Stickman Readers' Submissions August 30th, 2006

Some Thoughts From A Stupid Farang

By A Stupid Farang

Dear Mr. Stickman and all submissioners. After reading your website and submissions for quite a while I must say it’s all a bit confusing. I go to Thailand for already 6 years now and I admit I don’t understand much about Asia so that’s
why I consider myself as a stupid farang but I don’t mean it bad.

He Clinic Bangkok

When I’m there it’s just that I come from Western Europe. I don’t live in a big city. I’m from the most south part of my country so you can say I’m from a rural part from Europe although I grew up with electricity
good education broadband internet have a good job and so on.

I just want to say that’s the reason I’m not accustomed to subtle social rules to live by, like they have in Thailand, where I come from it’s all very straight and simple and the concept of FACE is and was totally strange
to me so can you imagine when I come to Thailand to have a fun holiday, maybe it would only be worse when Beavis and Butthead do Thailand.

But in the last 6 years I noticed most Thai forgive my stupidness rudeness and ignorance, they do understand Farang look and are different. I’m not aggressive I never go in a fight or deliberate hurt or insult someone always stay friendly
even when I’m drunk, but I do and say things in Thailand I know afterwards I shouldn’t do / say that, the difference in culture I think after reading much of your website and all your experienced travelers / expats submissions.

CBD bangkok

And now for some examples:

Once I was with a girl who was beautiful and charming but she was always asking about money, now I did understand that I should give her money for her services and I had some 4 wonderful days with her but I was tired of her poor parents on
the rice field's story and at the end the last night with her I had an argument with her who first went to shower nobody wanted to be first I don’t know why but I had a slip of the tongue and said stupid Thai to her, Oops….she didn’t
look at me stand up and went away.

A holiday later I saw her again and I made my excuses for that night, gave her a drink and a big tip and she was smiling at me I sad she understand and had a good time at the bar. I was with another girl that holiday, one who I’ve
been with a couple of years now (a submission worth but it still goes on), she knows that but said to me you want short time? My expression looks very stupid again. (Stupid Farang)

I had the GFE also of course I once met a lady in Samui she was 27 at that time she didn’t speak English and me! of course 3 words Thai (abnam, swadeekhrab, tau rai), her man left her she had 2 children came from a suburb
of Bangkok and tried her luck now in the bar scene of Samui to find rich Farang, then I came along she stayed with me the whole holyday and we could communicate to my surprise I took her with me to Bangkok last 4 days of my holyday before I went
home so she could see her family and she want me to come over and see her family, I did.

wonderland clinic

Thai family in suburb of Bangkok have visit from stupid Farang, he step inside with shoes on gave children a friendly stroke on the head says to all “it was a Sunday afternoon, family and friends all there for a barbeque” SAWADEEHRAB
and sat down they all smiled at me (Stupid Farang) but still I had a good time with them drink Singha on ice with the men, only one man could speaks some English and the only thing he asked me what money I make in Europe I replied every time:
never enough, I think he could appreciate that. After that afternoon/evening the night with her and her 2 sisters in Bangkok and the aftermath is worth a little submission too.

I just saw the movie “Memoires from a Geisha” with Zhang Ziyi do you all think it can relate a tiny bit to Thailand the lady bars the jealousy and the Farang that shows up?

I have many more of that kind off stories and experiences it’s just that I’m amazed and amused by it all and after reading all those submissions from all those experienced Asia expats / drivellers and your Stickman weeklies
I know I understand I really don’t understand or comprehend Thailand much, but as long you’re modest friendly and not aggressive I think you can get away with all the bloopers.

To all stupid Farangs on holiday who don’t know much about Asia / Thailand and maybe we are just the balls in the pinball machine there, have fun don’t be aggressive drink your drinks have a lot of respect for Thai culture and
people don’t be kin ee auw but keep an eye on your money and stay friendly, even if you don’t or won’t understand it, you can have a good holyday with your teeraks (How to deal with them see submissions from the experienced
travelers / expats ).

In about 2 months I go back for 4 weeks I try to behave and adjust myself and still have fun.

I ‘m learning and I’m open for learning more about the Thai wonderful people/country but I will stay myself.

To all your experienced travelers / expat / submissioners don’t be to angry on the stupid farangs you meet in Bangkok / Pattaya / Phuket / Samui we are also discovering and learning something about Asia and the world but a little behind
you in experiences, but you had to start also, didn’t you had fun learning?

I really don’t want to insult Thai culture and Thai people but accidentally I‘m a stupid Farang

I guess? maybe in time I / we will be a bigger mystery to them.

Then some Thai expat in Europe will start a site about us?

Anyway thanks to all the Thai people for your patience and understandness I had the holydays of my life there and I’m looking forward to be back.

Stickman's thoughts:

I liked this quote – "as long you’re modest friendly and not aggressive I think you can get away with all the bloopers." So true.

nana plaza