Stickman Readers' Submissions July 28th, 2006

To The Man Of The Stick

It is 4 PM and as I sit in my palace in the sky I question why so many farang are being suspiciously killed by their deranged Thai wives. Is this really happening or is it simply a farang urban myth. I think before we question the real authenticity of
this we should look at why these wives are doing these most heinous acts in the first place. My belief is that these girls are not to blame but the blame should be hung on the necks of their parents.

As you will know, man of the stick, most of the young vixens who seem to be so contempt to selling their own flesh have been sold by their own flesh and blood. Sometimes to pimps, sometimes to mamasans and sometimes to mafia. Either way they
will be abused and then when they are not young any more spat out by the same industry which once so welcomed them with open arms and cheque books.

He Clinic Bangkok

I am a Catholic and to me this type of behavior nay this type of satanic act is up there with the likes of Pol Pot, Hitler and Stalin. What type of society would accept this? I can tell you what type – the type which owns all the bars, restaurants, hotels,
food chain names, resorts, apartments and shops. To them the more girls on the street, the more dirt old farang rich and poor will come flocking with their credit cards. What type of society allows this? What type of inhumane people are these
who sell their own type to the likes of the gweilo (white devil).

The owners are merely the end of the line and are not so much causing the problem but just reaping the benefits of the problem. Like all things in life you must always nip the problem in the bud, the centre or the beginning, for me this is
the parents of Isaan. My wife is from Isaan and I have heard many a tale of her friends from school being whisked away to Bangkok only to return with their heads held low and with a shame which seems to hover over their heads like a cloud. She
knew instantly that these once young flowers of beauty have now had their delicate petals shed. They had been pushed into a world of sin and debauchery. Their shame can only be hidden with the yellow honey glare of gold roped around their necks
I LOVE this sentence, what a great quote!Stick>.

I am a father and I can not see any way on earth, heaven and hell that I would sell my beautiful specimen of humanity to the clutches of Lucifer's henchmen. Never may there be such a time where I would say to myself I need the money
so bad that I am willing to sell my own flesh and blood, never! I can not think of a situation where it would be necessary to sell ones daughter. There obviously has to be something deeply engrained into the minds of these people to do this, is
it greed? I really could not tell you, maybe the perpetrators do not even know themselves and in the wise words of the late John Lennon 'Let it be'.

CBD bangkok

I love Thailand, I really do, I love what this country stands for the joy that it has for its new found democracy and its glorious King and Royals who do so much for the good of the country. However I believe it is not through denial that
the Thai people choose to ignore some of the things that go on Thailand but much towards the thinking that hey some are given good lives and some are given bad lives it is just up to God. From what I have learnt the Thais are extremely resilient
to taking what they are given and working with it no matter how hard or how dark and evil it may be. Therefore when they think of the many a girl who ply their trade with the help of their bodies they do not think how can I help them what can
I do but more that is their life and they must help themselves. I dare not to ask my wife or any other Thai person in fear of retribution for them losing face so I ponder on my own and it all brings me back to the point in which I sit alone in
my palace in the sky and think will things ever be better for these poor women?

So when you analyze the situation on the whole you can not help yourself but begin to feel a little sympathy for these women. I know that in some cases the women are genuinely evil and have not had this sort of life but I also believe that
a lot of these murders are really the evil plans of the parents who once sold their own daughter an now are telling their own daughter to commit murder much to their benefit. It is likely that these girls might not even see so much as their own
room in the newly built house and that the parents will take control of both the house and the money telling the daughter that they know best. This truly is a sick, sick image and to even think about it makes me wrench with sorrow. I feel

extremely sorry for the men who are caught up in the evilness of this greed for money and unfortunately it really does happen and I do not think it is a myth at all.

All we can do as farangs who know and understand the Thai way is to warn the many farang who marry these girls almost everyday now. It is becoming problem which is not being dealt with sufficiently by both the Thai authorities, the embassies of the men
who so sadly perish and international organizations. A copy of this letter will also be going to my

wonderland clinic

embassy in the plea that all of my citizens are warned of the problem they face when marrying a bar girl no matter how ' different this girl is'. Hope you list this on your web site.

Stickman's thoughts:

Your heart is in the right place, but your understanding of the situation is perhaps not quite how others see it. As far as the farang sector of the industry goes – and that means we're talking predominantly women from Isaan here – I don't know of any who have been sold into the industry, at least not into the farang bar areas of Bangkok or Pattaya. But the Thai industry, well, that is something altogether different and I'd be best not to comment on that – more because I have limited knowledge of it than any other reason.

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