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  • Written by Anonymous
  • October 18th, 2006
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A couple of items I've read on this site have jogged my memory.

My first visit to LOS was around the late seventies. I was working in the Sultanate of Oman, it was the time in my life when I was working away a lot and one of the ways of passing the time was writing to pen friends around the world, at
this point I was in contact with a nurse in Karachi, so holiday time came round and it just seemed like a good idea to take it in Pakistan.

5 days after arriving I flew to New Delhi to catch a Pam-Am flight to Bangkok, having booked a flight and hotel with a travel agent in Karachi. There was a 9 hour wait, but when the plane arrived it was no longer flying further, no reason
given, eventually I managed to get a seat on Japan Air.

We arrived about 10.30 /11. A.m. took a limousine taxi to the hotel I'd booked only to find out they hadn't bothered to book it, they only had a suite left, at $12.00 per night. So here I was first time in LOS and at the Nana Hotel,
looking back the Gods must have been on my side.

Although I didn't realise it until later I'd come across that expression 'It's Thailand' I had to wait for the room to be made ready and sitting in reception area the manager and a tourist came out of his office with
the tourist saying quite loudly ' You must be wrong she was a nice girl, I can't believe she stole all my money, it must be someone came into the room whilst I was having a shower.'

Being a newbie I fell headlong into all the things I shouldn't have done, the bell boy took my suitcase up to the room, I must have had not only green eyes but green skin, 'Would you like a young lady' so you end up not only
paying the girl, the Bar but him also, not just for the transaction but every day you keep her. Now I know better.

The next morning a complimentary Bangkok Post was slipped under the door. What I thought normal with bunches of soldiers along the airport road, was in fact a 'Coup' had occurred the night before, but it hadn't made any difference
to the normal Thai people.

A few years later I was already in Bangkok, staying with some friends in the north of the city, in fact this particular day I was leaving them to go to Pattaya, and we got a taxi and started for the bus station to Pattaya.

The roads seemed remarkably clear of traffic, we were racing up this wide road with only us and a guy on a motor cycle in front of us, suddenly a Tank turned into our road, the taxi did a u-turn and the motorcyclist slammed on his brakes
and before it had fully stopped jumped off and leaving the motorcycle in the road way he literally dived into a shop.

We went a different way and was soon heading down Sukhumvit Road. You wouldn't believe the two areas were in the same city, Sukhumvit was practically at a stand still, all the stalls and shops were open and people were strolling and
shopping as usual. I have since found out that soldiers in the coups usually surround Radio and TV stations and other Government buildings.

As a P.S. the Coup lasted in the media in the U.K. for about 2 and a half days, one thing I couldn't understand about the U.K. Government was them saying they didn't believe the Coup should have taken place, the voting booth was
the place to change things, now I'm just a thick normal person but I can read how Tacky had done all the things he had including paying for votes, how was voting going to change things?

In all the years I have been going to LOS I appeared to have been very lucky in meeting females, Yes I've had my share of silent dumb starfish, but they were very soon gone.

As for the difference between 'Good Girls and Bar Girls' In my experience there is good and bad in both types as some of the articles on this site have proved, I have met some very good bar girls, kind hearted etc, I have also met some 'Good Girls' who are a damn sight worse than any Bar Girls. You just have to stand back and use sense and not get sucked into the 'brains in the trousers syndrome scenario.'

I'll see if I can put together some of my experiences with both types in future articles.

Stickman's thoughts:

Thrilling stuff, had me on the edge of my seat until the very end.