Stickman Readers' Submissions August 21st, 2006

Age Is a Factor

By The Swede

Many men flock to Thailand because they think they have found a land where age is not a big factor for women choosing a man. In their own countries they have learnt, maybe the hard way, that age and appearance are important for a woman choosing a man to be with. Are Thai girls different?

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After 40 it’s difficult for most western men picking up girls in their twenties even if they have accumulated some wealth and are good looking. Women seem to prefer men that are not so much older than themselves. This is probably due to an old biological / survival thing. A young man has, most often, more strength than an older man and is more likely to protect the offspring better and is more likely to accumulate wealth better, come hunting and such things. Appearance is also one important factor for a woman to choose from if she wants to maximize the probability to get good looking offspring. Good looking offspring will have better opportunities in life, everything else being equal.

For men, especially older, they have found it very difficult to pick up western girls in their twenties. You have to be rather young and handsome to get some luck. Come one day and you are in Thailand for the first time. What is this? Suddenly there are a lot of girls that give you attention and even flirt with you, from the girls selling taxi tickets at the airport to the hotel staff and then lastly the prostitutes. The girls even think you are handsome and they say they like older men because they have such good hearts. This must be paradise. For some this a huge ego boost, some even say that they feel like kings in Thailand. I have seen some stupid behaviour due to this ego boost guys get. Some guys even start to feel bitterness towards western women, if young girls in Thailand think I am handsome and age is more of a positive factor for the girls here it must be something wrong with the western girls. They moan that the women are fat, feminists etc. Regarding the fat thing, so are western women aged between 20-25 years not so much fatter than their Thai counterparts. Western women tend to get fatter as the years goes by but so do Thai women. Just look at Thai women over 40. But in the west most of the older guys have to settle with a girl in their own age bracket and she is probably a little bit fatter. And by the way, how fit are the moaners?

Age and appearance are important for western women. I think we all can agree on that. But is age not a factor in Thailand? I am sorry to break the ice, but yes it is. The difference is that Thailand is a developing country and as such there are a lot of girls that are poor and some are ready to trade a young man’s strength and appearance for the wealth that an older man can provide. If you take away much of this out-of-the-poverty motivator from the Thai girls, the girls will choose guys that are not so much older, or younger, in age just like all others girls in the world. If you want to verify that age is a factor for Thai girls you have to take away much of the out-of-the-poverty motivator i.e. you have to pick up girls that are middle class and above. So picking up girls that are working in department stores, waitresses, hotelreceptionists and such is not the way to verify that age is a factor because these kind of jobs are low salary jobs, and for these girls, poverty can be a very big motivator to choose an older man that is belived to be wealthy. You have to go to places like Tonglor or RCA and try to pick up middle class girls. In these places a lot of the girls are well-off and money will not be a big motivator for these girls when choosing a man. I can guarantee if you are an older guy at these places it will be as tough, if not tougher, as in your own country to pick up girls. I have seen it many times at

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these places how western older men are ignored at and it seems to me that many get a shock, this is not what they are used to in Thailand.

To sum it all up: when an out-of-the-poverty motivator is not such a big factor, Thai girls are not different than other women around the world when it comes to choosing a guy to be with. They will choose a man similiar in age and with a
good appearance if they can.

Stickman's thoughts:

I actually tend to disagree with you. What you say is certainly true for some Thai women, but there are a lot of older guys marrying young women in mainstream Thai society. OK, extremes are sill laughed at, but for guys marrying women 10 – 15 year younger than them is hardly uncommon. I would suggest that older guys may not be able to pick up younger girls in the venues you mention, but in other situations they have a good chance.

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