Stickman Readers' Submissions August 30th, 2006

Thailand 2006 Part 2

By Explore Asia

Back in Chiang Mai alive we venture out again to the Architect, a Thai only venue on the super highway and then over to Discovery which had a few westerner locals their but mainly Thai and was still open at 6am when we left. Another popular Thai venue
especially with students is Warm Up on the super highway near the university and has good entertainment and is great place to go if you want to avoid the bar girl seen and speak to genuine locals. This venue has a very pleasant beer garden surrounding
a water feature that has gold fish big enough to eat you then progress to an indoor bar then finally into an air locked doof doof room.

He Clinic Bangkok

I have noticed that many guys complain about not being able to meet a nice girl and you wont if you bring bar girls home every night to your hotel and parade them around in the morning and are seen at all the seedy places. As I have a girlfriend and I
am not looking for a Thai girl plenty of opportunities have come my way because after sometime here not partaking or bringing bar girls back to the hotel and been seen not leaving bars with girls all the time I have been asked for my number from
several girls that have legitimate jobs all because of the way I behave and the respect I show for the locals I come in contact with. Just yesterday after talking to a girl at both Warm Up and the Goodview on several occasions she invited me to
fly to Pai in their light plane with her brother who has a western wife to stay at their spa no strings attached. Now I am not the best looking man around, quite plain actually but she said I had a good heart, not aggressive and loud and wanted
to get to know me better and this has happened several times, not with the plane though. You will meet nice girls at places like Warm Up, Good View, Riverside and other respected venues but don’t expect to pick up on the night, you might
get a number, meet for lunch and they will probably bring a friend. If you take your time resist temptation of short term relief, opportunities will arrive with a good girl but if all you want is sex then bar fining is the go.

Holidays here at the moment and festival and market time is cramming Thapae Gate area with spectacular of color and parades.

It's morning again and I have had to retreat in disgust from my motel café as a sixty something European walses in from the rooms with his barely eighteen year old Thai boy hand in hand only to be then followed in by another deviate doing the
same. To much for me, had to leave before I said something. I don’t want to keep harping on about westerners behaving badly but its everywhere. We were at dinner at the Riverside and from about twenty five tables over I could hear some
Yanks saying to the waiter why can't the staff here speak English, no wonder this is a third world shit hole. I am afraid I finally weakened for as I was going past I reminded them that this is Thailand not Texas and placed a photo of a dead
tourist on their table. Not a good response on my behalf and I let my local Police contact know what I did in case someone complained about the photo. Ok, now I have to move again the deviates have moved into the lobby to cuddle up on the couches,
I am outta here.

CBD bangkok

Ended up at the Riverside again for a different band and we sat down at the bar next to a very beautiful Thai girl who was whiter than me and was receiving the up most attention from the staff, the band and older Thais walking past. She was stunning with
flawless complexion and was drinking alone. By the time we had had three beers she had drank half a bottle of whisky and smoked a packet of cigarettes while locals were acknowledging her continually and other Thai girls with their farang partners
were not happy as every guy couldn’t help but stare. She turned and smiled at me and I nearly fell of my chair, thank god I have a girlfriend or I would have been a goner. She was obviously high maintenance but I was still not sure why
she sat alone when she knew so many people. Maybe she was waiting for one of us to make conversation. She smiles again and it’s too much for me and we retreat from this beautiful lure that was somehow holding many of us in a trance.

A friend of mine who has been working in Canada for the past year was stopping over in Thailand on his way home to Sydney and came straight to Chiang Mai for his first time in Asia. I picked him up at the airport and after settling in took him for a quick
intro to the bar scene, gogo, beer bar, restaurant and nightclub and he didn’t fall in love with the first bar girl he met nor was he tempted, fascinated but no bar fine. The next day I went to the bank with him to cash travelers checks
and I should have known better but we walked straight up to the teller only to be approached by a female staff member who spoke no English at all but directed us to the ticket machine to take a number and wait. She was very beautiful though conservative
and we both couldn’t help but to smile at her and all her response was a courteous bow of the head in acknowledgement. A couple of days later it was the weekend and we were at the Riverside bar watching the band and in walks the bank girl
with a Thai guy and girl and it looked as though this was her boyfriend, she notices us with a nod and they were seated. She was on the phone straight away and in twenty minutes another girl arrived, smiled at us, sat at the their table and ordered
drinks, two of which landed in front of us. Now I have never approached a girl unless I knew her, was introduced or invited so I presumed that having bought us drinks we were invited so we joined them. Now the girl that just arrived spoke some
English and she was there to ask if my friend liked her sister the bank girl and it was her real sister for I checked their passports later. I noticed the Thai guy was uncomfortable with us at the table so I asked isn’t this her boyfriend
and was informed no just friend and I was not altogether happy with that answer but this was their show. The bar was closing so they invited us too a late night restaurant at a resort but managed to ditch the other two on the way. A good evening
overall even though I didn’t know what was going on and the girls tried to pay but we refused and my friend exchanged numbers with bank girl through her sister interpreter. After multiple contacts, no sex she is now taking English lessons
and I think my mate’s a goner as he now looking for a posting to Thailand and still hasn’t been with a bar girl, now I know this is rare but it can happen and whether it works out or not good luck to him. Now I could tell you many
bad stories about guys trying to tame bar girls but I rather give some hope.

Were in Nongkhai now organizing our progression across the bridge and head to a Thai cowboy bar for some local yeah hah entertainment with a thirty plus Thai only crowd with warm beer that’s cooled with ice and then onto a nightclub called Bar
nana, down the stairs into the den.

Music good with dancers on stage we were placed at a stand up table with five lady boys to our left, four gay guys in front and a table full of happy Thai girls to the left. They lady boys had all avenues covered with one having the librarian look, two
in skimpy slip ons rubbing each other up, one Zena the warrior princess and the other more feminine doing the seductive dance and they were all taller than us and at least ten kilo heavier. Avoid eye contact for me no problem but my friend fails
resisting this fascinating scene and smiles. Next their dirty dancing and bumping their bums against us so its toilet time for me and what an experience that was. Now we have all had that Bangkok shoulder massage while having a leak but this was
the full treatment, one guy on each arm, one on the neck then cracks my neck both ways while two Thai guys either side of us having a leak too lean over to take a look at my tool and another with the hand towel. The neck cracking bit was great.
Back to our table to find the natives have encircled the cowboy and they retract a bit when I arrive and we resume a defense position. We notice a couple we met earlier at a café walk in, a Kiwi and his Thai partner who have lived in Nongkhai
for six months and they were accompanied by a large and very athletic looking lady boy covered in tats and later told still with tackle. As they approach the five other lady boys retreat in haste and still don’t know why. I manage to coax
the Kiwi away for a chat and ask him what’s with the body guard and explains that she joins them frequently in bed for a bit of variety. Ok I suppose he is a Kiwi and it’s a change from the sheep thing. We stayed to about 2.30am
and headed home to our guest house were the sign says “gentlemen who bring a lady home will be asked to leave” to get some sleep for our Laos journey and I will pick this up again when we return to Thailand.

wonderland clinic


In Phuket now and there’s been some improvement in the foreshore infrastructure since I was last here just before the tsunami and there’s signs telling you which way to run if a wave comes. Patong Beach is my favorite party beach town in
Asia and caters for everyone from families to singles plus most things are centrally located making it an easy walk except for Safari Club a few kilometers out of town. Bangla Road is the heart of the nightlife seen and I think far better than
walking street with hundreds of bars, discos full of freelancers and gogos along with road trawling lady boys. The going rate is now 2,000 baht plus 500 bar fine but some freelancers are available for 1,000 providing you can put up with them dancing
to 4am.

Tiger entertainment complex has over fifty bars down stairs and a nightclub upstairs with one drink entry fee of 120 baht and late at night is full of freelancers and westerners letting loose and climbing the poles. The best and most comfortable free
wi-fi place is Rio’s at the corner of Bangla Road which also has Rock Hard a gogo upstairs with some thirty odd very attractive girls rotated regularly and willing to play pool with you up or downstairs.

One venue the police are at regularly while on duty provided an interesting site when they stagger out pissed only to come back later looking for his helmet which he walked out with on his head and left on the wrong motorbike.

As usual the Irish pubs offer good western and Thai food along with entertainment which can make a good start to an evening for the homesick. This pub was gutted in the tsunami. Many patrons stagger from venue to venue until they hit the Bangla Road freak
show and there are signs catering for them.

As with most tourist areas in Thailand the suit salesmen are out in force wanting to shake your hand and nearly everyone of them said gidday mate having picked we were Aussies before we spoke and its not hard to tell where westerners come from by the
way they dress, especially their footwear. I just tell them I just bought three suits in Bangkok at Manhattan which I actually have bought good quality suits their before at around $150 each and fitted perfectly.

Aussie, English and Irish pubs and bars are everywhere though the Irish pubs are more traditional and the others are beer bars or larger venues with pool tables and tend to attract drunken yobbos from Australia and New Zealand, ok for a look but you may
as well be at home. There are plenty of attractive girls working at the bars in Bangla Road providing you can tell the difference. The younger and usually most attractive ones tend to be party animals and want to disco all night if they leave
the bar with you and I am unsure whether they are trying to wear the guy out or they just love to have fun all night and sleep all day. If you want to bar fine a girl I suggest you take your time, cruise a few bars and take note of their behavior,
have a chat and you will soon work out who you feel more comfortable with. Both my mate and myself were asked to take girls home, no money after we dropped into a bar for the second time for previously we just sat there having a drink and talking
with them while letting them go about their work greeting customers and vetting potential clients.

Left Phuket for the bazaar backpacker haunt, Khao San Road in Bangkok for shopping before the flight home to Aus. There is always heaps of activity here with this area being the cross roads of culture with nearly every country in the world represented.
Discount accommodation available everywhere especially Soi Rambuttri and Khao San where you can always find comfortable accommodation with air and bathroom for 400 to 600 baht or dorm rooms for under 250.

Now there is plenty of entertainment in this area and if you follow the locals you can party to dawn (discretely). Places like Suzie and Molly are popular Thai venues and the Bangkok bar at Sawasdee House is a late night Thai venue for the young beautiful
people, but is packed full most nights. If you want to just sit around eat and drink while watching the action going by Sawasdee House is the perfect spot with cold beer and a great atmosphere along with rooms from 350 baht.

Gulliver’s with the tuktuk on the roof is where westerners and Thais mix with efficient service and pool tables up and downstairs. It’s usually busy after ten and has freelancers, students and some conventional girls along with western locals
and tourists all out for a bit of fun or extra income. I have also noticed that road trawling has increased with many attractive woman walking around at night especially down Soi Rambuttri towards the river and as always lady boys waiting out
side venues and near the police station.

Oh My Cod Sawasdee House

Access to free wi-fi is available at Oh My Cod British Café down the lane to Rambuttri Village of Soi Rambuttri and is in a pleasant courtyard setting, just watch out for the suit salesmen on the way in. It's time to go now until my Laos and
Vietnam submission.

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