Stickman Readers' Submissions August 14th, 2006

Thailand And Indonesia

By Crocketman

My congrats and thanks to Camaschua for a really good read about Thailand. I have gone to Thailand over a dozen times since 1980. I have spent most of my 25+ years of being in Asia in Malaysia and Indonesia. I speak Malay / Indonesian, and can get by
in Thailand with some basic Thai. I went to Bangkok with some Malaysian guys and Thais were often surprised that I was the only one who could at least speak enough to direct the taxi or order food. My hard knock knowledge is mostly contained to
Malaysia and Indonesia but I can make some observations as to comparisons and differences between Thailand and its neighbors to the south.

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1. Chinese in SE Asia

Camaschua’s writing is a long read but still it’s concise as he covers a wide spectrum of info and history involved. I personally learned a lot from this. The info on Chinese entrenchment in politics and power business (er lawyers,
guns, and money) is much the same for many other countries in SE Asia. Indeed if the Shin Group had been sold to a company from the west a big crap would have splashed. There’s very little impartial or non-biased coverage in the regional
media – and in my opinion shows that Singapore MM Lee and his entourage have a long arm of power money influence.

All over the SE Asian region the Chinese have long held a position of power money. One of the big differences between them and the indigenous population is their power to unite. The Chinese use kongsi (http://en.wikipedia.orgwiki/Kongsi)
to help each other in all types of business and essentially dates back to well before any type of real banks or other business organizations. You can go to the furthest remote islands of Indonesia and nearly the entire commerce is in Chinese hands
and has been that way for a very long time. The Chinese kongsi helps out their comrades in all types of business ranging from lending money to setting up contacts and so on. This allowed the Chinese to gain a stronghold on many facets of business
and commerce. Many were (and are) much more educated, and the Chinese culture itself brought up their kids with business attitudes. The non-Chinese very much lacked and still lack any type of togetherness that can match the kongsi of the Chinese.
During colonial times the varying government officials depended on their commerce skills as at the end of the day the Chinese could be depended upon to get the job done. Most often they get the job done was carried out in very unscrupulous ways
and any competition that was able to arise from a non-Chinese was stomped out. There are many facets to the kongsi, and in short this was and still is their major strength throughout SE Asia.

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After the riots that made for the downfall of Suharto, many of the richest Chinese took their money and ran. They had used the system while it lasted and when the hatred crimes against them rose up – they ran to their big buck homes and other
business set ups in Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Oz, etc. Now the government of Indonesia is trying many angles to get foreign investment as so much of the Chinese money drained out after the riots and crash. Many of the wealthiest crony Chinese
do not want to come back as the connections and easy corruption of the old days are gone or at least changed sufficiently enough that they cannot make the big and quick bucks like they used to.

Indonesia had chances in the mid 1990’s for mega dollar Ford and GM investments, but the usual messy corruption prevailed and they both got spooked. Thailand, now the Detroit of the East, and with Ford, it has invested a billion bucks
plus. This is a testament that the business climate is a whole lot more favorable compared to the Big Grey Area called Indonesia.

For Ford investment see here.

Another major difference between Thailand compared to Malaysia and Indonesia is that Thailand has more mixing of Thai and Chinese people (where in Malaysia and Indonesia mixed marriages are near zero and polarization is very clear). The population
division lines with the Chinese are more blurred in Thailand and this has been much to its overall advantage.

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2. Where the lines Are blurred in Indonesia

And then there’s the other side of Indonesia where the lines are blurred when compared to Thailand which is the women.

In Indonesia, there are many types, tiers, and layers of women that will go for a humping good time. Back in the 80’s and 90’s the outright and upfront hookers who stated money for pleasure from the get go were far and few between.
There are many layers of blur: freelancers with a day job (with a salary that does not even cover monthly expenses), young & horny party girls, bar babes mainly looking for a full time boyfriend and maybe husband. There are as well the mistreated
or lonely housewives looking for comfort and entertainment.

I was often surprised when I first got to Indonesia, after all my Thailand experiences, that most (not all) of the girls rarely mentioned money. This is a big difference between Thailand and Indonesia. (I personally never looked for hookers
in Malaysia as the culture there is as relaxed as a chronic hemorrhoid). I never gave any money to the honey until they were about to go home and most often the honey simply put the wad of rupiah into her purse and with a coy terimah kasih (thanks)
. And short time was not in the equation, rather it was often a case of wondering how to get rid of her as many would just as soon stay for a few days and then weeks, maybe months, frickin’ years.

Never once had this happened to me in Thailand and even when I tried to pick up the non-pro or new chick on the block (who hardly speaks English at all) – money still was always a very upfront issue.

On the whole for me (pun intended), going with an Indonesian chick is much more enjoyable. Once I was back to Thailand years later, I was not very interested after being spoiled in Indonesia. The in-your-face money issues of Thailand makes
me lose interest as it’s so very mechanical and the chick is often so robotic going through the motions. Personally, I’d just as soon do the Kevin Bloody Wilson wank wank money in the bank.

The big issue I often hear is about religion in Indonesia and indeed with some chicks it can become an issue. But there are plenty of non-Muslim chicks and as well chicks that are born Muslim but don’t give a rats ass about it other
than appeasing the family when in their company. As with Thailand, selection is the key and with a bit of filtering there are many that are really fun, can take good care of the guy (as in Thailand), know how to enjoy themselves (including in
bed), and are not outright cheats and thieves. But as with Thailand many expats and tourists end up with all kinds of bad experiences as they end up with the girl who speaks good English and is often the most aggressive too. These two combinations
are most often my first rejects in my selection.

In Jakarta, back in the 80’s to 90’s, a place called Tanamur was one of the best pick up joints in town. I’m sure other Stickman adventurers have been to this place and I’d love to see any of their stories. Saturday
nights would so crowded that going to the toilet could easily turn into a 20 minute bladder overload adventure. The place was so thick at times with kretek (clove cigarettes) smoke that I’d seen newbie tourists with tears streaming. It
had a cross section of people coming in from outright hookers to even pop singers. Often I seen middle aged couples there too and dancing up a storm as they liked the hang loose freedom of the place. The majority though were freelance honeys in
a range of types from pretty aggressive to downright shy. I was then already able to speak fairly good Indonesian and getting a non-English speaking honey was a first filter. Being able to speak at least some of the local lingo is essential as
babes that speak English good are often the ones that have been around the block for a long time. Obviously this is not always the case as there are many babes who speak good English and who are not pros or cheats. The bar area of Tanamur was
(still is maybe?) horseshoe shaped with the back part of it somewhat dark and more hidden. This spot became a great place to find the more demure honeys. These honeys were not the kind that would cozy up to a slosh tossing fists ready type. I
often was the first bule (farang) they had ever talked to and would get excited after hearing me speak local. After a some drinks, maybe a dance or two, and getting a bit on the late night side – I simply asked if they wanted a lift home and left
it implied that it could be my place. There were quite a few times the babe would make the decision call when we were in the car. I just left the choice up to her, and it if they did not feel brave enough, so be it. I was in no hurry always got
tomorrow and besides I was out to have fun – whether I took a babe back or not. The non-pressure and leave the decision up to them attitude will almost always work in the guys favor. My objective is for them to have fun and hope this develops
to a night of her trying to satisfy her-sexy-self – what I call the 3’fers (her coming 3 times to my 1). There’s no better enjoyment than having your honey on a multiple climax mission for herself.

While it exists all over the place, Indonesia does not have the same type of sex commerce exposure compared to Thailand. Economy largely in the pits since 1997 has as well made it more difficult for all and more chicks have found they must
make ends meet and turn to part time to full time hooking. The population of babes out and about is now more than ever.

This is just some of my observations and comparisons. Indonesia and especially Jakarta can be a lot of fun. It is different and with a bit of selectivity it’s a blast. I hope some of the

Stickman readers will come on down!

Another note is that in Singapore – Orchard Towers – is a great place for babes from all over SE Asia and even some from China and Russia. For sure it ain’t as cheap as Thailand or what's more Indonesia (overnighters averages around 200 US bucks) but the selection is as good as I’ve ever seen.

Stickman's thoughts:

Indonesia does hold a certain appeal. It seems that it is sufficiently different from Thailand so as to warrant a visit.

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