Stickman Readers' Submissions August 15th, 2006

My Own Take On Bangkok – From A Rookie

By Calvin

First of all, let me give you just a little background on myself. I'm a single 34 year old man from the USA. Never married, never want to be, thus never divorced! Don't have children and don't want them. I have 2 dogs and they are the best
"kids" in the world. I have a good career and will be able to retire by 55 with a good pension (2,000,000 baht per year). Yeah, that's a lot in Thailand but here, it's middle class – enough to live on but not enough to live
like a king. I am averagely handsome and keep in good shape.

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I'm a realist by nature and by experiences in life. I don't get too high, don't get too low, and if I do, it's very temporary. I realize that the future is not promised and no matter how well I plan, many things are out
of my control. So, I try to live life to its fullest, doing the things I want and enjoy. Too many people are afraid to have fun, try something different, get a little out of their comfort zone.

Which brings me to the subject of Thailand. A mutual acquaintance of my brother and myself had journeyed to the LOS about 1 year ago – just before the tsunami. He couldn't stop talking about how nice the people were and how beautiful
the women looked. He had gone to snorkel and climb cliffs (didn't know they had any) and although he partook a little bit in the nightlife, he was mostly away from the cities, gogo clubs, and beer bars. He really loved the way the Thais were
so eager to help, friendly, always smiling and generally in a good mood.

So I thought to myself – I need to go there and experience this for myself. I did a ton of research, and found this site, as well as many others. Quite a few alluded to the legendary nightlife – yep – it certainly intrigued me. I made up
my mind – I was going to escape this freezing hellhole of a winter landscape and go somewhere warm, with beautiful women that will spend time with me – prostitutes? yes – but not in the traditional western style of thinking (more on that later).
I asked everyone (men) that I could find – brother, friends, coworkers – if they'd like to join me for a week in Bangkok, experiencing a different culture, lifestyle and women. Not one taker. Not a single one. I thought to myself, well, maybe
I won't go if no one will join me. Then I thought "Fxxx it – I'm going. These losers can stay here and freeze their asses off, staring at and hitting on fat stuck up women".

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I booked my flight on fairly short notice but still paid less than $1,000 US. I booked a room at the Nana Hotel for $30 / night – man, that was cheap I thought. (when I got there, I found out why – talk about out-dated). And before I knew
it, the day had arrived. Was I nervous? Hell yes. But I made it just fine and was being whisked away in a cab to downtown Bangkok at 1 AM. I knew the bars were closing / closed, so I thought I had missed the evening fun. Wrong! We pull up into
Nana Hotel and the disco had just gotten out.

If I could have only seen my face as I took in the scene. Absolutely stunning young Thai women everywhere! Wearing sexy clothes on their petite bodies. Oh my God – I had seriously died and gone to heaven.

No matter how much research I had done, nothing could have really prepared me for my week and my experiences. I had a map of the city and since I'm very good with directions, getting around was easy, especially with the skytrain. I took
a trip on the river, which was my favorite thing to do – seemed very peaceful and the river still is the lifeblood of the Thais.

I of course took part in the beer bars, gogo clubs, and a soapie massage. I will spare you the details, as we've all experienced this before and you have your own memories. But I have formed some opinions on the whole scene.

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First of all, where I'm from, one half of the women are obese. Half of the remaining ones are just plain ugly. And half of the rest left are very boring and / or plain looking. So, really, I'm stuck with 10% that are attractive
and have personality. Well, when they are attractive and have such little competition, they develop attitudes. If you try to talk to them in a bar or anywhere else, many simply roll their eyes and ignore you. If you're lucky enough to talk
to them at all, they end up playing hard to get – going on several dates before they deem you worthy enough to give you sex. Of course, there are the good looking ones that are friendly and don't play games, but unfortunately, they are few
and far between.

Add to the fact that feminism (or something akin to it) has pretty much destroyed any healthy interaction between male and female. Women think, somewhat correctly, that all a man wants to do is screw her. Yes, that's true in most cases.
But why is that bad? It's not a big secret people – guys like sex. We have since the dawn of mankind and we will to the end. It's how we are wired so why try to deny it. However, if I think that a woman I'm chatting with might be
potential girlfriend material, I'm surely not going to jump her bones right then and there. But that's what many of them think.

What does this have to do with Thailand? First of all, most Thai women are petite. They have super soft skin, smiles that could light up the city of Bangkok, beautiful long hair, deep dark eyes. Many are simply stunning – and not just the
bar girls and gogo dancers. Thai women from all over the city tend to run on the very attractive side. For a man from my neck of the woods, it really does not get any better.

What does that have to do with sex? Nothing, except sex with thin young ladies is certainly more appealing than humping a fat sweaty hog. But really, I digress. Although I get laid on a semi irregular basis, nothing beats the knowledge that
I could literally walk out of my hotel, find an attractive young lady, and bring her back for some mutually rewarding sex. Sex is not evil, no matter what the religious and conservative people tell you. And if I end up paying a small sum to release
my pent up feelings, than there really is nothing wrong with that either. But in the USA there certainly is. Consenting adults can't exchange money for sex. Silly really. Everyone has their own opinions on the gogo bars, beer bars and the
prostitution scene in general regarding Thailand. Personally, I believe that if one treats the women with respect, kindness, and appreciation, prostitution isn't a bad thing. As a single male, I shouldn't be deprived of an evolutionary
fact of life.

As far as the worry about STDs / HIV – it's certainly founded. These women potentially sleep with a hundred men (or more) every year. Even with condom use, there is the risk of spreading disease. It's something to consider and not
taken lightly. However, if one does take precautions, he should feel relatively comfortable he may not catch anything. Most of the women (I'm assuming) <You assumed wrongStick> demand condom use due to the
fantastic program to cut back on AIDS in Thailand. It truly is wonderful to see a country push for a program to help its population, with great results. So yes, the rate of STDs is probably higher than here in the West – however, you'd be
amazed at how many women in the USA do not demand use of a condom. Amazing really – educated women taking risks like that. And I have no idea who these women have been with or what they have, and vice versa. It may actually be "easier"
to catch something here in the USA than in Thailand, where although the women may not be educated, they are smart enough to demand condom use.

The fact of the matter is that the Thai "prostitution" scene is unlike anything a western man has experienced in his own country. In the West, it's a quick blow or screw, with the woman acting as if she can't leave you
fast enough, and it's expensive. In Thailand, it can be completely different. It is the ultimate Girl Friend Experience. I'm not an idiot, so I know the Thai women put on an act – leaving one believing that this young woman loves him.
They do a damn good job too. But its so enjoyable. I hardly ever get approached by women – yet in Bangkok women were "all over me" – it was wonderful. I had done my research, so I knew it was an act, but believe me – it's hard to
forget that fact as well. I truly had fun outside of the bedroom with these working ladies.

With that in mind, it's easy to see how men fall for these little predators (meant in a kind way). As someone put it, we become the prey. Think about it – what choices does a man have in his 50's as far as dateable women go in the
West – I'll tell you – the choices suck. So why wouldn't he fall for this lovely young woman who treats him like a king and acts as if he the best thing to ever happen to her. If he has done no research whatsoever, he will fall for her
charms, no doubt about it. Good luck with that.

One more thing – I don't pretend to be an expert, but I'm not sure how much this lifestyle messes up the women who choose it. Many of them seem to be pretty content and relatively happy – it's hard to pull the happy act off
for days at a time. Yes – there are those who are mentally scarred from their lifestyle, but what percentage? It would be interesting to see how many Thai working ladies actually try to commit suicide. I'm not talking about the scratches
on the wrist to draw attention or release perceived pain. I'm talking about actually killing themselves. Or not even that – how many end up depressed? Stick – any ideas?

Those are my thoughts for now – more later.

I'll be back in LOS in November – this time I've got friends coming with me!

Stickman's thoughts:

A fair report. My, the West sounds like it is getting worse and worse every day. To answer your question, I think a number of women get messed up by the industry…

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