Stickman Readers' Submissions August 22nd, 2006

Has The Internet Made It Easier For Everybody To Meet Thai Girls?

I have been living and working in Thailand since late ’92. Back in those days the internet was still a very long way from where it was now, and only a very few people knew what it was and had access to it. If you wanted to find or date a Thai girl
you had to be in Thailand and look for them, or get in touch with them through mutual friends and try to make them notice you and talk to you etc, etc, etc.

Nowadays people from all over the world can virtually get to know any girl in Thailand, and come to visit her. Also farang guys who live in Thailand and who don’t like to go to bars or go out and meet people can meet many girls through
internet and set up meetings that way.

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A long time ago I read a submission that covered this subject. I put the URL here for your convenience. In short: This guy who lives in Hua Hin has made it a bit of a
sport to get as many girls through internet as possible, preferably a different one each day. To make sure he gets laid he lets them come to his place (mostly they come from Bangkok). He says it is very easy to convince the girl to come to his
place, mostly within a week after he met her online she is ready to jump into her leased car, into the plane, taxi or bus to go to Hua Hin to meet him. The girls always pay for their transport by themselves and they also treat him (Hua Hin really
has good but expensive seafood restaurants). After that it comes to sex in over 95% of the cases. More thoughts about his submission later

I have a 42 year old friend who has always been a bit of a ladies man. He really knows how to charm the girls and he still looks about 35. He lives in Canada but he goes to Thailand about 2 times every year for the past 6 years. Between his
times in Thailand (so about 5 months each time) he spends a lot of time online setting up dates with Thai girls. He has made it a rule never to meet a girl he has met on a previous trip again on the next trip so he always has to find new dates
for his next visit. He always sets up about 20 dates for each visit, and then meets (if possible) all of these girls. He always stays 4 weeks so that means almost one girl for every day. I met many of his internet dates and without exception they
are always very pretty middle-class Thai girls in their 20’s. His success ratio with these girls is also staggering. 80% of his internet girls will sleep with him, usually in the first (and mostly only) day he meets them. Makes me think
if these girls are really your average "good girls" but that is beyond the scope of this post.

I know many farang do like the guys in the above 2 examples. Many farang who visit Thailand as tourists don’t even go to bars anymore simply because they are too busy with their internet friends.

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It seems the internet is a great tool for guys to meet Thai girls and every farang can get laid whenever and wherever they want. Farang who live in Thailand don’t even have to leave their apartment (well only to pick a girl up from
the train or bus station) and still get laid.

I think this is not true for every farang. I have found that over the years the Thai girls have become pickier and pickier, when it comes to dating farang guys. This is no more than normal since most Thai girls who are active on the internet
have many farang guys to choose from because there are so many farang from all ages, looks and walks of life who are chasing Thai girls online. Most Thai girls now sense they have a certain value and that they have a choice. Therefore they will
only choose the guys who are physically the most attractive.

This is the main reason I firmly believe the internet has actually made it harder for some farang to get a date with a Thai girl, be it through the internet or through the old ways. More about this later.

Back to the first guy in Hua Hin. I am 100% sure that the girls who spend so much money to visit him have seen him from every angle on webcam before they decide to meet him. If he didn’t have a webcam, many Thai girls would not consider
meeting him. Merely showing them a picture would not be enough cos these girls are internet savvy and they know that many guys share fake or flattering pictures or mug shots taken a decade ago. He says he is not a Brad Pitt look-alike but I’m
sure he looks more attractive than the average farang and he must be tall too. A Thai girl will not go and meet just any guy and spend a lot of money in the process, since there are so many options, both in Thailand or outside Thailand, and believe
me, any decent looking Thai girl has at least 20 available options at any given time, many of whom are young guys staying in Thailand. She must have found him attractive enough to spend the money for him.

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One more thing about this guy. In his submission he is pondering about the reason why the girls want to go all the way to Hua Hin to meet just him. His conclusion is that the reason must be money. In other words he thinks these girls are
stupid enough to think they are the first girl he meets and that he will start a relationship with them. This is complete and utter bollocks. If this is so how does he get rid of them so easily then?? He tells that he has no problem getting a
date for each day in a week, and that he sleeps with all these girls. This means he tells them to go after the night he slept with them. If these girls were really after his money or after a relationship they would not let themselves be shown
the door so easy and never come back.

What is the real reason then that all these girls want to meet him and sleep with him?? It is pure and simple lust and adventure. These girls know perfectly well that he has many if not different girls every day. Even if he tells in his article
he sometimes has to defend his single status etc etc, that is only for show. Thai girls don’t really like to be seen as easy to get so they will have to ask him those things before the come to his place. He will always tell those girls
he never or almost never had a girl etc, and after a while these girls then will “believe” him and make an arrangement with him to go to Hua Hin to meet him. In reality however they know perfectly well he probably has a different
girl every day or at least 4 times per week. They don’t care about that, if they did they would not leave him so easy once he has had them.

This is the reason why I know he must be attractive, else there would hardly be a girl who would go to Hua Hin, that is for sure. Most would not even continue to chat with him once they had seen him on cam and the few (the fat and ugly ones)
who still keep chatting would tell him to get his sorry ass to Bangkok if he wanted to meet him.

The girls that go to Hua Hin to meet him have the exact same motives he has. They just want a one night stand with a good-looking farang with no strings attached, in reality they didn’t even want him to meet them in Bangkok, even many
(for reasons of face, see above – he has to defend his single status) pretend they want him to come to Bangkok.

The reasons for this are obvious too. They don’t want their friends and relatives to know they are going to have an adventure with a farang. It would not be accepted, because most of these girls are from middle class families and have
good jobs.

My Canadian friend also assured me, most of the girls he dates through internet are just looking for a new adventure. Many have never had a farang. He also told me that it is extremely important for the Thai girls to know his height and to
see him on cam. Not only his face but also his body (not nude of course). The reason for this is so simple. They just want to be 100% sure the guy they are chatting with is physically the type they like. And believe me these girls are really picky.

How do I know the Thai girls are picky, and that the advent of Internet and dating has much to do with it?? In the first place I can compare the pre-internet situation with the current situation. Secondly I also have tried for many years
to get dates through internet and I also have tried to get girls from Bangkok whom I meet online to come to my place. Did I tell you I live in Rayong? I have a completely opposite experience then the guy from Hua Hin has. I never met a girl from
Bangkok online who was prepared to go to Rayong to visit me. Well, I’m lying a bit because some girls wanted to come but these were the desperado types, the type of girls who cannot get a boyfriend because of, let’s say, physical
deficiencies. Internet Thai girls are extremely physically oriented, because of the huge choice they have and because internet dating (you don’t meet somebody in the flesh so you cannot really judge his personality) brings this about. I
also believe it is a sign of the times, where looks are becoming more and more important.

By now you have guessed I’m not your particularly good-looking guy, and you are right. I know this is the reason I never managed to lure a girl to Rayong for a one night stand. If I chat with a Thai girl almost always question number
one is: How old are you? Followed by question number two: How tall are you. Question number 3 would be (if they haven’t closed the communication with me by then cos I’m really short) will be: Let me see your cam please. If I show
my cam about 80% of the girls will immediately lose interest and the other 20% who keep chatting are the mentioned desperados (old ex-hookers, big ladies, old ladies or a combination of this).

So internet dating is pretty much off limits for me now. It is also almost impossible for me nowadays to meet a Thai girl at my office, Starbucks, Carrefour, the gym, the beach, etc, etc, etc, because most of these girls will also be heavily
involved in internet dating and therefore having lined up a string of wannabe boyfriends.

Stickman's thoughts:

Hey, but the girls in the bars will still be interested in you!

Yep, the number of girls playing the online game is increasing – and I see no end to this trend. If anything, I think the increase will be even more dramatic.

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