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Strippers: America vs. Thai

  • Written by Just Me
  • August 16th, 2006
  • 5 min read

I like to read the site for amusement and for some extra insight. However, one thing that's missing out from this site are different perspectives. I think it's safe to say that 95% plus of the writers on here are Western men. Although they often
have different opinions, these opinions stem from very similar perspectives. I find it a breath of fresh air when someone like the Singapore cutie or even the complaining housewife from, I believe, England writes an article.

One thing I think your readers could really use is some frank talk from some of the bargirls and the people that work with them. So here I am. Before I begin, I should give you a bit of background but I'm going to leave a great deal
out for reasons that will become obvious.

I came to Thailand a while back for work. The first few nights that I spent at the bars were great fun but the experience actually paled in comparison to the better strip clubs in my native United States. There are some similarities between
strip clubs in the US and some big differences as well. One thing that I think is the same in each country is that you get what you pay for.

Every time I go to one of my favorite strip clubs in the US, I have an amazing time and I never get tired of the experience. The 'mamasans' are beautiful young women who always greet me with a smile. None of them are strippers and
they aren't for sale or rent. They don't make any commission for drinks or for pimping the strippers out. Their job is to make you feel welcome and to make sure you have a great time, not to hassle you. I always tip them well and they
remember. They'd never ask for a tip or treat me rudely or call me cheap for not tipping. To do so would get them fired.

The waitresses are much like the hostesses but not always as pretty. If you order a drink and they get it wrong, they apologize and bring you the correct drink. Either you keep the drink or they take it away and don't charge you for
the one they come right back with. They don't badger you to buy drinks but they're always watching their customers, waiting for a sign that someone would like another drink. In theory, the more you drink, the more money they make. In
practice, they earn a living from tips. If the customers are happy and made to feel like pampered kings, the waitress will be happy as all the tips come in.

The guys who work there are true professionals. None of them are gay and looking you up and down like some of the Thai bar guys in Bangkok tend to do (as Stick said, go to Rainbow 4 for a dose of this). They're usually on to a situation
before it happens and don't overreact.

And the girls. Ah, thank heaven for American strippers. Where do I begin? Well, some of you who have lived in Thailand for a while and have been exposed to the Thai media for too long will not appreciate it but quality American strip clubs
have something no Thai go-go bar has: variety. Remember, back in the west no one cares about white as a ghost skin? Women there go to the beach or to a spa to get tan skin. Well, the women in a good American strip club come from all around the
world. There's something for everyone: Caucasians, Asians (pale and bronzed), Brazilians, Latinas, blondes, brunettes, redheads, thin, athletic or nicely curvy (never fat!). Although there are some very thin girls, the majority are thin and
athletic. This is partly because every single one them actually dances for a living.

The Thai bargirls can't compete with an American based stripper. The girls back home pick their own songs and choreograph their own exotic dances. If all you want is sex, I guess the bargirls have it all over the American strippers;
the reason being price. As far as a great show, I've seen precious few since living in Bangkok.

80% to 90% of the women are truly bi, so their girl-girl shows are very enjoyable; nothing spoils an erotic lez show for me more than if the girls keep breaking into laughter or worse yet, go through the motions with a blank look on their

Because of my frequent outings to clubs, whenever there was a marriage, I was
appointed the bachelor party co-ordinator. I've thrown plenty of bachelor parties back home for friends and friends of friends.

After watching another lackluster girl-girl performance at a local go-go bar, one of my friends said that the private parties I used to throw back home were a lot better than anything he'd seen in Bangkok. "Why don't you do
it here?" he asked. Why not?

I decided to give it a go. I asked a few of the better dancers I met if they'd be interested in dancing and doing some shows at a private party. I actually had to show them videos to give them a better idea of what kind of dancing they
should do. I threw in the types of activities that one would expect at a bachelor party. Lots of fun games, good shows, good attitude. I rented out a nice place and we had ourselves a great party.

I've thrown a few parties now. Some friends attend, others find out about it through word of mouth. It's a bit expensive but worth it to me and others who attend. We do it about once a month. Great shows, good alcohol, no one bothering
anyone for ladies drinks. The girls make good money so long as they put on a good show and the guests enjoy. Anything else is up to them; I don't want to get involved in any of that side of it or get into making money from them being on their
backs and I plan to keep my day job for now.

Anyway, back to my original point. I've gotten to know a number of these girls quite well and they have some interesting things to say. I'll try to get some of them to write submissions with a bit of help from myself. I think the
bargirls' perspective is the one that I haven't seen on this site yet, so I think some readers would be very interested in hearing from them.

Stickman's thoughts:

To me this is very interesting indeed and simply re-enforces what I have felt for so long – SO MUCH of the appeal of Thailand is the fact that most things are inexpensive…