Stickman Readers' Submissions August 19th, 2006

Chinese & Thai Delicacy in Dubai

By Nick Nack

I have been a reader of your site for the last year and have been extremely impressed with its quality and contents. To get off with my story, I work as a senior executive in Dubai and have not been exposed too much to its nightlife (synonym: sex life
). I decided one day to check it out.

He Clinic Bangkok

After much pondering I hooked up with a friend and headed down to a popular pub in the South of Dubai to discover a delicious array of wannabe lowers in all shapes, colors and nationalities. For some reason, my eye rested on a not so pretty,
but excellently structured Chinese girl called Rose. Hit out with her for Dhs 500 (US$ 136) for the full night at her place of choice. My friend choose her friend (can't remember her name but let us call her Lily), who also was not very pretty
but had a will die for type of body structure. To keep it simple, the sex was great and she was begging me to smoke my pipe (PS: I am just an ordinary looking person and was taken aback by her persuasion to thus please me) and she smoked it quite
well too. After the initial pleasantries, she gave me a good foot massage (believe me, Chinese are the pro at this) and said that she enjoyed the time with me. She further said that she has a daughter back in China and was here to make as much
money she can. The way they do is they come on a 3 month visa, and make all the money they can day and night before they get kicked back to China and they pay all fees such as agent fees, etc. So she has to work as much she can with very little
sleep to make ends meet and make this trip worthwhile. I sympathized with her and gave her a $20 tip and let her go early morning so she could have some sleep.

When I met up with my friend (who was boning Lily), he had a better story. A pervert as he is, he made her sing in Chinese (Jerk) and after allowing her to smoke his pipe a few times, he asker for her life story. Lily said that as she did not have a pretty
face, she had to do a good job in maintaining her structure, specially as it gets abused everyday by different hands. She drinks 2 liters of milk a day and eats only fruits with the exception of once a week when she has a little rice with chicken
or meat. In addition she exercised two hours a day. In conclusion the $155 total was money very well spent and was worth every cent.

As time passed I wanted to try out something different and a Google search suggested that I look in the local papers under health and nutrition section. I felt this to be crazy, however decided that there was no harm in making an enquiry:
The following is my call sequence.

CBD bangkok

Call 1
Me: Hello, I read your ad in the paper and would like to inquire more about your service.
Man on the other end: We provide massage service strictly for men.

Me: Is this therapeutic type.
Man: We give full body massage, Dhs 100 ($27) per hour at our place.

Me: What about your masseurs, are they trained.
Man: We have Chinese and Korean girls and you can pick your choice. Just drive to the following place and give me a call, I will meet you there and take you to the place.

At this point I was confident that the massage was far more than therapeutic but the next advertisement caught my eyes. "Thai Beauty Center, for men only, come to us to release all your tension". I called right away and one girl
by the name Sally with a really sexy voice answered.

wonderland clinic

Call 2
Me: My standard opening line.
Sally: Yes, we give body massage, do you want to come.

Me: About your masseurs?
Sally: All from Thailand, only Dhs 100 ($27) and we give you good massage.

Me: How to reach you?
Sally gave me the address to her house and added that she is waiting for me.

I drove up there immediately and was greeted by a papasan. He was a decent guy and lead me to a room where three girls were waiting for me. They waied and were all smiles and I decided to choose the one with the biggest tits (big
mistake). She led me to a room and asked me to pay up front (maybe because this was my first visit). She came back with some baby oil and asked me to lie down on the bed. Let me elaborate on the place,. It was a big villa, the room was air-conditioned,
excellent condition, a king-sized bed, clean sheets, soft simulating music and an attached bath. She took off all her clothes and I got the shocker of my life, she had tiny tits and all the show was with the help of padding, as we both were undressed
and there was no way to have a swap, I proceeded with her, although I lost my interest in sex right there and decided to enjoy the massage instead. She was a great masseur and did a fantastic job on my back and legs and then stimulated me with
a great massage to my balls and after she had stimulated me enough to have my little jimmy lifting me off the bed, she asked me “I can give you sucka or fxxxa or both, what your want”, I decided for the sucka and she did a great
job with a lot of moaning (surely she was acting) but I came like never before. This treatment was practiced hygienically, after wrapping little jimmy securely. Once the ritual completed, she continued and finished her massage. I had a shower
and she did the Thai ritual afterwards of drying me up, helping me wear my dress and shoes and sending me away, a real sweetheart. I decided to give her a Dh. 100 tip voluntarily as I realized how desperate she must be for money, if she has to
do all this for a stranger.

I am planning the next week with an Indian lady I found on the net, she seems expensive but looks like a freelancer rather than a pro. Could be a possible GFE.


A sexpat is born.

nana plaza