane to Yangon was boarding. Rangoon was now Yangon and Burma was Myanmar. Mandalay
remained the same, thankfully for the flying fishes that play. They entered the plane and sat back.

The ride would not take long.

Rick leaned over to speak to Andrew. So how does the doctor plan to kill Suu Kyi?'

Soopies tugged on Rick's sleeve. She moved closer and whispered into his ear. Did you ever hear of the mile-high club?'

Not now Soopies.'

'Is this going to be one of those no fun, do what you are told, be quiet kind of trips?'

Yes it is and if you don't like it stay on the plane and go back to Bangkok.'

No way are you going to go without me and besides, who is going to take care of you?'

I'm not going to have sex in Burma. They don't have bars like in Nana.'

I know about Yangon. You can go to a late night disco and take home a gorgeous girl for twenty-five dollars. What I mean is that I want to be sure you are safe.'

Don't worry about it; I can take care of myself.'

Like when you and Vincent were tied together and that big army guy was poking you in the chest with the knife; you mean like that?' Rick wondered how long he would have to listen to the fact that she had saved his life–for a very long
time no doubt.

The only other thing that would have been worse would have been if she had found him with another woman. In a case like this, women have memories that make elephants look like they have Alzheimer's. You would hear about it for the rest
of your life and afterwards too if she had any control over that. Probably throw a note in your coffin. All right Sonia. You win. Now please let me talk to Andrew for a while.'

Andrew, if I need you, can I call you at the American Embassy or The Strand Hotel?'

Don't even try. All of the phones are tapped since the government is in charge of communications.'

Okay, tell me how will the doctor try to kill Suu Kyi?'

The doctor is going to poison her tea. Her food is bought and prepared by her housekeeper. No one would suspect Doctor Mee. She will have spasms and die within a few minutes. Jake supplied the poison. Look for a small white pill the size
of a Valium. The death certificate will read heart attack-death from natural causes. Since Suu Kyi is Buddhist, there will be a cremation soon afterwards and no one will ever know the truth. There will be much weeping and hand wringing by the
government and a week of national mourning. And then with The National League For Democracy aligned with the government, the trade and money will start to roll in.'

Rick settled back in his seat, closed his eyes and tried to sleep. After a while Andrew nudged him. We're about to land and we are above Rangoon now. Check it out.' He pointed to the plane window. Rick peered through the thick plastic.
The city was underneath and he saw a shiny gold dot on the edge of the metropolis. It was the Shwedagon Pagoda, a hundred meters high and covered with eight-hundred plates of gold. The site itself was twenty-five hundred years old and contained
may other wats and temples.

The plane was descending. Andrew, you have to do one thing. Get a gun. We'll need one. We can't just waltz past the guards. It's going to be difficult enough but we must have a weapon.'

Where am I supposed to get one?'

From the embassy, for Christ sakes. Just check one out.'

Where do you think I'm going? To the supermarket? No one there's going to hand over a weapon to me. I'm a United States representative here on supposedly official business. If anything happens it will turn into an international
incident and we are trying to maintain relations with Myanmar. I'm better off staying out of this whole thing anyway. If you are arrested I will be more valuable as back up. I will be able to file writs and protests.'

Right, while they are pulling my fingernails out- you will be writing letters on my behalf.'

They will not torture an American citizen but they can throw you in jail for ten years and we can do nothing about it as we are not trading with Myanmar we can't impose sanctions can we? One more thing, we have to deplane separately
so we do not appear to be associated with each other.'

Rick grabbed Andrew by the shirt, pulling him close. You better have a gun with you when you meet us on Thursday.'

The plane taxied to a stand still. Rick got up and motioned to Sonia without looking back at Andrew. A blast of hot air hit Rick at the door. He walked down the stairs towards the the terminal entrance, following the line of people to Customs
and Immigration. The desk was about twenty feet long with a dozen people sitting behind it. Some wore uniforms and some were in plain clothes. Rick handed over the passports and visa applications, following the paperwork along as it was stamped
and inspected. The last officer asked for twenty-five dollars for each person.

Rick and Soopies walked from the counter and across the lobby. There was only one luggage carousel slowly revolving. The lobby was about eighty feet long with a green terrazzo floor. There was a tourist and hotel reservation booth at the
far end. When Soopies' suitcase came around, Rick grabbed it and headed towards the reservations desk.

The girls behind the counter were both pretty with dark skin and black hair. They wore matching uniforms of long sleeved white shirts, blue and gold silk shawls over one shoulder and blue silk skirts.

I would like a hotel in the center of town with air-conditioning please,'Rick said.

And a swimming pool,' Sonia piped up.

We can reserve a room for you at the Pyin Oo Lwin Hotel. It has a pool, bar and restaurant. It is only sixty dollars a night. You can pay for the first night here and we will supply you with free transportation to the hotel.'

Rick pushed three twenties towards the girl and she gave him a purple ticket. Just give this coupon to any taxi driver outside. I'll write your destination on the back.'

Rick and Sonia walked into the sunlight again. There were a bunch of pickup trucks with bench seats and canvas overhead covers parked in front of the terminal. A dozen men swarmed over Rick and Sonia. Most wore longees around their waists,
like a sarong.

They shouted and held out their arms, waving to the couple. Transport. Transport,' they clamored as they scrambled over each other and pushed foreword. One man started to pull on Rick's shirt, trying to get him to head towards his
truck and another one grabbed Sonia's elbow.

Sonia put her hand in the man's chest and shoved hard. He toppled backwards into the crowd.

Rick looked surprised as he pulled the coupon from his pocket. I thought Thais were supposed to be non-confrontational.'

Not this Thai. I don't like people pawing at me.'

The transfer was suddenly snatched from his hand. Rick looked down at a boy who could not be more than ten or twelve years old. His straight black hair fell over his forehead and the boy was grinning from ear to ear. He wore a ragged pair
of shorts. He had neither shoes nor shirt. All of his ribs were plainly visible.

You come me.' He turned and hurried away.

The boy ran towards the airport gate.

Hey. Give me back my transfer,' Rick shouted.

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