Stickman Readers' Submissions August 3rd, 2006

It’s Not Always Bad

Thai Massage Is Good For You

Some years ago, a Canadian organization performed a survey about how often Americans had sex. Answer: 1.57 times per week. A newspaper cartoon soon afterwards showed a man asleep in bed after sex with the woman sitting up without a smile on her face saying,
“Well, that one was .57”. I would guess that my ex-wife would have said .37 or even lower. Problem was not technique but duration – I was always a quick in and out man.

He Clinic Bangkok

I first came to Thailand in 1997. This was post divorce (thank god – it was a long time coming). I was in my early 50’s but had gone through a bit of a mid-life crisis I suppose; for several years I had lost weight, exercised
a ton (2-3 hours a day), had become a veggie, quit smoking and drinking and was looking pretty good even if I say it myself. I am an American and had been transferred by my company in the states to work in England for a few years but it involved
transatlantic travel back home almost every week. Over the few years my frequent flier miles had gone through the roof as had my hotel points, since I stayed in a Marriott hotel for half the time. Upon threat of cancellation of my older acquired
frequent flier miles I pondered where I should take some vacation time. United Airlines had Thai Airways as a partner, so since I had never been to Asia I thought, why not Thailand? A quick four days in Bangkok and I fell in love with the country.
Used to come back every six weeks or so for a longish weekend c/o frequent flier miles. Now because of my high health level, the old quick in and out bogey was somewhat reduced but not by that much.

Now this starts the weird part of my story. About my fourth or fifth trip to Thailand, in a go-go bar in Patpong I acquired (or she acquired me) one of the most gorgeous young ladies I have ever seen in Thailand then or since. Went round
to a local shack-up place (my hotel was too far away) and when we got down to it I couldn’t get a rise – absolutely nothing, and yet in front of me, naked, was this fabulous creature. When I got back to England I scurried round to
my local urologist who said nothing was wrong but prescribed the blue wonder pill. Next time I returned to Thailand everything went OK but nothing special.

Every time I went to Bangkok I would go at least once to a Thai massage parlor. I used one on Sukhumvit near soi 9. This is a legit place and did a good job. I got to know the ladies there quite well. One time I returned but all the women
were busy (only about 2 or 3 of them anyway). However, I was offered the service of a Thai blind man and would I mind? I said OK, why not (I had not heard of the blind massage institutes they have in Thailand then). He did a great job –
although fell off the bed at one time when he lost his footing. Spent the usual 30-40 minutes doing the legs and then he removed the towel across my waist. Oh yeh! He reached to massage the old John Thomas saying he was going to give me power.
Worked on it for at least ten minutes <And you let him?! He wouldn't have got anywhere near mind, I can tell youStick> and all the time I kept hoping I wasn’t going to inflate. OK, he finished later
after what I would say was the best massage I had ever had.

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Now the real weird part. Over the next six months, my sex performance increased dramatically to the point I could operate for one or two hours full blast before I reached the finish line. Often two or three times a day. No magic blue pills
needed. You must remember, that I was exceptionally fit so other than a lot of sweat it was no big deal. I learnt a lot – how to really satisfy a lady rather than just myself, and it was good exercise too.

I returned to the same massage parlor several times over the next year or so but the blind man was never there and then they told me he had left. Later, the operation closed down. I would love to find him again since after three years everything
slowly returned to the bad old days. Mind you, I have stopped exercising, taken up smoking and drinking again, eat rubbish and have now become a 60-year-old slob. I had met and later married a Thai woman (not a bar girl) about six years ago while
near the peak of my performance. She remembers the good old days but does not worry too much about my .57 performance – at least it is still not down to .37

Stickman's thoughts:

Are you sure that your sexual stamina was related to getting whacked off by a blind man? Is it possible there was another reason…?

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