Stickman Readers' Submissions September 29th, 2006

I Don’t Know What To Think

I have just recently re-discovered this site after a long absence of about 2 years. I began reading here while planning my own trip to Pattaya while working in Iraq and thus fore-armed with all the requisite knowledge regarding the predatory, wily, tricks,
traps and overall funky head games of Thai women, felt somewhat safe in the regard that I would only take them for what I figured they would take me; just another trick. So I get there in December 2004, a few days before the Indian Ocean tsunami
struck and after procuring a decent hotel room suggested by my cabbie, hit the town. Since this isn't a sex site, I'll spare you the details but suffice it to say that I was indeed out on a tear with a multitude of women whose names
and faces are all a blur to me right now.

This story concerns one particular girl I met who kind of touched my heart with her kindness and loving care towards me but whom I, in return, heartlessly dismissed mainly for no other reason than the fact of the fear of being taken for a
ride or otherwise emotionally hurt as I've read has happened so many times here. I can't remember her name but I do remember the circumstances of our meeting; I had been out on Walking Street and was returning to my hotel when I decided
to stop by the bar towards the entrance that has kickboxing in the middle. I stopped in to check it out and of course was immediately set upon by several bar girls in attendance. I began talking to one dark-skinned beauty whose name escapes me
now and we immediately hit it off and ended up having a pretty decent time playing games and joking around. I was already tipsy when I got there and the few drinks I had with her didn't help my condition any. I wanted to leave and told her
I wanted to barfine her for LT at my room and she agreed but that she had to grab a change of clothes, toiletries, etc. I said ok and while she did that, I went to the bathroom.

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Now here is where things get a little confusing; after returning to the bar I began speaking and joking around some more with who I thought was the girl I had originally barfined only to realize too late that it was a totally different girl. I was shocked
and yet with her also I was having a pretty good time and getting on with rather well. My original (BG 1) then came back with her bags and rather than try and explain what happened (and appear even more stupid) I decided to barfine the other girl
(BG 2) to join us. I asked the first if it was ok and turns out they were good friends so it was good to go. We all left and went back to my room where a good time was had by all. Come morning I walked both back to the main road and neither wanted
to leave, BG 1 had some business to attend to but BG 2 wanted to stay and hang out with me for the day. I figured it'd be a change from wandering around by myself all day so after parting ways with BG1, we went back to my hotel so we could
shower then hit the road.

I gotta admit, after for the most part adhering to the advice here which basically condenses to "if you want to have a great time in Thailand with the ladies, love em' and leave em'", having this nice girl on my arm to
wine, dine, and shop with was a pleasant experience that I could see getting used to! She was nice, attentive, sweet, and just so not like any of the girls I read about here that I found myself kind of falling for her. So we talk and she tells
me that she had been watching me talk to her buddy back at the bar and just had to talk to me once she got the chance and that she was so happy when I talked to her (I don't mention that I thought she was the other girl) and we were having
such a good time that she was happy to be invited along even though she wasn't keen on sharing a man in bed with her friend.

We walked, shopped, hit the movies, and laid out on the beach all day and I couldn't bear to see her off when it came time for her to report to work and neither did she want to part ways so I took her back to her bar and much to her surprise and
delight, BF'd her again for another day and then the next, which just happened to be New Years Eve. While she went to go get her stuff, I couldn't help but notice that BG 1 was watching from the wings with a confused look on her face
and I really can't say I blame her as I was just as perplexed, especially since the majority of the previous nights….ahem… "activities" was spent with her while the other girl either just watched or slept after her "turn".
At least she wasn't mad, but I have to say that the "WTF?" look on her face was pretty funny. We just exchanged bemused looks, smiled and upon BG 2's return, parted ways. Noticing our exchange, BG2 said "I don't want
you sleeping with my friends, please" to which I could understand how awkward that probably was and kind of feeling something for her, agreed not to do.

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So we continued to have a pretty good time together and she lived up to everything I heard about how caring and attentive Thai women can be to their men and she more than fit that mold! It was great! I am in my mid thirties, make good money,
a self-proclaimed professional bachelor, happily single, and had no qualms about it at all until I met this girl. The last serious long term relationship I was in ended almost 7 years ago and I haven't really looked back since and the woman
I was with back then could not hold a candle to the one I was spending the day with lounging on the beach being hand fed shrimp. We both spent New Years Eve getting drunk together and passing out in my hotel then laying in bed all the next day.

So here comes the twist in the tale. Since I wanted to do more than drink, screw, and drink more I had decided to sign up for SCUBA lessons and was scheduled to take them later that afternoon. I figured she could use that time to go back
to her room back at the bar and get fresh clothes, makeup, etc to which she wasn't happy about but agreed to do….but not after making me promise to immediately come get her when I got done with the scuba lessons. I said I would and dropped
her off then headed off to swim. After my lesson, getting showered and dressed, I hit the town again figuring I'd get some dinner. It was then that I decided to stop at an internet cafe and check my email whereupon I decided to check the
Stickman site…….bad mistake. ALL the suspicion, mistrust, and misogyny was reintroduced to me and all I could think of when I left the cafe was how much of a fool I almost was for trusting this girl and that I was only there to sow some oats,
not settle down and no WAY was this chick gonna take me for a chump! With that in mind, I hit the Penthouse, and all the bars around that general area, avoiding Walking Street and the bar where BG2 worked. I ended up getting a 2 girl soapee at
Sabaidee then going home and falling asleep only to be awakened a few hours later by a knock on my door. Groggily I answered to see BG2 standing there crying, wondering where I had been and why I hadn't come to get her? She said since I had
already BF'd her that she waited and that someone had said they had seen me around Walking Street so she and her friends were looking for me all night. Remembering the things I had read here I stood my ground and told her that I just felt
like being alone for the night. She thought I was sick and wanted to take care of me but I stuck to my guns and said no, that I would be ok and that she should go back home. This went on for about 20 minutes before she finally left whereupon I
went back to sleep only to be awakened again later that morning by another knock. I could see her silhouette through the curtains and didn't bother answering. She waited for 45 minutes (!) then left. After I was sure she was gone, I opened
the door to see that she had left me a little gift wrapped box and when I opened it, was some sort of medicine for an upset stomach and an orange, and a note written in as much English as she could muster telling me she was in love with me and
was sorry for whatever she did.

Stick, I felt and still feel like a first class jerk for treating her this way, much more so when I went out later that night and again staying away from Walking Street, decided to try the bars in and around Beach Road. I was beckoned over
to an outside bar by one little lovely who after a minute asked me if I knew BG2 who was a friend of hers and somehow figured out I was the guy she had really liked who really hurt her. She then told me that BG2 really had it bad for me and was
very upset and had been crying in her room all day. I could not believe that in all the bars in Pattaya that I would meet one of this girl's friends! Oh of course this got me the butterfly accusation so I had to leave but my mood was ruined
for the night after guilt set in so I just went to another internet cafe to try and make myself feel better by reading some more of your site and the bad luck that some of the others here have had……it helped but not by much as I could not
and still cannot stop

wondering if maybe it was my bad luck to just assume, based on the overall negative experiences here, that this poor girl whose heart I apparently broke, was going to do the same to me. I also wonder if maybe today, nearly two years later, if such continued
treatment has hardened her heart any and if this is a normal process for these girls to go through that makes many of them the way they are? I eventually reconvened my initial mission of steadfast debauchery but to this day, with all the women
I was with there….and by god there were MANY!…..I can only remember her, maybe not her name, but her and the great times that we had and often wonder what would have happened had I not chosen to do a little websurfing after checking my email
that night in January 05'.

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There is no doubt that what at times can be a negative tone on this site with regard to guys meeting girls of the night might put someone off the girl who is "different". Still, the tales are a reflection of real life. Any girl who "falls in love with a guy" as fast as she dis does need to be looked at closely though.

Nice story, this.

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