Stickman Readers' Submissions September 14th, 2006

Vietnam Thumbs Down

By Carlos

My name is Carlos and I ventured into Vietnam twice in search of love, a girl I met on the internet 3 years ago. We still chat to this day. I know and feel what the guys have gone through on your site.

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It happened one day that I was bored and decided to go on Yahoo chat for the first time and stumbled upon "regional" and there it was, Vietnam. I was always infatuated with Asian girls, maybe because of all the kung fu flicks my Dad would take
me to in the 70's, naked Asian chicks with pigtails always gave me a hard on.

Well, to make a story short I met her online and we arranged to meet. I would go to her country to visit her. Scared to death because I had never ventured so far in my life and I was going alone – no tourist group just me. Mind you, I went when they were doing the first beheadings in Iraq and they said no Americans are to venture overseas. Man, I did! But, I was lucky.

I stood there a month in her home, and in one week she was allowed to sleep with me in the room. We had sex about 4 or 5 times a day and I tell you, Vietnamese women are very shapely big tits and asses -I was impressed.

Well, she told I was her first and shit, 6 months down the road as I am back in the States she breaks down and tells me she was married before at 18 to a 40 year old Taiwanese man who took her virginity of course. She said she only knew him 2 months and
they were married because her parents saw that he was wealthy and it's common to see middle aged Taiwanese men looking for young brides or just to use them and take off.

Well I got her email password. I don't know how, was just playing around with numbers and words and voila! I found emails telling men in England and Australia to come to Vietnam and get engaged. I saw that ,cursed her out and told her I was through
with the whore that she was after crying and cutting off her long hair to prove she loved me I told her that she was a crazy bitch!

Ok, I forgave her. Now mind you, in the beginning I was sending her 100 USD every month. Then she was like, dear, I need a cell phone. Ok how much? 250 USD dollars? I said really? That much in Vietnam? Yes. Ok I will send it tomorrow. I mailed it Western
Union. Then it was oh, my aunt needs 350 dollars for a refrigerator. Ok, damn, why so much? Oh those are the best ones here. Ok. Again stupid me.

Also when I was there I was like a movie star! The whole neighborhood following me, telling me I looked like that guy from the Mummy and a little like Ricky Martin. Ok, right. I drank wine with her father every morning and I was like an attraction to
her father’s friends who he would invite to watch how fast and how much I could drink and still not have a buzz. They laughed their asses off in amazement and she loved it because she said I would last so long in bed it was ridiculous.

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Well, before I left the first time to return back to the states after a 1 month stay, I told her mother I would bring her 2,000 dollars on my next visit. Little did I know she took it to heart and when I arrived the next year and only gave her 400 USD
for a 2 week stay. I mean come on, the average Vietnamese person makes about 40 dollars a month – I think I was more than nice. Well I think she cursed me out in Vietnamese because after that I heard so much yelling and something like get out
and go stay in hotel.

But her daughter always defended me and told me it was ok, everything is ok.

Well, to this day I am with this girl after 3 years and I have seen her only twice in person and every single day we chat. So the thing is I love her and she loves me but I'm a jealous freak and seeing that she lied to me before it just lingers in
my mind if she's doing something over there. I'll never know. Also I forgot to point out that we were engaged in Vietnam. I just want to point out what a lot of guys who have been there and done that in Vietnam that Vietnamese girls
are liars. They all lie! Don't believe any of them! Maybe there are some good ones out there but after you've been so corrupted you won't believe her ass either. That's just a note for the new guys who think they have met heaven
and that is what they are -fine, beautiful, will do all for you, massage you, wash your clothes, and feed you. But behind the smile and the kindness is the want for just your money, nothing else.

Maybe a lot of them hate us. Don't think they like you. Also, watch your back with the guys there because they think westerners go there to take their women. So despite all this crazy shit we are still trying to get together and she wants to come
to the states. It's my choice to still do it because I do feel something for her but I tell you, we've been through our ups and downs and now she's got me believing her again because it was hard to trust her after shed lied to me
the first time but she said she did it because she was scared if she told me the truth that I wouldn't love her. Come on! I didn't know her that well in the beginning! What do I care what she did in the past? Maybe if she had told me
in the beginning I wouldn't be this way. Hieu? Which means "understand" in Vietnamese.

Anyway, if she so ever tries to leave me or go with some handsome rich guy I'm fxxxing them both up and she's going back to Vietnam the same day.

Stickman's thoughts:

You're mad to settle down with this woman. Too much damage has been done already and you obviously do not trust her. It is a recipe for disaster.

The author may not be contacted.

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